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Business: +49 2452 962 400
Industry: +49 2452 962 777
End-consumers: +49 2452 962 450

Why pros choose to use the dehumidifier TTK 171 ECO?

Because it operates as efficiently as a professional would!

The dehumidifier TTK 171 ECO impresses as a particularly economical solution for the typical dehumidification applications in the commercial sector. With a dehumidification performance of 52 litres per day it more than lives up to its core competency: the reliable drying of rooms sized up to 80 m².

Many more features turn the commercial dehumidifier into a star on almost every building site. Firstly, the hot gas automatic defrost system has the device working efficiently to a temperature of 5 °C. Secondly, due to its bar handle, the recessed handles and the big wheels, the device can easily be transported even on difficult terrain or on stairways. Thirdly, the TTK 171 ECO can be stored and transported in any position thanks to its rotary piston compressor. And in the fourth place, the TTK 171 ECO comes with an air hose connection for the selective admission of dry air or for drying hollows.

Professional solutions in every particular

With its hygrostat-controlled automatic operation, allowing the preselection of target values in percentage steps, the TTK 171 ECO works as effectively as can be. The target and actual values as well as many further functions can be read from the digital display of the easy-care control panel. Owing to the integrated memory function, the timer for switch-on/-off at a preselected time is made to remember your settings even after a power interruption.

Like all ECO models , the new TTK 171 ECO is also suited for longer unattended dry keeping applications, down to the connection for the external condensate drain – with optional pump if required. Moreover, the device can be used for the selective admission of dry air or for drying hollows: the dehumidifier is equipped with a special pressure fan, to which an air hose can be connected by use of an – also optionally available – adapter connecting piece. The new TTK 171 ECO – the ideal solution for professional construction drying applications!

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