Humidification and air purification for a healthy room climate

For generating healthy room and breathing air

You spend two thirds of your time in closed rooms and breathe in and out up to 20,000 times, which corresponds to 10,000 litres of air. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the inhaled and exhaled air is free from pollutants and not too dry.

This is not a "natural" thing today. Particularly room air that is too dry is much more heavily loaded with pollutants and germs than the natural, fresh outside air. Moreover, the relative humidity varies depending on the season and temperatures.

The consequence: Too dry air reduces the performance ability, dries out the eyes, nose and mucous membranes and hence increases the vulnerability to germs triggering diseases. This applies all the more to babies and toddlers, who are particularly sensitive to a dry bracing climate. This is not what comfort at home is supposed to be.

Here, Trotec's humidifiers and air washers of the ComfortAir series come into play. They provide an optimally regulated humidity level and clean room air particularly in the cold season. The humidifiers and air washers from Trotec have an elegant design, require little maintenance and are favourable in terms of price.

Let the hygrostat-controlled devices create healthy and clean air while you can concentrate on enjoying a thoroughly healthy room climate after an exhausting day at work. This does not only contribute to your well-deserved relaxing break, it also promotes your performance ability at the workplace since you will be working in a more relaxed and focussed way.

Allergy sufferers and families with children are well advised to choose the 3-in-1 air washers AW 10 S or AW 20 S for combined humidification, air purification and odour improvement. The highly effective filter technology not only frees the breathing air from annoying house dust, pollen and animal hair – even fine particulates, allergens and mould spores are filtered out of the room and breathing air thanks to the highly effective HEPA filtration offered by the air washer AW 20. For healthy breathing, for a perfect well-being.

Good to know: An agreeable and healthy room climate requires a humidity level between 40 and 60 %, depending on the respective room temperature. In winter, this value may quickly be fallen below owing to the increased heating in living spaces.

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