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Sector-specific solutions: spot-on!

Climate conditioning for trade and industry

Regardless of whether you're a provider in the sports and leisure industry, craft enterprise or car manufacturer: We have a broad range of solutions available for climate conditioning. To be rented or bought.

Trotec always provides the right solutions for you: All devices are available for diverse requirements – ranging from the dehumidification in a diving school to the measurement and drying of water damage to process optimization in the industry using stationary adsorption dryers.

For craft enterprises the Trotec Group has professional devices of all performance classes on offer e.g. for drying construction sites or air conditioning in a workshop. Moreover, we also have suitable measurement technology for the detection of pipe bursts.

For the industry our industrial services team develops tailor-made solutions and ensures their functionality by means of extensive tests during trial operation.

As you can see: We have the right solution for every sector. Spot-on!

    Archives & museumsArchives & museumsSecuring valuables! Find out how to optimally control room climate and air quality.Automotive industryAutomotive industryWe provide the technology for environmental simulation, process air conditioning and room air...Chemical industryChemical industryTo be found here are dehumidification solutions when processing hygroscopic materials.RailwayRailwayTrotec offers special track construction work tents, heating devices and measuring devices for...Electronic equipment & semiconductorsElectronic equipment & semiconductorsOur devices for measurement, control and dehumidification ensure dry air in production.Power generatorPower generatorOur dehumidification solutions prevent condensation and corrosion in the power plant. Facility managementFacility managementSolutions for facility managers: Help in case of heating failure, water damage, failure of the...Filming, photography and event industryFilming, photography and event industryWind machines? Heating devices? Professional equipment for special effects and hot models.Catering tradeCatering tradeUsing the optimum technical equipment, caterers are well-prepared in every respect. Trotec's...CraftsCraftsTrotec has grown as a supplier for craftsmen. And we still are today!Cable network operatorsCable network operatorsFor better working conditions, cable network operators use assembly work tents, precise measurement...Plastics industryPlastics industryPowerful industrial appliances counteract the typical moisture problems in the production of...AgricultureAgricultureTrotec offers suitable climate regulation solutions for productive agricultural businesses:...Food industryFood industrySecure yourself hygiene, profitability and operational reliability by means of climate conditioning.Pharmaceutical industryPharmaceutical industryInformation on how to control the critical factor humidity can be found on this sector page.Police, ambulance, fire brigade & THWPolice, ambulance, fire brigade & THWWe offer tents and accident screen fences for professional helpers & rescuers. Computer centresComputer centresOptimum climate conditions in computer centres thanks to Trotec: High-quality air conditioners and...Shipbuilding & shipyardsShipbuilding & shipyardsHumid sea air in the shipyard? Dust in the cargo area? We have solutions for the maritime sector.Sports & leisure industrySports & leisure industryHave you thought about an additional business of hiring out air handling units?Steel industrySteel industryTrotec provides high-performance dehumidifiers for a high production efficiency and the protection...Transport & logisticsTransport & logisticsDehumidification, air purification and dry-keeping? We can provide you with climate conditioning. Veterinary medicineVeterinary medicineTrotec offers thermal imaging cameras for economical diagnostics in veterinary medicineWater supply & disposal contractorsWater supply & disposal contractorsDevices and services for piping maintenance, leak detection and hygiene quality assurance.Defence technologyDefence technologyWhen storing equipment and ammunition there is one thing, above all else, that needs to be fought:...Pulp, paper and printing industryPulp, paper and printing industryOptimum climate conditions for the pulp, paper and printing industry thanks to Trotec: high-quality...ReferencesReferencesFrom these practical examples you can tell how and where our customers successfully deploy Trotec...Industrial servicesIndustrial servicesBenefit from our specialists' expertise when planning your climate conditioning.
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