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Tropical climate: Humidification in greenhouses

Trotec high-performance humidifiers create the most favourable conditions for exotic plants and for mushroom growing.

Warm temperatures and a high humidity level – those are the key factors required by tropical and subtropical plants, if you want them to grow and thrive. Mushroom farms also prefer warmth and moisture. Regular watering is not sufficient, for the majority of exotic plants absorbs moisture from the ambient air. Required for the generation of this special climate is not only a systematic heating concept but also modern technology, which is to enrich the air with plenty of moisture. Trotec offers several solutions: Particularly well suited for the use in large hothouses and cultivation halls as well as tropical greenhouses in zoological gardens are the effective humidifiers. In smaller greenhouses and tropical sections of halls the compact air washers may be used. 

Plants and trees that originally came from tropical or subtropical areas need special care in our latitudes. The most important factor for perfect growth and a successful cultivation is the climate in which they are kept. Tropical plants and mushroom cultures flourish best in constantly damp and warm surroundings. Vital for a successful cultivation and lush growth are relatively constant temperatures ranging between 28 and 31 degrees Celsius and a particularly high humidity level. On these grounds exotics such as orchids, the mulberry family, citrus and palms growing in hothouses or tropical greenhouses should be provided with a tropical or subtropical climate by making use of technical appliances.

Trotec – for a tropical climate

The rain forest has a high precipitation all through the year. The result is a high relative humidity of at least 70 and right up to 100 per cent. Exotic plants from tropical areas need this kind of humidity to survive. They draw most of the water from the air. Humidifiers from Trotec may be used to generate such a climate in hothouses and tropical greenhouses.

Moist and clean air

The mobile evaporation humidifiers from Trotec serve two purposes for optimum climate conditions in greenhouses. For one thing, they ensure a high humidity level at the push of a button. For another, they free the air from dust and pollutants.

And this is how it works: Set the desired humidity value, push the button and the hygrostat-controlled humidifier operates automatically regulated. All of Trotec's humidifier models operate based on the reliable evaporation principle, so both lime deposits and the formation of condensate are ruled out. Neither the plants nor the greenhouse walls are sprayed with water vapour in this process. The humidification takes place indirectly as the water is released to the air. The Trotec product range holds several humidifier models – including the B 200 eco, the small but mighty masterpiece, that can deliver up to 43 litres of water per day and more, as well as the B 400, the powerful and reliable professional when it comes to humidification in larger greenhouses. It impresses with a humidification performance of 800 cubic metres per hour, a two-stage fan and an optimum air circulation ensured by an integrated wall spacer. The humidifier B 300, which scores with a superb design and of course prime technology, is also amongst these devices.

What all devices have in common: Owing to the built-in filter absorbed pollution particles, dust and bad smells are collected and bound.  

For smaller quantities 

Clean, moist air for smaller tropical greenhouses or just hothouse sections, equipped for the cultivation of mushrooms and tropical plants: With that in mind you best use Trotec air washers. The following three factors also play a key role for these compact devices of the AW-S series: optimum humidification, good looks and fresh air. The air washers of the AW-S series both purify and humidify the room air. The sucked-in room air is guided past rotating humidifier disks; there the air is charged with moisture. At the same time dirt particles such as pollen, animal hair and dust cling to the disk and are bonded in the collection container. This applies to the AW 10 S and the AW 20 S. And better still... Depending on the operating mode, this air washer provides an additional thorough HEPA filtration of the humidified air. This way you can offer your plants the very best of germination and growth conditions.

The benefits of mobile humidifiers from Trotec 

  • reliable and effective humidification for good health and the ability to concentrate
  • automatic hygrostat-controlled regulation of the humidity level
  • mode for low-noise operation
  • compact, appealing design
  • optimum value-for-money ratio in every appliance class

The benefits of air washers of the AW-S series

  • 3-in-1 devices for combined air purification, humidification and odour elimination
  • display of relative humidity
  • plasma generator for the elimination of odours and pollutants in the air
  • various operating modes plus mode for quiet operation
  • a large water reservoir (9 litres) for long maintenance-free operations
  • only tap water required (not distilled water)
  • variable fan control for need-based room adjustment

Additional benefits of the AW 20 S:

  • energy-saving automatic operation thanks to intelligent combined sensor for the simultaneous measurement of air humidity and quality
  • can be used all year round thanks to a humidification and plasma function that can be switched on or off separately
  • the exchangeable prefilter frees the air reliably from coarse dust or animal hair
  • selectable HEPA filter function for maximum air purification: filters fine suspended matter such as dust, pollen and spores
  • 3-stage light signal indicates the air quality in the greenhouse