Operating elements with Monoventic regulator and FlowMatic display

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FlowMatic control

The operation of the FlowMatic control is explained in detail


Against all opposition: Volumetric flow remains constant!

To realize the stipulated air exchange rates for inner rooms, a constant volumetric flow during the whole period of application is compulsory, because otherwise, with a reduced effective air flow rate, the required amount of air can no longer be achieved.

However, process-related, the used filter elements are gradually clogging up, which leads to an increase in counter pressure and a reduction of the air flow rate. Furthermore, connected air transport hoses affect the amount of air effectively available at the end of the hose, depending on their length and number of spiral tracks.

Using conventional air cleaners, one has to work with distinctly elevated starting values in order to meet the air change requirements for the entire processing time and to be able to compensate an inevitable reduction of volumetric flow. But even these measures cannot guarantee for the values to remain below the target over the entire period of application and, moreover, increase the filter elements' wear and tear.

This problem can be solved more professionally using the electronic volumetric flow regulation automatism of our TAC 5000 and TAC 6500 air cleaners – the first portable air cleaners employing this technology worldwide!

The sensor-supported Flowmatic control of these TAC devices is unique in the world and basically works like the "cruise control" in your car:

The Flowmatic sensors capture the actual values of the air flow rate within the entire filter chain and continually adjust the system performance dynamically, so that the once numerically predefined target value for the amount of air can be kept constant in every situation!

This does not only increase filter lifetime and system efficiency, but also guarantees the compliance with the air exchange rates required by law.

FlowMatic control

Sensor-supported Flowmatic control with real-value selection of the air volume in m³/h.