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  1. Applications
  2. Measurement technology, thermography
  3. Fire detection by thermal imaging cameras

For a targeted operation: fire detection by thermal imaging cameras

With the help of thermal imaging cameras, the source of a fire inside a large building is quickly detected and can be fought effectively. Glowing embers are reliably detected, too.

There are many reasons why every brigade should have a thermal imaging camera at hand during fire-fighting. Besides the location of inhabitants or missing action forces in a smoky building, a thermography camera ensures a more targeted and effective fire-fighting operation. The quicker a fire source is identified, the earlier the spreading of the fire can be prevented. A thermal imaging camera should also be used during damping-down operations. This allows to detect and extinguish glowing embers within a short time. The thermal imaging cameras of the IC series from Trotec are reliable and precise aids for the action forces.

Whether indoor or outdoor operation, whether persons are reported missing or firemen are on alert: every fire brigade should be equipped with a thermal imaging camera. Because their images, which visualize temperatures, can save lives. A thermal imaging camera helps the firemen to find the hot spots and to fight the flames and embers in a targeted manner. An example: Dense smoke is coming from several windows of an industrial building. With the help of a thermal imaging camera the action forces can figure out in which part the fire source is located as they approach the building. This allows the first brigade to work their way to exactly this spot. In case of an indoor use a thermal imaging camera enables a good orientation, even at zero visibility, making it easier for the firemen to move towards the flames. Damping-down operations are much more targeted if a thermal imaging camera is used to visualize the remaining flames and glowing embers. And even after a fire-fighting operation, a thermal imaging camera makes a valuable contribution. The action forces of the fire brigade can detect glowing embers hidden in wall insulations or behind beam constructions and extinguish them.

All-rounders for fighting fires

A thermal imaging camera of the Trotec IC series is your reliable partner for every operation. Because all models stand for precise thermographic real-time measuring. Real-time measurements and real-time image reproduction ensure clear high-quality images. The integrated digital camera allows you to take pictures and store them – for a complete documentation of the operation.

Depending on the model, the thermal imaging cameras impress with a temperature range of up to +1,500 degrees Celsius. Naturally, all Trotec models come with a high memory capacity and high-performance batteries for longer operations. The top model, which offers maximum precision and accuracy even under the most adverse conditions, is the thermal imaging camera IC125LV. It is equipped with a high-performance infrared image sensor with 384 x 288 measuring spots – combined with more than 110,000 temperature measuring spots.

Some benefits of the IC series at one glance

  • high thermal sensitivity
  • real-time measurements
  • precise temperature measurement in the entire image
  • high geometric resolution
  • digital camera for real images
  • moveable 3.5'' LCD colour display
  • large image memory
  • high-performance battery for long operations

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