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Business: +49 2452 962 400
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Seminars and practical training courses for mobile climate regulation and measuring technology

More and more TKL customers state that they wish to combine equipment with know-how in order to achieve the best possible results in practice – a trend borne out by the fact that the number of inquiries for seminars, training schemes and practical courses has risen sharply over the past few years.

Trotec Consulting is the ideal partner for our company group when it comes to training and advanced training courses to fit these requirements. More than one thousand such courses in the course of the past years have made Trotec Consult one of the leading providers in this field.

Trotec offers seminars and training courses in the following fields:

  • Construction drying

  • Water damage restoration

  • Mould restoration

  • Measuring technology for construction diagnostics

  • Moisture measuring technology

  • Leak detection

  • Industrial and construction thermography

The Trotec Training Centres in Heinsberg (D), Schwerin (D), Potsdam (DE), Strasbourg (FR) and Chaam (NL) provide professional know-how straight from professionals: And not just abstract theory, but valuable information from practice for practice.

Trotec has experience with the type of problems which craftsmen and service providers have when they are on location

What good are descriptive and elaborate sketches and diagrams, bundles of formulas and calculations if they have little or no connection to practical applications? The challenges that daily company life brings demand branch-specific and tailor-made solutions! Solutions which Trotec can share.

Trotec is an integral part of a strong company group which has developed steadily and steadfastly from a small crafts business with its focus on the development and provision of products and services for practical situations – from professionals for professionals. This is why Trotec has the know-how needed to achieve such success in this sector.

Know-how which is independent of any single manufacturer

Trotec strives at all times to offer you the optimal product for your individual requirements. This means that our training and advanced training courses are not manufacturer, but solution-oriented. Our exclusive partner in the field of measurement technology training, for example, possesses a worldwide unique know-how as well as a broad spectrum of measuring processes and measuring devices from a variety of manufacturers.

Whether topic-based seminars and training courses, individual training programmes or work-related workshops, our specialists at Trotec and TKL want you to have the success you deserve!

Modular systematic training concept

The seminars, training camps and courses are designed to provide the participants with concrete information on their particular field of interest, while at the same time offering them the opportunity to continue with the next step of the training programme at a later date and to finish the course with recognised and superior qualifications.

This gives participants the chance to achieve further qualifications systematically, step by step, without serious disruptions to business workflow in the relevant firms and companies.

Documented high-quality training

The modular systematic training concept guarantees that the course participants who have passed the demanding final tests have an excellent command of the subject matter taught to them and that this acquired knowledge qualifies them, for example, for positions as experts in the field of restoration, construction moisture, or measurement technology for construction diagnostics.

These stringent requirements guarantee an exceptionally high level of training that is recognised and appreciated in all corners of the market. The quality of these course and training programmes is also approved and certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.