Equine thermography: future-oriented and economical

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Equine thermography: future-oriented and economical

Suitable for early detection, diagnostics and rehabilitation

The horse is one of the most popular animals in Germany. If a horse suffers a disease or an acute injury, however, costs for medical examinations can be comparatively high. The later the physical impairment is detected, the more time-consuming and cost-intensive the healing process will be. This is why thermography is increasingly used for prophylaxis, acute diagnostics and rehabilitation.

The Trotec Group has already build up a reputation as a specialized supplier of thermographic cameras in veterinary medicine at an early stage. The compact thermal imaging cameras of the IC series allow for an early detection of health problems, sometimes even several weeks before the first symptoms occur, due to their large temperature measuring range and the varied device functions. This facilitates the healing process and saves the animal owner money.

Trotec sets an example in terms of price

Thermal imaging cameras with comparable features and performances from competitors are often twice as expensive while the range of functions of the evaluation software supplied with the devices cannot reach the possibilities offered by the Thermo Software IC Report supplied with Trotec thermal imaging cameras.

This is only one of the reasons why veterinarians such as Hans Arendse, founder of the ICETD (International Centre for Equine Thermographic Diagnostics), a training institute specialized in thermographic diagnostics, have relied on the practice-proven Trotec technology for more than 10 years.

A camera frequently used in veterinary medicine is the IC085LV, equipped with an automatic hot spot/cold spot detection and a thermal sensitivity of 0.05 °C. This way the IC085LV does not only enable diagnostically conclusive infrared images with 110,592 temperature measuring spots, but also thermographic real-time videos (50 Hz), which make this thermal imaging camera an all-rounder in equine thermography.

Fields of application of the Trotec IC thermal imaging cameras in equine thermography:


  • General health checks
  • Prevention of overstraining
  • Check of the saddle rest and pressure points

Acute diagnostics

  • Multiple inflammations in the animal
  • Torn muscle fibres, ligaments and tendons
  • Arthrotic processes
  • Hoof diseases and ulcers
  • Rideability problems (saddle pressure points)
  • Lameness and behavioural disorders (relieving postures, gait disorders etc.)


  • Training monitoring
  • Controlled muscle growth
  • Monitoring of the healing process

Mobility across all borders

All Trotec thermal imaging cameras are compact, light and predestined for mobile use. Whether in a stable, at a tournament or in an animal clinic. An unbeatable competitive advantage compared to entirely stationary animal clinics and an economical extension of your medical radius of action.

Further solutions for veterinary medicine

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Whether for sale or for rent: Trotec supplies

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