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  1. Applications
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  3. Observing wild animals

Care and hunt: Observing wild animals

Using a thermal imaging camera, hunters and gamekeepers can track fallow deer and other animals in forests and fields – even in complete darkness.

In addition to binoculars, there is mainly one piece of equipment that is indispensable for observing wild animals: a thermal imaging camera. With the help of infrared images, animals can be tracked even in poor visibility conditions and total darkness. With the thermal imaging cameras of the IC series Trotec provides reliable observation equipment. Handy, precise and resistant – and all of this for a small price.

Documentary filmmakers, hunters and gamekeepers have one thing in common: they are looking for wild animals. But these animals tend to hide in the dense thicket and take advantage of the dark, so they can move around safely. Nature has given them a camouflage. The colours of their coats are often adapted to their environment, which makes it difficult to see the wild animals even during the day. To determine game populations, to improve their hunting chances or to be able to observe thrilling scenes, gamewatchers have to sit on watch without moving for hours and have to sharpen their senses. But their task is also to detect hazards for the young game animals – for instance when fawns have come to rest in a hay meadow. They have to be traced and driven away before the combine harvesters arrive for haying. The infrared cameras of the IC series from Trotec guarantee a perfectly clear view. Not only groups of game but also individual animals become visible on the thermal images in a quick and reliable way.

For use in the forest and in the field

Like all thermal imaging cameras from Trotec, the models of the IC series only capture the radiated heat and thus visualize game animals in the surroundings on detailed images. Being both robust and handy, they are the ideal companions on the hunter’s stand in the forest and for tours in the field. Their precise technology is convincing, as is demonstrated for instance by the thermal imaging camera IC085LV. The innovative camera provides razor-sharp thermal images even under adverse conditions. This is due to its geometric resolution of 1.1 mrad and a large 384 x 288 infrared sensor with more than 110,000 independent temperature measuring spots. The movable 3.5’’ LCD colour display allows for flexible application. For professional animal documentations and an accurate location of wild animals, the device has an integrated digital camera for real images and a photo lamp, among other features. It also allows to record voice notes via headset.

Don’t miss a single detail

The thermal imaging camera IC085LV captures even the smallest temperature changes in real time. For a particularly informative visualization of game movements, the infrared and real images can be superimposed by use of the DuoVision function – already included in the standard equipment! Needless to say that these DuoVision images can be saved. This way you won’t miss a detail when documenting a hunt or a game population. Not only precise but also highly resistant: This is what characterises the IC085LV when it is used for observing wild animals. The extremely resilient protective rubber cover not only protects the device in case of drops and shocks. Even in dusty surroundings or when the ambient humidity level is high, for instance in dense fog or in the rain, the camera is ideally protected at all times.

The benefits at one glance

  • very high geometric resolution
  • powerful image sensor
  • EU production for top quality
  • integrated digital camera for real images
  • high-performance battery
  • optional Bluetooth connection for wireless recording of voice notes via headset
  • integrated removable storage slot for high memory capacity

Models for everyone available for rent

Trotec’s thermal imaging cameras are also available in the TKL rental portal. Here, animal watchers, gamekeepers and hunters who are looking for a high-quality infrared camera for a specific application will make a find.

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