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SL800 - Detection of even the smallest leaks

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Business: +49 2452 962 400
Industry: +49 2452 962 777
End-consumers: +49 2452 962 450

Detection of even the smallest leaks

The new ultrasound measuring instrument SL800

Our new professional ultrasonic detector SL800 by Trotec reliably locates leaks in compressed-air supply networks, plant systems and at concealed pipelines even from a distance of several metres. 

In case of leaking gas even a tiny point of leakage in the compressed air line is sufficient and leads to increased friction, generating sounds in the ultrasonic frequency range. Wear abrasion at movable machine parts becomes noticeable in the same way. Inaudible to the human ear, yet audible to the exchangeable probes of the SL800.

The sound vibrations registered by the probes are transformed into audible sound by way of high-performance transducer technology. This sound is then output through the soundproof headphones and additionally displayed as an indicator value on a 10-segment LED bar graph. The combined visual and audible detection with adjustable headphone volume permits focussed working at all times even in poor lighting conditions and noisy surroundings.

Ultrasound detection with the SL800 set offers a wide range of applications:

SL800R with structure-borne sound probe

SL800R with structure-borne sound probe

This probe utilizes structure-borne sound as bearer of inner states and processes. Hence, the device combination works like an electronic stethoscope.

  • Early detection of wear at ball, roller or slide bearings
  • Checking centrifugal pumps for cavitation
  • Tightness tests of fittings
  • Continuity testing or functional check of steam traps
SL800R with airborne sound probe

SL800R with airborne sound probe

  • Leak detection at exposed lines and pipes
  • Proving the leakage-related loss at gas-filled supply networks also during operation
  • Leak detection at high-pressure steam installations
  • Localization of cracks, poor weld seams or worn flange connections
  • Leak detection at all accessible fittings and connecting elements where processes take place in a vacuum or at high pressure
Ultrasonic transmitter SL800T

SL800R with airborne sound probe and ultrasonic transmitter SL800T

For testing the tightness of pressureless systems such as tanks, containers or climatic chambers and ventilation systems, these can be subjected to ultrasound using the SL800T transmitter which is also included in the set.

  • Tightness testing to determine the cause of energy losses, e.g. at doors or windows
  • Checking containers, housings or climatic chambers for tightness
  • Subjecting tanks or containers to ultrasound so as to test sealing components

A few practical benefits:

  • Development, design, production: 100 % Trotec
  • Simple detection of even the smallest leaks
  • Pinpoint leak recognition by use of
    an efficient sound transducer technology
  • Cost-effective leak detection at compressed air lines as well as at steam, gas and vacuum systems, boilers, liquid-bearing lines, valves, slides, steam traps
  • Reliable early detection of damages at slide and roller bearings or other sounds indicating wear
  • Airborne and structure-borne sound probe
    for various tasks
  • Safe detection even in noisy surroundings thanks to high-quality, soundproof headphones
  • Easy handling
Combined with the ultrasonic transmitter SL800T, tightness tests of e.g. fire doors can be performed quickly and at low cost.
Signs of wear at pumps and other processing machines can be detected at an early stage using the structure-borne sound probe.
Delivered in a convenient carry case
SL800 set
Quick tightness tests at parts of a building or other sealing components

Quick tightness tests at parts of a building or other sealing components

For tightness tests at regular doors and fire doors or windows the ultrasonic transmitter SL800T can simply be installed behind the test object. Ultrasound emerging in front of the object then indicates the point of leakage.

The ultrasound measuring instrument as a complete set including a carry case


The ultrasound measuring instrument as a complete set including a carry case

Our new ultrasound measuring instrument is supplied as a complete set with exchangeable probes and an ultrasonic transmitter. It includes the ultrasonic detector SL800R and the ultrasonic transmitter SL800T – both delivered ready for use incl. batteries –, an airborne and a structure-borne sound probe for the SL800R as well as soundproof headphones with volume control.

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