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  3. Visitor flow control at major events

Guiding streams of visitors and closing off areas

Lightweight folding walls are the solution for city festivals and other major events

Very often, metal barriers are used for closing off areas for visitors at major events and for marking routes. However, they are not required as long as they only serve for visual guidance. The Trotec Group has mobile solutions for visual covers on offer which are light and space-saving and can be unfolded within seconds: VarioScreens.

Mobile VarioScreen screen fences are extremely flexible when it comes to separating areas at festivals or other major events: a module consists of 4 panels of 180 x 180 cm each and thus shields a distance of 7.20 metres. Its 3 joints allow for flexible mounting: in a semicircle, zigzag line or as a conventional corner. At major events, several VarioScreens can be strung together via robust zip fasteners – an endless number in steps of 7 metres. Available as accessories are metal rods with base for stabilization as well as a tent peg and rope set for additional fastening.

Everything is possible: Hundreds of metres of barriers in any arrangement

With VarioScreen, organisers and security officers can choose between all imaginable kinds of arrangement: a rectangular visual cover for the first-aid station or a straight barrier wall closing off the ticketed area in front of the open-air stage. Even a sinuous path around a stall leading to the toilet area is not a problem. Or marking a parking zone with screen fences. The VarioScreen may also be used for visually shielding the rescue path for the fire brigade and ambulance – and in the worst case, it can even be run over by the emergency vehicles. In contrast to mobile crowd barriers, it is not possible for small children to pass through any gaps since every VarioScreen, as well as the zip connection in between, is head-high and closed in itself.

Decisive for logistics: light, foldable and space-saving storage

The mobile VarioScreen lightweight walls of the Trotec Group consist of quick-to-assemble fibre glass rods and extremely durable polyester cloth. They can be put up by one person in a matter of seconds and collapsed again just as quickly after use to be stored away in a carry bag with minimum space requirements. Compared to crowd barriers, personnel and transport expenses are minimized significantly and the storage space is reduced to the size of a sports bag.

Printed barriers with advertising effect and/or transparency

For the visitor flow control at small and big events, it is on the one hand possible to use the screen fences from the product segment accident screen fences with their functional design. On the other hand, we have custom-build business models available which can have an advertising effect: the mobile business walls can be printed, for instance, with the logo of a city, club, brewery or band. It is also possible to choose a semitransparent solution, which allows parents and supervisors to keep an eye on the children inside a closed-off play area, but at the same time demonstrates the children the limits of that area.

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