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Cross lines lasers and line lasers from Trotec

Laser measurement tools for levelling tasks and precise alignment

Cross line lasers are an indispensable measurement tool for craftsmen and do-it-yourselfers. Forget about spirit level and pencil when it comes to levelling tasks and the precise alignment of drill holes, pictures, shelves and other objects. Rely on laser precision by Trotec.

Functional principle of cross line laser measuring devices

Cross line lasers such as the BD5A project two laser lines positioned at right angles to each other into the room, onto the floor or onto the ceiling immediately after being switched on. The integrated self-levelling function automatically compensates for unevenness of the ground so that the horizontal and vertical lines form a perfectly aligned laser cross in a matter of seconds. If required, you can switch over from cross line to individual line projection to project either a horizontal or a vertical line only. The 100 % precisely projected lines enable error-free working even at longer distances. The integrated tilt function additionally allows you to produce diagonal laser lines, which is ideal for work at staircases.

Fields of application of cross line laser measuring devices

Cross line lasers and line lasers are not only extremely compact and handy, but they are also suited for almost every task. Whether for precisely determining the position of drill holes, or when it comes to aligning pictures, kitchen shelves and other objects. In drywall construction, stud frames can be optimally positioned and aligned to one another. For laying tiles and for wallpapering work, too, the line laser provides a straight and clear line.

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