External condensate pump from Trotec

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External condensate pump

Our best recommendation for the permanent combined use with pool dehumidifiers

With its extremely robust and hard-wearing V4A housing this external condensate pump was designed specifically for the failure-free continuous operation in combination with pool dehumidifiers of the DS series, but can also be used with other dehumidifiers without a hitch.

The power for the dehumidifier can be supplied via the pump’s service socket. Another option is the direct supply; provided for this purpose are a female connector and internal plug connections ready to install.

Unique – adaptive operational control of the dehumidifier

For a failure-free continuous operation the pump comes equipped with a safety function for the automatic switch-off of the connected dehumidifier in case of overload. Should the condensate supply temporarily exceed the pump’s capacity, the pump automatically switches the dehumidifier off and back on once the load range is again reached.

Owing to the rubber feet at the bottom and the suspension slots at the rear the condensate pump can be flexibly applied both when mounted to the wall or positioned on the floor.

A few practical benefits:

  • Professional quality “Made in Germany” –
    originally produced by Trotec
  • Designed for continuous operation when used in combination with pool dehumidifiers
  • Robust construction made of high-quality V4A stainless steel with additional protective coating
  • Effective V4A corrosion protection – extremely resistant even to particularly reactive air mixtures such as chloramines
  • Adaptive operational control of the connected dehumidifier
  • Flexible application when mounted to the wall or positioned on the floor
1. operating control lamp, 2. connector for direct supply, 3. service socket, 4. feed hose connection, 5. discharge hose connection
Robust, safe, convenient: The external condensate pump from Trotec


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