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Acrylic glass partitions with aerosol protective edge

Acrylic glass shields
with aerosol protective edge


A smart CO2 traffic light with triple indicator provides for healthy room air

CO2 traffic light with alarm function – real-time monitoring of carbon dioxide and particulate matter concentrations plus air temperature and humidity: The particle measuring device BQ30 is our best recommendation for controlling the air quality in schools, offices or public institutions...

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High-performance air purification to the fourth power

The virus air cleaner TAC V+ with proven effectiveness is now also available in the model variants TAC M and TAC ECO – our best recommendation if you want to do without the full equipment of the TAC V+, but not without effective H14 HEPA virus filtration from Trotec "made in Germany". And for applications beyond virus air purification, the multi air handler TAC XT has been developed.

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Room air in open-plan offices filtered from viruses

Without taking protective measures, viruses are able to survive in the air of open-plan offices for several hours while remaining infectious. Trotec high-frequency air cleaners with H14 virus filter reliably get rid of the problem – directly at the source.

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Effective filtration of viruses and dust in public zones or working areas

The innovative TAC V+ air cleaner for purifying areas is provided with H14 HEPA technology and permanently keeps the air clean and free from airborne viruses in highly frequented public zones or working areas where the air is contaminated with dust particles.

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Powerful ozone generators for large-scale interior disinfection

With the latest generation of extremely powerful ozone disinfectors of the field-proven Airozon-Professional series from Trotec a large variety of very efficient ozone generators "made in Germany" are offered to you, by means of which you can effectively disinfect even large interior spaces and neutralize odours in next to no time.

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