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Exacting tones: Humidification in the instrument warehouse

High-class musical instruments require a sufficient humidity level, so as not to change their timbre. Trotec offers suitable humidifiers for the protection of instruments.

Premium timber, felt, glue and lacquer: Musical instruments are usually made of sensitive materials, which adds to their special sound and resonance. Hence, when storing these valuable instruments, it is particularly important to remember the optimum protection and care. This applies especially to musical instruments made in part or entirely of wood. For this material is constantly “working” (e.g. warping) and very sensitive to climate fluctuations. An instrument warehouse should be designed in a way to ensure the utmost and lasting well-being of these precious pieces. This includes an adequate humidification which keeps the wood from seasoning and warping. Trotec offers a variety of evaporation humidifiers ideally suited for the application in instrument warehouses.

An instrument’s body is very sensitive to climate fluctuations, especially to excessive dryness. In particular, musical instruments made entirely or in part of wood, quickly suffer when stored at a low humidity level. This applies to all types of instruments: ranging from strings and guitars to clarinets, oboes and acoustic instruments right up to pianos. A guitar for instance has elaborate crosswise bondings by means of which the strutting at the instrument’s soundboard and back is glue-laminated. For one thing, this ensures the stability of the body, for another, the sound is distributed across the entire sound box. If too much moisture is withdrawn from the high-quality timber owing to a drought, the instrument will soon begin to warp. This adversely affects the sound and possibly causes costly damages attributable to stress cracks and deformations.

The appropriate model for every demand

Ideal, invariable humidity values and clean air at the same time: That is what all of Trotec’s evaporation humidifiers promise. Trotec provides suitable models for differend room sizes and special climatic requirements. For applications in smaller instrument warehouses we recommend the humidifier B 25 E. The all-electronically regulated humidifier with an evaporation performance of 350 ml per hour supplies rooms of up to 24 m² with a sufficient amount of humidity. In doing so, the current relative humidity is constantly measured and displayed via an electronic sensor. Powerful and perfectly reliable, the humidifier B 400 constitutes the ideal partner for humidification in larger storage facilities for musical instruments. What scores other than the humidification performance of 800 cubic metres per hour is an optimum air circulation, which is ensured by an integrated wall spacer. Its two-stage fan, the automatic switch-off function and many other characteristics render it a real pro in the field of humidification.

Humidifiers in instrument warehouses

  • protect the sensitive musical instruments against seasoning and stress cracks.
  • preserve their value and sound.
  • additionally bind dust and other suspended matter.
  • can be applied flexibly.
  • provide constant and reliable humidification.

Humidification and air washing in smaller rooms

For smaller rooms, in which only some instruments of the entire inventory are stored, it would also be appropriate to use the compact and stylish Trotec air washers of the AW-S series. They unite an appealing design and ideal air purification. Both the AW 10 S and the AW 20 S suck in the room air and guide it past rotating humidifier disks; there the air is charged with moisture. Dirt particles such as dust and pollen are sucked in as well and then cling to the humidifier disk.

Humidification in the instrument warehouse

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