Smooth processes in computer centres
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Smooth processes in computer centres

Perfect air conditioning and precise measuring instruments in the server room

Smooth processes in computer centres

Solutions for smooth continuous operation

Perfect air conditioning is the basis for smooth continuous operation in computer centres. Temperatures must be kept relatively low so that the technical devices do not overheat. However, special attention should also be paid to adequate humidification for efficiency increase and additional cooling. Experts use thermal imaging cameras for fault location on IT lines. For such purposes, Trotec also has industry-specific solutions on offer. And: For precise control of the system, Trotec climate data loggers are in great demand.

Powerful and particularly resistant: That is what technology in a computer centre must be like. Therefore, operators pay particular attention to a smooth overall operation – and of course to saving energy. Correct air conditioning of the server rooms is one of the main aspects to consider. Trotec offers effective solutions for low temperatures and mild humidity. The climate values are monitored by means of precise-working climate data loggers. Should there still be a technical problem, the operators of computer centres use thermal imaging technology for efficient fault location. For such setups, Trotec also has the right devices on offer.

Mobile air conditioning systems for expert use

Where there is a sophisticated electronic system within a small space, you need reliable and robust air conditioning technology to ensure continuous cooling. The powerful and flexible units of the PT series from Trotec are the ones to choose. They are professional commercial air conditioners which are easy to use, fast and – what is most important – reliable. Even larger rooms can be cooled down to 10 degrees Celsius within the shortest time.

Smooth processes in computer centres

Additional cooling and protection against electrostatics

Not only high temperatures may cause damage to the technology in server rooms and computer centres. A too low humidity level can also cause considerable damage because it results in high electrostatic voltage which results in great damage to the components. Efficient humidification prevents that. That is why experts choose the powerful mobile evaporation humidifiers from Trotec. They are the solution you need for optimum climate conditions in computer centres and server rooms. The hygrostat-controlled disc humidifiers suck in the room air and conduct it through a humidification drum, which is provided with an evaporation fleece and revolves through a water bath. Owing to the permanent rotation, the air is enriched with moisture before it is blown back out evenly without precipitating. By the way: In this process, the room is also cooled!

With a close eye on climate values

Always an eye on humidity: That is easy with the precise climate data loggers of the DL series from Trotec. Highly sensitive sensors detect relative and absolute humidity and indicate further climate data such as air temperature and dew point.

Perfect fault location

Overloads and defects in IT systems can be detected early – by means of precise thermal imaging inspection. With thermal imaging cameras from Trotec, the temperature inside server rooms is monitored. Error sources are located with precision.

Expert advisory service

Which humidifier do you need for your computer centre? Which air conditioner and thermal imaging camera shall be used? These and all further questions about the perfect equipment to run a computer centre are welcome at our Trotec industrial services team.

Renting rather than buying

Construction dryers, heating, ventilation or air conditioning for a limited time? Rent now! TKL offers almost the entire Trotec range of products for rent.

In our TKL rental portal you find high-quality Trotec units for temporary use or testing or use at short notice. Here you will find modern Trotec technology at a reasonable rental charge.

Trotec Products for Computer centres

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