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“How do I best protect my staff in the pandemic?” …

… this is the key question all employers have to deal with.

Many companies are facing completely new challenges in the coronavirus pandemic. Whereas before COVID-19 only the common occupational health and safety regulations had to be complied with, for example to prevent accidents at the workplace, employers now have to take far more extensive preventive measures to protect their employees from an infection with the COVID-19 pathogen at the workplace. Nonetheless, measures to protect the health of employees also mean safeguarding against absence from work and the associated costs and sales losses. Therefore, an effective concept with technical solutions going beyond the requirements of the SARS-CoV-2 occupational health and safety regulation is recommended to reduce sick leave and operational impacts to a minimum.

Working from home is not always possible
Acrylic glass partitions and masks protect office staff

Working from home or not? The following rules apply for office workstations with regard to the coronavirus

As part of its employee protection policy in the pandemic, the government is calling for employers to allow employees to work remotely from home – wherever feasible. Should this not be possible for operational reasons, for example due to a lack of digitalisation or technology at home, appropriate protective measures have to be taken at the workplace to reduce epidemiologically relevant contacts and to protect employees in the best possible way from a direct or indirect infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

A healthy working climate is the best company protection

The relationship between companies and employees has changed fundamentally. In the past, the salary used to be considered the most important instrument of the social partnership. However, today, and especially in the current coronavirus pandemic, other values count. Employees justifiably expect to be protected “in the best possible way” from infectious pathogens. If measures for infection control and thus for health protection of employees are only implemented half-heartedly, this will sooner or later take its toll in the form of dissatisfied staff. Not to mention the operational consequences a coronavirus outbreak in the company would entail.

4 components. 4 times safety. 4 good reasons to enjoy working in the office.

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Acrylic glass shields

Our mobile and stationary partitions with an aerosol protective edge offer unique protection against droplets and aerosols.

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Link to the high-performance air purifiers

High-performance air purifiers

Mobile air purification units with scientifically confirmed effectiveness against the coronavirus.
Made in Germany – by the market leader.

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Link to the air quality monitor BQ30

CO2 traffic light

When does the room have to be aired? Air quality monitors can tell when there are too much CO2, fine dust and aerosol particles in the room air.

Link to the air quality monitor BQ30

Link to the masks

Face masks

High-quality disposable face masks for protection against droplets and aerosols.

Infection control in the office

Visibly effective against invisible aerosols

A reliable protection against larger droplets and aerosol particles invisible to the naked eye is provided by the transparent acrylic glass partitions with aerosol edge. The partitions, exclusively available from Trotec, have a surrounding protective edge to deflect infectious aerosols and moist saliva particles in everyday work. The specially shaped aerosol edge prevents aerosol particles emitted when breathing and talking from floating to employees sitting next to or opposite each other before the particles are removed from the room air by suitable room air cleaners or ventilation measures. A separate protected zone for each employee. A crystal-clear way to protect staff beyond wearing masks from infectious aerosols, which scientists agree are the main carriers of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

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High-performance air purifiers supply virus-, bacteria- and aerosol-free air in offices

Minus 10 °C outside. Healthy working climate inside the office

When it comes to the best possible protection for employees, a reliable solution is required that protects against infectious viruses in the air regardless of the wind conditions and temperatures. Airing with open windows cannot do that. But the high-performance air purifier TAC V+ can. The mobile room air cleaner filters 99.995 percent of all airborne pathogens from the room air with a consistent efficiency even in continuous operation. Whether infectious aerosols, bacteria or even fine dust particles and allergens entering rooms through open windows – the TAC V+ provides almost 100 % protection against pathogenic suspended particles and pollutants in the air. And besides, the employees don't have to freeze in the cold winter because the expensive heating energy escapes into the open air through open windows.

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Surgical masks should also be permanently worn in the office

The plus in terms of safety in daily interaction

Meanwhile, we have become accustomed to wearing masks. Medical masks offer a high level of protection against larger droplets and, depending on the type of mask, also some protection against the tiny aerosol particles emitted when breathing and talking. In all areas where the air cannot be permanently cleaned using air cleaners, high quality masks should be worn. Medical masks with proof of origin, tested filter performance and high wearing comfort. 

Regular ventilation and CO₂ traffic lights

Regular ventilation and CO2 traffic lights

In addition to permanent air purification, the employees are required to open the windows in the office premises for shock ventilation from a CO2 value of 1000 ppm. If room air cleaners are used, this is not absolutely necessary for reducing the aerosol concentrations. However, it also helps to prevent high CO2 levels in the room air, which can affect our well-being and ability to concentrate. The CO2 content is monitored as required (depending on the number of employees in the room) using the air quality monitor BQ30.

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4 partners for optimum protection: air cleaner, protective screen, mask, CO₂ traffic light

4 reliable components for a safe working environment:

  • Transparent partitions with an all-round aerosol protective edge.

    Reduce the risk of infection from flying droplets and tiny aerosol particles emitted by employees in the immediate working environment.

  • Room air cleaner TAC V+.

    Effective and reliable minimisation of the indirect infection risk. Energetically sensible, scientifically proven effective and an important contribution to a healthy working environment.

  • Protective masks.

    As soon as the workplace is left, on the way to the lunch break or when changing rooms, the medical face mask provides safety.

  • CO2 traffic lights.

    When does the room have to be aired again? Air quality monitors indicate when the CO2 content, fine dust and aerosol particle concentrations in the room air are too high.

    Here you can find scientifically tested protection concepts for offices and public institutions:

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All information in the “Guide to protective screens for schools, offices and businesses”

In the “Guide to protective screens for schools, offices and businesses”, available as a PDF, you can see for yourself how comparatively easy it is to implement a safe hygiene concept in your company. The guide contains how-to information for implementing the hygiene concept for closed rooms recommended by Prof. Christian Kähler, scientifically proven facts on the risks of infection indoors, and technical solutions to reduce the risk of infection at office workstations to a minimum. You can download the PDF here:

Click here to go directly to the Guide to protective screens for schools, offices and businesses
Infection control for offices and office workstations

Functional principle of the acrylic glass shield with an all-round aerosol protective edge

The all-round aerosol protective edge of the acrylic glass shield from Trotec ensures that the aerosol particle stream swirls around the edge. As a result, the aerosol particles remain in the area of the infected person for a longer time and mix with the air before they are diluted and separated by the room air cleaner. When aerosol particles hit a protective screen that is NOT equipped with a protective edge, the particles will flow unhindered over the edge of the screen. This allows the potentially infectious aerosol particles to spread to the next row of tables.