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Business: +49 2452 962 400
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End-consumers: +49 2452 962 450

Trotec technology in daily usage

Examples of typical applications

Trotec provides a broad range of various devices. Here you can gain a quick overview of which technology can be used for which typical applications.

We offer anything you need for climate conditioning or metrological examinations. Due to the broad range, however, it is not always possible to identify all possible applications of a device at first glance, which is why we present them here in a practical context. Moreover, many product solutions generate additional synergies for your benefit in smart collaboration with other devices. Hence, seeing behind the curtain is well worthwhile in case of these practical examples!


Medical treatment and storage tents for disastersMedical treatment and storage tents for disastersFind out how the Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW) and rescue teams create air-conditioned...Heating holiday homesHeating holiday homesWith an electric heater fan, holiday homes and weekend cabins are heated on purpose only when they...Heating gymnasiumsHeating gymnasiumsIn cases where frequently only a small section of a gym is in use, it is profitable to purchase a...Observing wild animalsObserving wild animalsTrotec's thermal imaging camera are perfectly suited for tracking game – even in total darkness.Visitor flow control at major eventsVisitor flow control at major eventsAt city fairs and festivals, mobile screen fences provide orientation for visitors.Fire detection by thermal imaging camerasFire detection by thermal imaging camerasIn order to quickly detect a fire source and glowing embers, the fire brigade uses thermal imaging...Fire-fighting exercisesFire-fighting exercisesIn order to be prepared for the worst case scenario, fire brigades carry out exercises using flue...Tightness testing of life jackets and immersion suitsTightness testing of life jackets and immersion suitsMeasuring device for the tightness test of life jackets, wetsuits and survival suits: LD6000.Electrical thermographyElectrical thermographyA professional infrared camera from Trotec renders faults in complex power supply systems visible.Defrosting and drying trainsDefrosting and drying trainsIn order to make the rail traffic work even in winter, the logistics sector relies on heating...Dehumidifying & air cleaning in storagesDehumidifying & air cleaning in storagesThe logistics sector banks on TAC air cleaners with a worldwide unique air volume regulation.Dehumidifying & air cleaning for coatingDehumidifying & air cleaning for coatingHow innovative air cleaners ensure dust-free air in coating lines of the automotive industry.Dehumidification when filling & packingDehumidification when filling & packingHow to keep dry hygroscopic bulk material and packaging in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.Dehumidification in wind turbine component depotsDehumidification in wind turbine component depotsCorrosion protection by dehumidification: how to keep wind turbine components dry during storage. Dehumidification in the meat industryDehumidification in the meat industryDehumidifiers are used in the meat processing industry as they ensure optimal hygiene and the best...Dehumidification of appliance roomsDehumidification of appliance roomsThe use of dehumidifiers allows to dry emergency vehicles and equipment of the fire brigade and the...Dehumidification in tentsDehumidification in tentsProfessional dehumidifiers create a pleasant climate in tents and temporary accommodation.Evacuation exercises on passenger shipsEvacuation exercises on passenger shipsFlue gas simulators are used during evacuation exercises on ships in order to train the staff in a...Evacuation exercises in airplanesEvacuation exercises in airplanesTo ensure the highest level of safety for aircraft passengers, flight crews are prepared for...Evacuation exercises in trainsEvacuation exercises in trainsWhen evacuating a passenger train, rapidity and confident behaviour of the personnel are what...Humidity regulation in cheese dairiesHumidity regulation in cheese dairiesThe use of dehumidifiers guarantees a consistently high quality in the production of cheese.Humidity regulation in gas distribution stationsHumidity regulation in gas distribution stationsEven for Ex zones in gas distribution stations, we have the solution: an external dry air system.Checking the health of treesChecking the health of treesUsing professional thermal imaging cameras from Trotec you can find out what situation your trees...Lyophilisation tunnels and frozen storageLyophilisation tunnels and frozen storagePreventing icing in the food production? We supply dryers for cold stores etc.Carpet cleaning – Dehumidification in the drying roomCarpet cleaning – Dehumidification in the drying roomProtected welding in track constructionProtected welding in track constructionThe Trotec Group has several work tents on offer. The special model R was developed for welding...Infrared thermography for border securityInfrared thermography for border securityBy use of infrared cameras, persons can be detected even in the dark or in poor weather conditions. Infrared thermography for steel productionInfrared thermography for steel productionThe professional infrared cameras from Trotec render cracks and other damage at the crude steel...Infrared thermography for stock breedingInfrared thermography for stock breedingHere you can read up on how thermal imaging cameras help to optimize the utilization of animal...Inspections in power supply companiesInspections in power supply companiesAvoiding outages – by means of regular thermographic inspections using thermal imaging cameras from...Inspection of engines and car bodiesInspection of engines and car bodiesVideoscopes allow an insight into hidden corners of the car body and into the engine interior.Inspection of swimming poolsInspection of swimming poolsLeaks in supply and cleaning pipes of swimming pools are identified by the professional infrared...Cable repairCable repairSevere faults in power cables can be recognized quickly – by using a thermal imaging camera.Climate control arts & exhibitsClimate control arts & exhibitsSecuring valuables! Find out how to optimally control room climate and air quality.Air conditioning for poultry farmingAir conditioning for poultry farmingFor poultry farming to be considered successful, animals need a permanently ideal climate.Climate conditioning for freezingClimate conditioning for freezingDehumidification in cold chain logistics: The industrial services team calculates your demand.Conditioning of cold chain logisticsConditioning of cold chain logisticsLow dew points in cold store air locks? Use our services for drafting.Corrosion protection of car body shellsCorrosion protection of car body shellsHow dehumidification can be effected in storage spaces of automobile manufacturers.Storage tents/marqueesStorage tents/marqueesProtecting stick of merchandise: Protection against condensation in marquees using desiccant...Engine noise measurementEngine noise measurementUsing sound level measuring devices, car and motorcycle engines are tested for the use on race...Humidification in veneer warehousesHumidification in veneer warehousesTrotec humidifiers and air washers protect your goods in the veneer warehouse.Humidification in the instrument warehouseHumidification in the instrument warehouseEffective humidifiers protect stored away musical instruments.Humidification in greenhousesHumidification in greenhousesFor tropical plants and cultivated mushrooms: Trotec humidifiers create an unmatched climate for...Humidification in daycare centres and schoolsHumidification in daycare centres and schoolsIn daycare centres and schools pure air is advantageous for the children's health and ability to...Humidification in server roomsHumidification in server roomsEffective humidifiers ensure a higher efficiency in server rooms.Dehumidification in fertilizer storage facilitiesDehumidification in fertilizer storage facilitiesTrotec's powerful dehumidifiers help to prevent fertilizers from clumping and sticking together.Dehumidification in timber yardsDehumidification in timber yardsHow to keep wood moisture in timber yards constantly below 9 %? Using TTR or DH dehumidifiers!Dehumidification in hotelsDehumidification in hotelsAn agreeable climate is essential to the well-being of hotel guests.Dehumidification in drying roomsDehumidification in drying roomsDehumidification in drying rooms Find out how the electronics industry reduces humidity values to...Dehumidification in wine cellarsDehumidification in wine cellarsFor an optimal storage of wine, cellar vaults must be constantly dehumidified and tempered.Dehumidification in indoor ice-skating rinksDehumidification in indoor ice-skating rinksDehumidifiers in the ice rink: How to prevent accidents and other problems caused by condensation.Dehumidification in cinema hallsDehumidification in cinema hallsWith an agreeable climate and fresh air there is no reason why you shouldn't enjoy going to the...Dehumidification for pig breedingDehumidification for pig breedingAn agreeable climate is indispensable for the breeding and keeping of pigs.Dehumidification in the confectionery manufacturingDehumidification in the confectionery manufacturingDehumidification in the confectionery manufacturingDehumidification in ships' holdsDehumidification in ships' holdsDehumidification for hygroscopic ship cargo — also after the holds have been cleaned.Dehumidification after restoration workDehumidification after restoration workSo as to move into your new home at a faster pace.Dehumidifying when storing raw tobaccoDehumidifying when storing raw tobaccoIn order to maintain the quality, raw tobacco is stored employing high-quality dehumidifiers.Dehumidification circuit board storagesDehumidification circuit board storagesHow TTR adsorption dryers prevent printed circuit boards from becoming charged.Dehumidification dispatch & transportDehumidification dispatch & transportA professional concept protects goods, labels & packaging in chemical and pharmaceutical production.Ventilation in livestock farmingVentilation in livestock farmingTo protect the health of livestock and poultry in the stable, the animals must be permanently...Measuring & control vehicle test standsMeasuring & control vehicle test standsWhich data loggers and measuring devices the automotive industry can use for their tests.Mobile devices for sanitary, heating and ventilation engineersMobile devices for sanitary, heating and ventilation engineersIf the heating or cooling system fails, sanitary, heating and ventilation engineers swear by mobile...Mobile central heating units for biogas plantsMobile central heating units for biogas plantsFor the fermentation process of the biogas plant to get going, it requires a jump start in form of...Assembly work tents for groundwork operations of cable network operatorsAssembly work tents for groundwork operations of cable network operatorsWe offer rain-proof and lightfast construction tents for installation work and earthworks taking...Offshore: Preventing corrosionOffshore: Preventing corrosionHow to prevent humidity damage in wind turbines? With Trotec's technology and expertise! Location in watersLocation in watersUsing Trotec thermal imaging cameras search and rescue teams as well as boaters have a clear view...Detection of bearing damage and cracks on wheelsDetection of bearing damage and cracks on wheelsHere you can find out why the measuring device LD6000 can be used for testing train wheelsets. Equine thermographyEquine thermographyThe Trotec Group supplies thermal imaging cameras for thermography of horses.Photovoltaic applicationsPhotovoltaic applicationsChecking fault diagnosis, fire prevention and efficiency: measurement technology for photovo...Professional odour neutralisation using ozone for car valetingProfessional odour neutralisation using ozone for car valetingAir conditioning electronics industryAir conditioning electronics industryProcess air conditioning plays a key role in the electronics and semiconductor industry.Air conditioning industrial processesAir conditioning industrial processesWe develop solutions for selectively tempered and dehumidified air in machines or processes.Cleaning of ventilation and air conditioning systemsCleaning of ventilation and air conditioning systemsWe are a professional supplier of TAC air cleaners for service companies and air duct system...Dehumidification in bridgesDehumidification in bridgesDehumidification as rust protection for bridges: No painting — reduced maintenance costs.Dust-free construction sites thanks to air cleanersDust-free construction sites thanks to air cleanersConstruction, reconstruction or demolition? Air cleaners help to free construction sites and...Search for oil slicksSearch for oil slicksOil slicks can be detected easily with a thermal imaging camera from Trotec – even in heavy swell...Thermography deployed in a water utilityThermography deployed in a water utilityOverloaded fuses and defective plugs in the waterworks can quickly be located by using the...Thermography in wind turbinesThermography in wind turbinesWhen checking the quality of a wind turbine's rotor blades, thermal imaging cameras from Trotec do...Animal documentariesAnimal documentariesWith the help of a professional infrared camera, the nocturnal behaviour of animals becomes visible.Dry air storageDry air storageLooking for a dehumidification system for dry storage facilities? The dryers of the TTR series are...Drying hygroscopic bulk materialDrying hygroscopic bulk materialHow to keep powders and granules free-flowing? By using adsorption dryers of the TTR series. Drying after silo cleaningDrying after silo cleaningHow to dry silos after cleaning without fail? By using adsorption dryers of the TTR series.Drying compressed airDrying compressed airWater vapour generated in production plants can be discharged in a targeted way by the use of...Drying pelletsDrying pelletsThe high-performance dehumidifiers from Trotec work on ensuring the best fuel pellet quality.Checking solar plantsChecking solar plantsA thermal imaging camera offers an in-depth look into the inside of a solar panel and an entire...Environmental simulation climate chamberEnvironmental simulation climate chamberRead on to find out which devices are being used to simulate environmental conditions in...Accident screen fences for policemen & rescuersAccident screen fences for policemen & rescuersTrotec provides emergency forces with flexible, quick-to-assemble accident screen fences. UV lamps for SelectaDNA in police operationsUV lamps for SelectaDNA in police operationsUV lamps in use for the police: Quickly identifying stolen goods marked with SelectaDNA. Preserving the value of vintage cars & classic carsPreserving the value of vintage cars & classic carsWind/privacy shields for the event sector and catering tradeWind/privacy shields for the event sector and catering tradeHere you can read up on how to create sheltered zones for beer gardens or events by use of mobile...ReferencesReferences
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