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Trotec assembly work tents – easily pitched and robust

Trotec assembly work tents are ready for use in only five seconds and shelter against wind and weather

Ideal for the most diverse of work assignments

Whether for work on control boxes, for sleeve mounting, earth and connection works or wastewater pumps and inspections, Trotec assembly work tents are optimally suited for every field of application in every weather. From the space-saving pointed roof over the practical cube to the convenient square, every installation team finds a tent best suited for their needs. For larger operating ranges, several tents can be connected using zips without difficulty.

Pitching the Trotec assembly work tent – no matter, if with pointed roof, cubic or square – is dead easy and can be accomplished by one person within seconds. So you can work through spells of bad weather uninterrupted.

  • Small, handy, space-saving stowage
  • One-man assembly and disassembly in a matter of seconds
  • Sophisticated, self-supporting construction – no loose rods
  • Light fastness for electrical work, the installation of fibre-optic cables, maintenance of telecommunications systems etc.
  • Does not put on weight in the rain
  • Protection against the rain and cold
  • Simple cleaning with high-pressure cleaner
  • Light and robust solution

After assembly, pushing the fixing disc toward the outer tarp triggers an automatic stretching mechanism. The now tensioned, convex sidewalls provide optimum space utilization. Collapsing individual frame parts is impossible due to the fixed connection of inner frame and outer layer.

Furthermore, tent cloth, fibreglass rods and fixing discs are basically maintenance-free, based on their high-quality finish for the purpose of wear protection and value retention.
The tents can be stored away quickly and easily in the robust carrying bag and be just as easily transported.

The inner frames of fibreglass and the sophisticated clamping system with integrated fixing discs steady the tent and despite its light weight ensure a high degree of stability even during hail and storm.

The robustness is not least due to high-quality and sound workmanship. In addition to durability and a reduced liability to wear, the tarp made of PVC-coated and white translucent polyester fabric ensures light fastness, so you can work inside the tent safely and without tiring. The daylight is only minimally absorbed. Especially when working with multi-coloured wiring looms, these can be thus be recognized and distinguished.