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Engraving pen PEGS 10-230V
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Engraving pen PEGS 10-230V

Practical engraving pen for metal, ceramics, glass, wood or leather – with 4 engraving templates.

Engraving more personal gifts

Let your creativity go wild and turn any object into a unique piece. With the handy engraving pen PEGS 10-230V, infinite possibilities will open up to you to individually engrave and embellish everyday objects and household objects, jewellery or also presents that are made of all kinds of different materials. 4 practical engraving templates with letters, numbers as well as decorative symbols are already included in the scope of delivery so that you can get started right away. Of course the engraving pen can also be used to copy motives, texts or drawings to the object to be decorated in a free style without using the templates.

An engraving pen for almost any material

The 17-watt engraving pen PEGS 10-230V offers an idle speed of 6,000 revolutions per minute and is supplied including an exchangeable engraving bit of durable tungsten steel, by means of which almost any material can be controlled and treated with absolute precision. Irrespective of whether you wish to decorate soft materials such as leather, wood and plastics, or hard materials like for example metal, ceramics, aluminium and glass – the engraving pen PEGS 10-230V brilliantly masters any creative challenge.

Steplessly adjustable stroke depth for individual engravings

The stroke depth (penetration depth of the engraving bit in the material) can be quickly adjusted using the stepless rotary control to switch between filigree contours, for example, with a low stroke depth, or expressive lines when you select a greater stroke depth. The preselection controller allows for a stroke depth of up to 4 mm.

Maximum precision thanks to ergonomic design 

With a weight of only 370 g and a slip-resistant soft grip surface, the PEGS 10-230V which is manufactured in the form of a pen provides for fatigue-free and comfortable working. The 2-metre power cable offers an extensive operating range and is furthermore equipped with a convenient suspension latch to store the device in a fashion that is space-saving when you're not using it and yet always keeps it ready at hand for you.

The perfect engraving for every occasion and object

Express yourself and your creative ideas in almost any material of different strength and form. Whether you wish to decorate jewellery, Christmas or birthday presents with an individual text, or provide tools, bicycles and electrical appliances with your name to protect them against theft.

Glass and ceramic engravings: Wine, champagne and drinking glasses or mugs can be decorated impressively with the name of their owner or with the presentee's name, for example as a commemorative present, a small gift, or as a present for a special occasion. Glass cups, mirrors, beverage bottles as well as glass pendants are also excellently suited for individual engravings and decorations.

Wood engravings: Whether you want to decorate kitchen or breakfast boards, tools with a wooden handle, wooden crates or clothes pegs – wood is one of the natural materials and is almost predestined to perform creative engravings. Tip: Just as easily as wood, you can also decorate chestnuts, walnuts and hazelnuts that you've collected on your family excursion with an attractive design.

Leather engravings: Leather is one of the most popular materials for engraving. Give your belt an individual touch or for example embellish your purse, key chain, leather bracelet, a book cover, or a watch bracelet. Tip: You can also engrave imitation leather and leather-like materials without any problems.

Jewellery engraving: Give a unique piece of jewellery with an individual engraving to yourself or to your loved ones. Whether you wish to give away a ring, a pendant or a bracelet, there are many reasons and occasions for timelessly beautiful jewellery with a very personal engraving.

Metal engraving: From the door sign to the thermos, from the knife blade to the lighter: Individual engravings even give a stylish upgrade to everyday objects and turn them into unique souvenirs. Tools, bicycle frames and automotive parts are also suited to be provided with a personal engraving.

The engraving pen PEGS 10-230 V is suitable as a cost-effective solution for almost all engraving tasks in the private hobby and DIY sector

Special equipment features of the PEGS 10-230V

Engraving pen PEGS 10-230V
The engraving pen PEGS 10-230V offers a power of 17 watts and an idle speed of 6,000 revolutions per minute. With the on/off switch in the device bit you easily control the engraving progress with your index finger. Press to engrave and let go to stop again.
Stroke depth preselection of the PEGS 10-230V
Via the steplessly rotatable setting wheel for the stroke depth selection, the penetration depth and therefore the engraving depth is controlled. The maximum stroke depth amounts to 4 mm.
Engraving bit of tungsten steel
The durable tungsten steel engraving bit can be removed from the engraving bit retainer and exchanged easily and without the use of additional tools.
Four engraving templates
Four engraving templates are supplied with the device, containing letters, numbers, useful symbols and decorative elements.
Four engraving templates
Four engraving templates are supplied with the device, containing letters, numbers, useful symbols and decorative elements.
Four engraving templates
Four engraving templates are supplied with the device, containing letters, numbers, useful symbols and decorative elements.
Four engraving templates
Four engraving templates are supplied with the device, containing letters, numbers, useful symbols and decorative elements.

PEGS 10-230V – the ideal engraving pen for glass, metal, wood, plastics, leather, ceramics...

PEGS 10-230V – engraving a mobile phone case
The 4 templates supplied are ideal, for example, for engraving your name or funny symbols onto your smartphone case.
PEGS 10-230V – engraving a coffee mug
Whether you want to take it with you to the office or use it as a nice present – with the PEGS 10-230V coffee mugs can be individualized or creatively decorated.

A few practical benefits:

  • Suitable for a wide variety of materials such as metal, ceramics, leather, glass, wood or plastics
  • Durable, high-quality engraving bit made of tungsten steel
  • Tool-free engraving bit retainer
  • 2-metre power cable with practical suspension lug
  • Idle speed: 6,000 min‑1
  • Steplessly adjustable stroke depth to max. 4 mm
  • Ergonomic design with slip-resistant soft grip
  • Incl. 4 engraving templates

All important features at a glance

Smooth 17 W motor
Idle speed of 6,000 rpm
The stroke depth can be adjusted steplessly
Soft grip for improved handling
Robust rubber cable of 2 m length
Suitable for wood
Suitable for metal
Suitable for ceramics
Suitable for leather
Suitable for glass

Compelling value-for-money ratio

PEGS 10-230V

So far, you basically only had two options when choosing an engraving pen: either good but expensive, or mainly cheap.

Trotec's PowerTools now offer a smart choice: good and cheap at the same time. For we do not only stand for brand quality where measuring devices and air conditioners are concerned, but also when it comes to power tools: professional Trotec solutions with an excellent value-for-money ratio!

Brand quality plus cost-efficiency

Reliable, powerful and suited for the most challenging fields of application: these are some of the quality features of Trotec's engraving pens. Owing to their high capacity they are able to withstand the most extreme conditions. HighPerformance for demanding applications – after all, Trotec stands for brand quality and professional solutions with an excellent value-for-money ratio!


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