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For more efficiency: Humidification in server rooms

Protection against electrostatics and effective cooling: Trotec humidifiers are vital components for server rooms and data processing centres.

Reliable technology is the most important criterion for customers connected to a computer centre. At the core of a firm stands its own server room, so to say, hence the technical equipment there ought to run smoothly at all times. The IT equipment must be in immaculate condition. With this in mind, the climate in data processing centres and server rooms must be geared to the technology's needs. Professionals use humidifiers to counteract too dry air that usually carries a number of problems in its wake. They bind dust and protect from electrostatic discharges. Moreover, they provide a healthy cooling effect by means of evaporation. Trotec offers a variety of humidifiers suitable for the application in server rooms and computer centres.

Where lots of electronic equipment interacts, a high potential for electrostatic charging is created. The charge increases with a declining humidity level. This causes problems in various manufacturing and production areas. These range from a faulty production and high energy costs to machine damages. In server rooms and data processing centres electrostatic charges are also the most common cause of breakdowns and high energy costs. Even tiny fractions of static discharges harm the components in a server room. Even if they do not cause a total failure, there might still be software losses or the data could be saved incorrectly. Particularly devastating is the fact that the electrostatic potential is invisible to the naked eye. On these grounds it is necessary to generate and maintain an appropriate humidity level during the operation in computer centres and server rooms.

Humidification protects against electrostatics

To avoid electrostatic charging is one of the most important precautions to be taken in a data processing centre and in server rooms as well. It can be achieved by means of a continuous and effective humidification of the room air. With a relative humidity of about 50 per cent the conductivity of the air and of the equipment surfaces is increased to a point where electrical potential may be discharged unproblematically. Humid air takes up and absorbs more ions, which makes the ions heavier and more inert. When discharging the voltage in a timely manner, less electrostatic charges can accumulate. Another advantage of an optimum humidification in data processing centres and server rooms is a reduced dust deposit. For it is the electrostatic charge that attracts dust and holds it to the surface. If the potential is discharged systematically through an improved humidity level, dust is no longer a problem.

Another matter is the cooling of the server rooms. Many running devices produce heat that is detrimental. Here it is also helpful to enrich the air with more moisture. Using a humidifier brings about the well-known evaporative cooling. The cold water blown out by the device is immediately absorbed by the room air. The resulting evaporative cooling reduces the room temperature. At this point energy is saved, since the application of a humidifier renders additional air conditioning redundant.

Reliable humidification

The mobile evaporation humidifiers from Trotec provide a solution when it comes to the optimum climate conditions in computer centres and server rooms. No system failures and no incorrectly saved data caused by electrostatic charging: made possible by the use of professional devices from Trotec. They automatically regulate the humidity in rooms sized up to 420 square metres to an optimum level, require no complex installation and work basically at the push of a button. The hygrostat-controlled disc humidifiers suck in the room air and lead it through a humidification drum, which is provided with an evaporation fleece and revolves through a water quench. Owing to the permanent rotation the air is enriched with moisture before it is again blown out evenly without precipitating. During this process the room air is not only humidified but also purified at the same time. Dust and further suspended matter sucked in along with the air is bound and remains in the collection tank.

Several models, same objective

Ideal humidity values and clean air at the same time: That is the promise all of Trotec's humidifiers live up to. A specific model is recommended depending on the size of the room, the air of which is to be supplied with moisture. Particularly well suited for applications in smaller server rooms is for instance the humidifier B 250. It supplies up to 500 cubic metres of air per hour with a sufficient amount of humidity. Of course it is regulated all-electronically and the current relative humidity is displayed via an electronic sensor. Once the desired humidity value has been entered, you don't have to worry about anything else. The B 250 automatically assumes the control. When the water in the tank is depleted, the device switches off automatically and a display indicates the empty status. The optional automatic water supply is the ideal solution for those who would rather save themselves the task of refilling. Its "big brother", the humidifier B 400, impresses with even higher performance rates. In one hour, the robust and low-maintenance disc humidifier manages to enrich up to 800 cubic metres of air with moisture. Its two-stage fan, the automatic switch-off function and many other characteristics render it a real pro in the field of humidification. What applies to it and all of Trotec's humidifiers is the following: They operate based on the reliable evaporation principle, so both lime deposits and the formation of condensate are ruled out. What is more, it is impossible to over-humidify the room air.

Humidifiers in server rooms

  • protect the components against electrostatics.
  • enable a longer operation of the IT equipment.
  • additionally bind dust.
  • permit energy savings through evaporative cooling.

Advantages of Trotec disc humidifiers

  • fully electronic control
  • neatly arranged control panel with displays for actual and target humidity values, water level and fan stage
  • additional air purification through a separate filter in the intake area
  • adjustable discharge direction
  • particularly robust construction

Humidification in server rooms

 standard equipment

 optionally available

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