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Cordless screwdrivers: How to make the right choice

The smart and convenient solution for all screwing tasks

A cordless screwdriver belongs in every toolbox

A reliable cordless screwdriver is one of the indispensable electric tools that almost every craftsman constantly carries along. Besides, the battery-powered screwdriver has also become a must-have in every well-assorted home workshop for quite some time now.

And since the popular tool has been available as a professional Trotec PowerTool with the well-known excellent value-for-money ratio, there is no reason to do without the convenient assistance of a cordless screwdriver. For this way you will always benefit from an effective, cordless – and thus mobile – aid making it considerably easier to tighten and loosen screws.

Even if you are not among the avid do-it-yourselfers and use our cordless screwdrivers only occasionally for instance, you will never want to do without this device again thanks to its versatility and comfort of use.

Perfectly cable-free

If you no longer want to miss mobile, cordless assistance when tightening or loosening screws or performing smaller drilling tasks, just have a look at our websites: here you will find cordless screwdrivers with the most varied features – but always at a truly fair value-for-money ratio. Ranging from a low-priced device providing sufficient power for smaller screwing and even drilling tasks at home, in the garden and for hobby applications, to high-performance cordless drill drivers with an exceptional battery life and powerful motor. It goes without saying that we also offer all necessary accessories including first-class screwdriver bit sets and drill bits – and all this at an extremely favourable price! 

Quality features of modern cordless screwdrivers

Since the right choice not only depends on general quality features but most of all on your individual requirements, you will find a varied choice of cordless screwdrivers on our web pages. But before starting your search on our online pages, you should reconsider the basic criteria of how to identify the ideal, suitable cordless screwdriver.

The battery capacity

To select the right cordless screwdriver, you should first of all focus on the battery capacity. Trotec prefers so-called “lithium-ion batteries”, which are increasingly becoming the modern standard. The advantages of Li-ion batteries as opposed to the long-established nickel cadmium batteries are obvious, for they show neither memory effect nor any sign of self-discharge. Furthermore, the battery can be removed from the charger and used at any time without sustaining damage. However, the umbrella term “Li-ion battery” groups batteries with major differences in quality from various suppliers. Some batteries contain rather poor electrode materials, others noticeably lose power once the battery charge decreases.

When purchasing a Trotec cordless screwdriver with lithium-ion battery, we guarantee the delivery of a high-quality premium branded NMC battery with a high energy density and charging voltage lasting until the end. Compared to conventional lithium-ion batteries the performance of our premium branded batteries does not decrease even as the discharge increases. Consequently, you benefit from lasting maximum power even with an almost empty battery. During longer operation only the battery charge decreases, never their performance – that is the added value of Trotec’s premium branded batteries!

Replacing door locks quickly and without difficulty.
Cordless screwdriver PSCS 10-3,6V – replacing a door lock
For poorly accessible locations, simply turn the cordless screwdriver into baton position.
Cordless screwdriver PSCS 10-3,6V – used for a drawer
Assembling wardrobes, shelves and many other items of furniture with ease.
Cordless screwdriver PSCS 11-3,6V – used for a cupboard door
Bit exchange within only a few seconds.
Cordless screwdriver PSCS 11-3,6V – bit exchange

Technical parameters – volt, torque, ampere

Although an increasing voltage – measured in volts – entails a higher device performance, it simultaneously also increases the dimensions and weight of the battery. Depending on how often you want to use the cordless screwdriver, and to avoid unnecessary weight, the best motto could be: small is beautiful! The higher the torque expressed in newton metres, the more power will be provided by the cordless screwdriver. As with the voltage, you should evaluate what you primarily want to use the cordless screwdriver for: is it most of all for screwing and drilling in wood, or are there greater challenges lying ahead? A look at the specified ampere hours reveals how long you can operate the tool with one battery charge. Here, too, the application purpose is crucial: If you intend to assemble or disassemble a shelf or wardrobe quickly and conveniently every now and then, a battery with a capacity of 1.5 ampere hours – corresponding to an effective operating time of one and a half hours – is more than sufficient.

Handy rotational direction indicator – switch for clockwise/counter-clockwise rotation selection
Clockwise/counter-clockwise rotation selection – cordless screwdriver PSCS 11-3,6V
Absolutely firm hold in every position – bit holder with locking mechanism.
Bit holder with locking mechanism – cordless screwdriver PSCS 10-3,6V
Three-stage illuminated status indicator of the lithium-ion battery.
Three-stage battery status indicator – cordless screwdriver PSCS 11-3,6V
Optimally illuminated work areas even in dark surroundings thanks to an integrated steady LED light.
Integrated steady LED light – cordless screwdriver PSCS 10-3,6V

Convenient equipment features

Does the cordless screwdriver of your choice allow you to switch over from clockwise to counter-clockwise rotation? If only clockwise rotation is possible, screws can only be screwed in. In practice, however, unscrewing is equally important. But this will only work if you pay attention to whether the device is indeed equipped with both functions. Some models have an integrated light source, which will not keep you in the dark during work but provide a good look at a perfectly illuminated workpiece. Moreover, good cordless screwdrivers enable a fast and easy bit exchange allowing you to work truly effectively. And even the shape of the screwdriver is relevant – for instance, if you intend to work in poorly accessible corners. Smaller models are usually more handy, and easily deal with occasional applications such as assembling or disassembling wardrobes and shelves. 

Trotec's cordless screwdrivers are characterized both by their outstanding product quality and their excellent design. As mentioned above, the cordless screwdrivers come equipped with powerful lithium-ion batteries without memory effect and without self-discharge as standard. Multi-stage battery capacity indicators signalize the current operating status, integrated LED work lights enable safe screwing even in dark workspaces, and soft grip rubber inlays in the housing provide extra firm grip.

Simple change of position – cordless screwdriver PSCS 10-3,6V
Quick exchange of the integrated bits – cordless screwdriver PSCS 11-3,6V

Trotec’s cordless screwdrivers – universally applicable

Above all, these Trotec PowerTools, too, come with special additional features making them universally applicable. For instance the adjustable handle of the PSCS 10‑3,6V, which turns the cordless screwdriver into a pistol-shaped or baton screwdriver for particularly flexible use – ideal for easily reaching poorly accessible workspaces. Or the integrated 6-bit exchanger in cordless screwdrivers such as the PSCS 11‑3,6V, helping you to always have your favourite bits at hand and be equipped for every task.

Technical data for direct comparison:

Technical data for direct comparison:

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