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Possible applications

The IC thermal imaging cameras are extremely easy to handle and suited for manifold fields of use, e.g.:

Production control and equipment maintenance in the industry

Functional check of photovoltaic power plants

Electrical thermography

Use the thermal imaging cameras for surveillance and maintenance tasks in industrial facilities, e.g. to monitor combustion or temperature-controlled processes.

The inspection of heat insulations on machines and installations are also typical fields of application of the IC cameras, as is preventive maintenance.

"Hot spots" in drive systems e.g. can indicate a beginning bearing failure.

Using an IC thermal imaging camera, defective modules or connections can easily be localized. Right after installation, solar installers and electricians can cover their back with a significant inspection by thermographically documenting the functionality of their system. Homeowners benefit from the possibility of periodically checking the perfect functioning and full performance of their photovoltaic installation and detecting possible damages caused by stone-chipping, dirt, humidity or short circuits early on.

Whether control cabinets, electric motors or other live systems, with IC cameras dilapidated components or faulty connections can be detected early on, so that expensive production downtimes can be prevented and fire risks reduced.

Energy consulting

Leak detection

Many more fields of application

IC cameras are excellently suited to capture and document energy losses at outer windows, external doors, roller shutter casings, heater recesses, the roof construction and the entire building envelope, e.g. due to missing or defective insulation.

Use these ideal measuring tools for comprehensive diagnosis or maintenance applications relating to energy consulting.

The infrared cameras of the IC series enable a quick and exact reduction of leaks, barely perceivable by the human eye, in inaccessible or concealed pipes, e.g. floor heating systems.

Therefore, maintenance work can be performed while minimizing damage and reducing costs.

Thanks to the undisputed process advantages, thermographic measurements have for a considerable time now been firmly established in many fields of application.

Based on the convincing price-performance-ratio of the innovative IC series the use of thermal imaging cameras now appeals to highly diverse crafts, users and application scenarios, which so far could not benefit from the advantages of non-contact and non-destructive thermography for financial reasons.

Building thermography

Whether you have only a building envelope or the entire construction – by means of thermography measurements using IC cameras both the examination for missing heat insulation and the detection of structural-physical defects or hidden construction elements can already be achieved during the building phase.

As a result, warranty claims can be put forward at an early stage and so energy costs can be saved.

Prior to modernisations thermographic measurements also constitute a reliable basis for planning reconstruction work to eliminate energy loss.

A survey regarding the indoor climate can also be carried out by use of IC thermal imaging cameras.

This way, dew point-endangered spots in the building can quickly be located in an uncomplicated manner, where otherwise – without appropriate countermeasures – toxic or allergenic mould might grow.