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3-in-1 comfort device for air humidification, air purification and odour elimination – increased well-being through naturally washed breathing air

Additional health protection through a threefold improvement in indoor air quality

Humidified and hygienically perfect breathing air is pure life energy and at the same time a protective shield against airborne diseases! In one cubic centimetre of air, you could find up to 50,000 particles floating – such as fine dust and pollen, but also airborne bacteria or viruses. And since we spend 80 % of our time indoors, breathing around 8,000 litres of air every day, the air washer AW 10 S provides reliable protection against pollen, animal hair, house dust and allergens in the air.

Increasing well-being and relieving allergy symptoms

The air washer AW 10 S improves the air quality in rooms up to 25 m² or 63 m³ in several ways. In contrast to conventional air cleaners, which additionally dry out the already dry heated air in the cold season, the AW 10 S simultaneously cleans and humidifies the air on the model of nature. Particles contained in the sucked-in air are bound with a film of water and washed off by a rotating humidifier disk in the 9 litre water tank. This natural cleaning process in clear water frees the air from pollen, house dust as well as animal hair.

Breathing freely – without irritating allergens in the air

Natural air washing in a water bath removes allergens from the room air, which can cause allergic reactions such as swelling of the airways, burning eyes or a runny nose in allergy sufferers, children with sensitive airways and people living in households with animals. Air humidification, which is part of the air washing process, also reduces the risk of aerogenic virus transmission, strengthens the body's natural defences and increases well-being.

Best indoor air quality for spending quality time together

With the air washer AW 10 S, you are ideally equipped to constantly maintain the pollution of the room air at a healthy feel-good level in order to protect your family, employees, customers or guests. Fully automatically, an intelligent combination sensor measures the most important room air parameters and controls the necessary air purification and humidification intensity in automatic mode. The integrated and easy-to-clean water tank, designed for continuous level measurement, has a capacity of 9 litres, which is sufficient for up to 24 hours of humidification operation. Additionally, the humidifier disks can be cleaned conveniently and easily in the dishwasher. Three operating modes, a fan that can be adjusted in three stages, and other comfort functions allow you to improve the room air according to your individual requirements.

Everything that improves the air quality – for a healthier life

Just like individual well-being, the indoor air quality depends on various factors. For this reason, the air humidification and odour elimination functions of the air washer AW 10 S can be adjusted individually. Just as the personal environment and season demand.

Multi-stage air purification and odour elimination

A multi-stage, combined air purification system removes pollen, house dust, animal hair and subtle smells from the room air.

  • Purification stage 1: Natural air washing in a clear water bath reliably removes house dust, pollen and animal hair from the air and simultaneously keeps it ideally humidified.
  • Purification stage 2: The plasma ionizer eliminates unpleasant odours.

Humidification with plasma ionisation

The combined air humidification with a capacity of 400 ml/h and air purification can be adjusted manually. The integrated plasma ionisation also permanently eliminates disturbing odours. The comfort display on the control panel shows the current room air humidity in the range from 20 to 60 %. When the comfort zone (50 % relative humidity) is reached, the device stops humidification automatically.

Convenient automatic mode

The best is just good enough when it comes to your health? Then let the sensor-controlled automatic mode take control of the air quality. An intelligent sensor continuously measures the air quality and humidity and adjusts them to the best possible range without your intervention.

Restful night mode

Restful sleep is guaranteed: in night mode, the AW 10 S operates ultra-silently, and reliably frees the room air of pollutants while maintaining an ideal humidity level based on the natural principle of self-regulating cold evaporation. This way your skin, nose and eyes are protected against drying out and you can benefit from a good night's sleep.

Tip: SecoSan stick for perfectly hygienical water quality

The optionally available SecoSan stick ensures a hygienically perfect water quality in the water tank for up to 6 months. An optical change indicator on the control panel informs you fully automatically as soon as the stick needs to be replaced. The SecoSan Stick 10 "made in Germany" prevents the reproduction of germs, algae, mould and bacteria in all water containers with a volume of up to 10 litres.

Clean breathing air is the fuel of a healthy body. The air washer AW 10 S ensures naturally clean room air in both private and professional environments.

Natural operating principle of air washing: cleaning, humidification, odour neutralisation

By combining the air purification processes, the air washer AW 10 S permanently ensures naturally clean air.

Air washing inspired by nature

Already in the first cleaning cycle, the polluted room air is washed clean in a natural way – without any chemical additives. To do so, the device sucks in room air contaminated with particles and pollutants and passes it to a rotating humidifier disk, where the contaminated air is wetted with a film of water. Contaminations such as pollen or dust stick to the wet disk and are washed off in the water bath by the cleaning power of natural tap water. A positive side effect of this natural air washing process is the automatic humidification of the room air. The interaction of air washing and air humidification noticeably improves the indoor climate and well-being.

Plasma ionisation against odours

With the plasma ionisation, another cleaning cycle based on the principle of nature starts. Comparable to a “purifying thunderstorm”, both positive ions (hydrogen) and negative ions (oxygen) are produced and blown into the room together with the air that has been washed clean in the water bath. The bioactive bunching of ions directly in the room air, to form so-called cluster ions, causes water to be extracted from the pollutants in the ambient air upon contact. This way, pollutants and odours contained in the room air are eliminated.

Reduction of viruses and pollutants thanks to an optimum humidity level in the room air
The mucous membranes must be well moistened
The optimum humidity level kills viruses

Optimally humidified room air protects against viruses and pathogenic germs

Scientific studies prove the double protective effect of an optimally regulated indoor air quality in infection prevention. Pathogenic viruses such as the influenza or SARS-CoV-2 virus are released via so-called aerosols when we breathe or speak, and can remain suspended in the room for up to several hours if there is insufficient ventilation. Invisible, but still highly infectious.

At a humidity level between 40 and 60 percent, airborne viruses are inactivated within seconds

The infectivity of virus-infected aerosols depends decisively on the prevailing humidity level. If the room air is too dry, aerosols shrink and float in the room air for a longer time due to their low weight – before being inhaled unnoticed. Optimally humidified air, on the other hand, changes the salt concentration of the aerosol particles so that the contained pathogen becomes harmless immediately after contact with the air.

Permanently moistened mucous membranes are the best and most natural infection protection against pathogenic germs in the air

The body is not defenceless against the dangers of viruses and bacteria. It has its own defence mechanisms to protect itself against pathogens in the air. The mucous membranes of the mouth, nose and throat of our airways are a central component of our body's own immune defence and, when optimally moistened, provide highly effective protection against pathogens in the air. Too dry room air, on the other hand, withdraws the necessary water from the mucus layer, so that the previously protective mucus layer becomes hard and infectious pathogens can penetrate the body almost unhindered.

Therefore, increasing the room air humidity to around 50 % minimises the risk of infection by airborne pathogens in multiple ways in the private and professional environment.

AW 10 S – special equipment features

AW 10 S – compact dimensions
The air washer with its living room friendly design convinces with compact dimensions and a comparatively small footprint. Clean air: nothing to sneeze at.
AW 10 S – control panel
With 3 different operating modes, the AW 10 S can be configured for every demand in an uncomplicated manner. An illuminated scale informs you about the current humidity values in the room at any time.
AW 10 S – air outlet
The cleaned and washed air is discharged into the room via the lateral air outlets with an air flow rate of 126 m³/h and a humidification performance of 400 ml/h. The intensity can be set and adjusted using the 3 fan stages.
AW 10 S – cleaning
Cleaning of the air cleaner is just as simple and effective as the operation of the AW 10 S itself, and requires only a few steps. The device can be easily disassembled for cleaning purposes and cleaned quickly.
AW 10 S – maintenance-friendly
Not only the operation but also the care of the AW 10 S is particularly convenient. Practical detail: A suitable cleaning rod for cleaning the humidifier disks is already included in the scope of delivery. The tool at the upper end of the rod can be used to easily open the lock in order to release the humidifier disks.
AW 10 S – start-up
Plug in, switch on – that's it: The air washer AW 10 S is set up and ready for operation in a matter of minutes. Ensure an optimum room climate quickly and easily.
AW 10 S – air inlets and outlets
The lateral air outlets guarantee optimum air circulation in the room. After cleaning, the sucked-in air is discharged horizontally towards both sides into the room with a maximum air volume of 126 m³/h.
AW 10 S – SecoSan stick
Tip for perfect water hygiene: as the ideal accessory for your air washer, we recommend our SecoSan stick. Thanks to the natural silver ion principle, it prevents the formation of bacteria, viruses, fungi and biofilm in the 9 litre water tank. Special highlight: the AW 10 S display automatically informs you when the SecoSan stick needs to be replaced!

Fresh and clean air – easy and quick cleaning

AW 10 S – cleaning the humidifier disks
Cleaning the humidifier disks is just as easy as it is to change the filter. With the practical tool included in the scope of delivery, the disks can be detached within no time.
AW 10 S – cleaning the humidifier disks
The humidifier disks are cleaned with clear water and without any additional chemicals. This allows you to clean the removed disks quickly and conveniently in the sink.
AW 10 S – convenient cleaning in the dishwasher
You like it especially comfortable? Then simply clean the dishwasher safe humidifier disks in the dishwasher.
AW 10 S – clean breathing air
Clean breathing air to protect your loved ones and their health! The air washer AW 10 S provides clean and uncontaminated room air. The best conditions for a carefree time with the family.
All fans in direct comparison

All air washers in direct comparison:

To find the air washer which exactly meets your requirements, please consult the concise overview of all air washers of the AW-S series from Trotec, which we’re providing to you here so that you can compare them directly to each other.

Models which you do not wish to include in your comparison can be easily dismissed with only one click.

Technical data by comparison

A few practical benefits

  • 3-in-1 combination device: Humidifier, air cleaner and odour eliminator (plasma ionisation)
  • Keeps the room air ideally humidified and reliably removes house dust, pollen, animal hair and odours
  • Can be used all year round for air cleaning thanks to a humidification function that can be switched on or off separately
  • Natural principle of cold evaporation without filter mats – no limescale and wet spots as with ultrasonic and steam humidifiers
  • Sensor-controlled automatic operation – an intelligent sensor measures the air quality and humidity level for automatic control
  • Indication of the relative humidity level on the control panel
  • 3 operating modes
  • 3 fan stages – air flow rate of up to 126 m³/h
  • Evaporation performance of up to 400 ml/h
  • Large 9 litre water reservoir for long maintenance-free operations
  • Ultra-silent night mode
  • Water level indicator, warning signal and automatic switch-off when the water tank is empty
  • Can be used with tap water
  • Easy to clean, e.g. in the dishwasher
  • Display indicating when the optionally available SecoSan stick in the water tank needs to be replaced

Air purification and humidification – perfect for your home and in the office

Year-round feel-good climate for your home: The AW 10 S offers you 3 functions in one. Air washing removes dust, pollen, lint and animal hair from the indoor air. The integrated ionisation function reliably eliminates odours. In addition, the breathing air is pleasantly humidified according to the natural principle of cold evaporation.
AW 10 S at home
For clean air and an optimum humidity level at work. The AW 10 S air washer ensures an optimum room climate so that your respiratory tract is not irritated by pollen, dust, lint and excessively dry air at work. This allows you to concentrate on your work with a good feeling.
AW 10 S at the office

Weather station BZ06 and particle measuring device BQ30

Our recommendation for climate control:

The design weather station BZ06
Simultaneous indication of room temperature, humidity level, date, time, weekday and symbolic weather forecast. Supplies helpful information for preventing mould growth.

The particle measuring device BQ30
Long-term air quality monitor for simultaneous detection of particle mass concentration in the air, particularly suitable for allergy sufferers. The CO2 load, current room temperature and room humidity level are also displayed.

SecoSan, descaler and LiQVit

Care and protection from Trotec:

Water pollution control "made in Germany" with unique SecoSan operating principle. Long-term protection against microbial, algae, mould and bacterial growth lasting up to 6 months.

Liquid descaler based on amidosulphonic acid with colour indicator and maleic acid content to prevent re-calcification. Universally suitable for humidifiers, air conditioners, fully automated coffee machines and other hot water appliances. Especially suitable for use with calcareous water.

For maintaining the quality of the evaporated water in the humidifier at a constantly high level: the water hygiene agent LiQVit. Exclusively available only at Trotec! LiQVit serves to prevent microbial, algae, mould and bacterial growth as well as consequential odour formation.

 standard equipment

 optionally available

 not available


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Technical data
General information
  Article number
Humidification performance
  Max. humidification performance [ml/h] 400 ml/h
Air flow rate
  Level Max. [m³/h] 126
Electrical values
  Mains connection 230 V/50 - 60 Hz
  Power input [W] 11
Electric connection
  Connection plug CEE 7/16
  Cable length [m] 1.4
Recommended room size
Water tank
  Contents in [l] 9
Sound values
  Level min. - Distance 1 m [dB(A)] 25
  Level Max. - Distance 1 m [dB(A)] 32
  stages 3
  Length (packaging excluded) [mm] 315
  Width (packaging excluded) [mm] 310
  Height (packaging excluded) [mm] 390
  (packaging excluded) [kg] 6
Equipment, features and functions
Housing design
Functions and features
  Display of the relative humidity level
  Binds pollen, animal hair and house dust
  Reduces odours and electrostatic charges
  Effective functional principle without limescale or wet spots
  Sensor-controlled automatic operation
  Noiseless night operation in whisper mode
  AirgoPro ion isolator for odour reduction
  Water filling level indicator
  Warning signal to indicate a low water level
  Automatic switch-off when water tank is empty
  Pre-filter (replaceable) for higher filter efficiency
  99.97 % effective HEPA filtering of pollen, dust mite residue, mould fungus spores and other allergens
  HEPA function can be switched on or off as needed
  Combined air quality and humidity sensor for automatic control
  Indication of the current air quality
  Humidification function can be switched on or off separately
  Operating modes 3

 standard equipment

 optionally available

 not available



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