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Pool dehumidifiers of the DS series

Ideal for the fully automatic dehumidification of indoor swimming pools and whirlpools

Particularly in wet rooms such as private indoor swimming pools the humidity rises significantly due to the high degree of water evaporation.

Here the critical limit can easily be exceeded resulting in rot, corrosion or mould formation, thus causing severe problems for the building structure and the well-being of its users.

Ventilation alone cannot provide the remedy, for this not only squanders precious energy, which would have had to be spent for heating first.

When introducing cold air, it can also absorb less moisture, causing the dew point temperature to drop to a critical level.

Mostly, when considering the prevailing temperatures, the ambient air is already saturated to a degree, that sufficient moisture transport simply cannot be ensured.

The solution: Pool dehumidifiers of the DS series

These devices specifically developed for this purpose ensure an equally powerful and economical dehumidification of indoor swimming pools.

They are easily installed, work fully automatically and can extract large amounts of humidity from the room air. During this process, they absorb the potential energy and in accordance with the heat pump principle give up to 2.7 kW of useful heat for each kilowatt spent by the DS dehumidifier off to the air in the indoor swimming pool.

This way, heating costs can be reduced along with the pool air dehumidification!

Efficient and economical way of working

Integrated within the DS pool dehumidifiers are special radial fans which, despite their particularly quiet running properties, can suck in large amounts of humidity from the ambient air.

The damp air is fed through an evaporator, there cooled below dew point and condensed. The condensate is discharged and the cold, dry air led past the cooling block's heating element where it is warmed by the released process energy and then fed back to the room air.

A few practical benefits:

  • Dehumidifiers especially developed for use in wet rooms
  • High dehumidification performance with optimum heat recovery
  • Low specific energy consumption – extremely high economic efficiency
  • Corrosion-protected design – easy to clean
  • Smoothly running radial fans
  • Polyester-coated, corrosion-protected heat exchangers
  • Infinitely adjustable hygrostat
  • Fully automatic operation
  • High and low pressure switch
  • Many more equipment options and special designs available
The dehumidifiers of the DS series are also ideally suited for use in fitness areas.

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