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To prevent cracks and deformation: Humidification in veneer warehouses

High-performance humidifiers and air washers help to remedy the harmful dry air in a veneer warehouse. Trotec provides equipment for large-capacity storerooms and small stocks.

Veneer is to be treated carefully. Especially in storage facilities with particularly dry air one needs to act prudently. In the process of drying veneer plywood begins to crack. In order to prevent costly desiccation damage the storage facility should be well equipped – with a reliable and efficient humidification system. The Trotec Group recommends the use of a humidifier for more extensive applications. For smaller areas the effective air washers from Trotec also work well. Hence, the goods are protected all around and delivered to the customer unscathed. Top quality due to Trotec!

Used as surface material veneer turns exclusive furniture into a true feast for the eyes. In case of interior fittings veneer also stands for timber at its finest. That’s primarily due to the fact that veneer plywood and sheets are finely crafted natural products which retain the colour and grain of the wood. In order to preserve the noble quality of the veneer plywood, the shape and colour, manufacturers positively treat it with kid gloves during the production process. To avoid crack formation the timber required for the production of veneer sheets is already humidified during the storage of the raw material. When processing this natural product, moisture is equally important. Before slicing and peeling the wood, by which the millimetre-thin panels and sheets are gained, the material is boiled or steamed to make it more pliable. And even during the subsequent drying process the remaining humidity in the veneer is monitored with meticulous precision. For one thing is clear: If it is too dry, veneer becomes brittle and cracked. Hence, one must also act cautiously when storing the product to preserve the existing moisture.

Wood warps

Veneers are natural products and do not lose the properties of wood after processing: wood is always "working". This means that the veneer plywood also tends to both dry out and absorb moisture rapidly. Therefore, the following must be observed for the storage of these sensitive products. Veneer boards should be stored in dark surroundings to prevent bleaching out or discolouration. The storage temperature ought to be between 15 and 18 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, the best humidity range is between 65 and 75 per cent. That is the only way to prevent cracks, deformation and embrittlement of the goods.

Humidifiers for veneer warehouses

To avoid the impact of dry air on the stored veneer sheets, a proper humidification should be ensured. The humidifiers from Trotec promise effective and permanent humidification. The reliable high-performance devices are simply set up in the veneer warehouse, where – at the push of a button – they release as much moisture to the air as needed. You must, of course, make sure that the set humidity level is adjusted correctly. Because overly humid air in turn damages the sensitive product.

Protection for veneer and employees

Trotec’s mobile evaporation humidifiers are ideal to protect veneer boards. The devices regulate the humidity level according to preference. Set the desired humidity value once at the outset and the hygrostat-controlled humidifier is automatically regulated. All Trotec humidifier models operate based on the reliable evaporation principle. This means that the veneer boards do not come into direct contact with water. Moreover, lime deposits and the formation of condensate are ruled out. What is more, it is impossible to over-humidify the room air. For an effective yet sparing humidification in veneer warehouses Trotec has several robust models on offer. The all-electronically regulated disc humidifier B 250, for instance, is capable of humidifying 500 cubic metres per hour. By means of an electronic sensor the compact power pack always indicates the current relative humidity. Using a keystroke combination the device can be protected against unauthorized access to make sure the products are safe. The B 250 from Trotec can be fitted with an automatic water supply and monitor. For the application in particularly large rooms we recommend Trotec’s B 400, for it has a humidification performance of 800 cubic metres per hour. The device impresses with tried and tested Trotec technology and is further equipped with a robust construction made of powder-coated steel sheets. The advantage: Trotec humidifiers continuously humidify the room air not only to protect veneer sheets. The employees equally benefit from the application of those devices. For at the same time the humidifiers filter the air and so free it from pollutants and unpleasant odours.

Effective protection for smaller stocks

Trotec air washers protect veneer in small rooms, e.g. in small craft businesses, and simultaneously provide the employees with fresh, clean air. The devices of the AW-S series ensure a reliable humidification and purification of the room air in smaller areas. The sucked-in room air is guided past rotating humidifier disks; there the air is charged with moisture. At the same time dirt particles such as wood dust, pollen and dust cling to the disk and are bonded in the collection container. This applies to the AW 10 S and the AW 20 S. And better still... Depending on the operating mode, this air washer provides an additional thorough HEPA filtration of the humidified air.

Whether for large veneer warehouses or smaller stocks: Trotec offers a suitable model for every humidification requirement. For an optimum protection of the sensitive veneer sheets!

Temporary demand? Rental appliances for every requirement

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