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Tracking persons: Infrared thermography for border security

In order to monitor protected areas and borders, professionals make use of the latest technology – infrared images for perfect visibility.

Monitoring protected areas and borders is a highly responsible task. For here, everything revolves around security. The border guards' task is to track down and stop unauthorized persons. Since intruders mainly rely on poor visibility conditions giving them cover, border guards must be particularly prepared for missions at night and in dense fog. This requires the use of equipment of the latest technology. Trotec's thermal imaging cameras of the IC series offer professional support for such situations. The detailed and precise infrared thermography makes persons become visible – especially under adverse conditions.

Securing national borders effectively requires the use of the latest technology. After all, the requirements that must be met to fulfil such a task are particularly high. The focus is on the surveillance of border sections – day and night, and in densely wooded, unclear areas and waters located near a border. Suspect persons, intruders and fugitive persons, whether on foot or in vehicles, must be tracked down and pursued over long distances. Border security also includes documenting illegal activities. By use of the naked eye and telescopes, border guards are unlikely to get very far. After all, the search for persons often takes place at night and in particularly poor visibility conditions. Only the use of modern infrared cameras allows investigators to get on to the track of suspect persons. The thermal imaging cameras of the IC series from Trotec provide an effective aid in this case.

Precise technology, broad range

Thanks to their broad range and their ability to detect even the smallest temperature differences, the high-performance infrared cameras of the IC series are the perfect assistants for border control. They enable search missions over larger distances, whether during the day or at night, whether in heavy rain or dense fog. Even if lamps are used selectively in the near surroundings, their light will not distract from the essential point: the search for persons. This again represents a great advantage of infrared images as opposed to night-vision devices. The models of the IC series literally work hand in hand with border guards thanks to their ergonomic and extremely resistant design. Simultaneously, the task forces benefit from the latest technology providing precise measurement results and thermographic real-time recordings.

Extensive features

Brilliantly sharp and perfectly equipped: These are some of the features the thermal imaging camera IC085LV from Trotec can score with. Being robust and handy, it is the ideal partner for securing border areas. The innovative camera provides razor-sharp thermal images even under adverse conditions. This is due to their geometric resolution of 1.1 mrad and a large 384 x 288 infrared sensor with more than 110,000 independent temperature measuring spots. The movable 3.5'' LCD colour display allows for flexible application. For professional documentations of the observations the equipment includes an integrated digital camera for real images, a photo lamp and a DuoVision function for real-time display of superimposed infrared and real images with different display options. Additionally, an optional Bluetooth connection for wireless recording of voice notes via headset can be established. This way, the search for persons and the effective border control can be recorded and documented without difficulty. The supplied high-performance battery ensures that the performance does not decrease during operation.

Truly practical

The IC085LV not only scores with precise thermal images and powerful technology. It is also highly resistant. The extremely resilient protective rubber cover protects the device in case of drops and shocks. And even in dusty surroundings or when the ambient humidity level is high, for instance in dense fog or in the rain, the camera is ideally protected at all times.

The benefits at one glance

  • very high geometric resolution
  • powerful image sensor
  • EU production for top quality
  • integrated digital camera for real images
  • high-performance battery
  • optional bluetooth connection for wireless recording of voice notes via headset
  • integrated removable storage slot for high memory capacity

Convincing: Renting rather than buying

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