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For electrical current to flow: Electrical thermography

Thermographic inspections of electrical systems prevent faults and damage. A thermal imaging camera renders defects in the electrical system visible!

In what condition are the power lines concealed in a wall or equipment? Is the plastic sheathing brittle already? Are the connections faulty? If a power cable or connection is about to come off or the insulation is bursting open, it doesn’t take much before there is some greater damage. To prevent cable fire and failures of the electrical system, an early detection and elimination of the cause of such deficiencies at the lines is indispensable. Thanks to detailed infrared images defects at the lines can be located and documented at an early stage. The high-quality thermal imaging cameras from Trotec look where the eye can’t see – directly at the concealed lines.

Power works with considerable force and warmth. But what it really looks like inside an electronic system and in what shape individual cables and power lines, their insulation and connectors are, can often only be guessed at. For what actually happens particularly in larger systems, in walls, control cabinets or even control rooms is hidden from sight. They have to be regularly checked for proper functioning, which is not only demanded by legal requirements but also by insurance companies. The reason: fire prevention. Such electrical systems carry the risk of fire connoting considerable damage for employees, for the company and the production.

Looking into hidden depths: rendered possible by infrared

Often control rooms are in use for years and years. Over time old cables can become porous due to the exposure to light, heat and chemical processes. When the plastic sheathing of cables dries out, becomes fissured and brittle, this could turn into a rather prickly affair. Then there is also the oxidation at contacts and fusing – also damages which appear as time goes by. Using thermal imaging cameras it is possible to look underneath the exterior of electrical equipment and to render precisely these types of damages visible. Owing to the infrared technology these special cameras detect temperature differences at the damaged areas. With a thermal imaging camera from Trotec these spots are rendered visible and can be documented in every detail. Defects at smaller control cabinets are eliminated as quickly as possible. In case of larger systems and control rooms the damage can be put down for later repair during a scheduled standstill. Trotec’s range of products includes several models for the detection of suspicious temperature differences: e.g. the thermal imaging cameras of the IC series, the thermal imaging cameras of the EC series and the thermal imaging camera tablet AC080V. All of the above reliably and accurately cope with measurement engineering tasks.

Our tip: renting instead of buying

The TKL rental portal offers several of Trotec’s thermal imaging cameras at a reasonable rental charge. If you don’t want to immediately buy your own thermal imaging camera for testing or to be used only within a foreseeable period, you’ve come to the right place.

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