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Deep well pumps of the TDP series
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Deep well pumps – an economical solution for harnessing service water

Especially in the hot and dry months of summer home owners need a lot of water to make sure the plants in their garden flourish. A more economical solution than just using the expensive drinking water from the tap is to harness water from alternative sources. Depending on the respective model and performance class, Trotec's domestic water supply systems and garden pumps are able to pump up water covering up to 42 metres (delivery head). However, you will need a deep well pump such as the TDP 5500 E, TDP 7500 E, TDP 370 E or TDP 750 E supplied by Trotec to utilize water from a well that has a greater delivery head. The reason: Standard submerged pumps usually do not come with the performance required for pumping up water from great depths.

Deep well pumps on the other hand can easily convey the precious water to the surface. For this purpose the pump is lowered into the well. To ensure reliable operation, the pump must be completely surrounded by water. Deep well pump mostly have a fairly slim housing so they can be used in narrow bore holes.

Deep well pumps are extremely versatile

Exemplary fields of application range from agriculture and horticulture to the use in garden centres or even for the industrial production. In private households they are mainly used as an alternative source for the service water supply of your household appliances or to water your flower or kitchen garden. The pump housing may look very slim and compact, but do not let that mislead you, the inherent power is impressive. The pump can generate an extremely high pressure, which permits water to be pumped from great depths covering capital delivery heads.

Deep well pumps lead you one step closer to self-sufficiency

Against the backdrop of global warming and ever-increasing prices for clear water there is certainly enough financial incentive to pique the interest of garden owners in becoming independent of the public network for the water supply of decorative or crop plants. A sustainable water supply can be achieved by means of a well, which is ideally already located on your property or can be drilled there.

TDP-E series

What is a deep well pump?

A deep well pump is fully and permanently submerged in the water to be conveyed. A distinguishing feature of this pump type is their usually long and fairly slim housing. Consequently, they are perfectly suited for the application in narrow bore holes. Without generating noise the high-performance pump transports water from great depths, e.g. for watering your garden or to supply your household with service water.

Deep well pump consist of 3 main components:

  • the motor
  • the pump's hydraulic system 
  • a watertight pump housing with inlet valve

Advantages of Trotec's deep well pumps

  • Can be used in extremely confined spaces (incl. narrow well holes) and at great depths (submersion depth up to max. 20 m)
  • High conveying capacity
  • Extremely durable thanks to robust stainless steel housing and copper motor
  • Maintenance-free motor with thermal protection circuit
  • Inexpensive extraction of service water from wells or shafts
  • Environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and resource-sparing
  • Efficient suction capacity in deep wells
  • Connection cable of 20 metres length

Here's what you should take into account when deciding to purchase a deep well pump

Key factors for your purchase decision are the required delivery head and the desired or required water quantity. What must be taken into consideration is the depth at which the pump shall be used and the distance the water has to cover on its way to the surface. Lastly, the water quality needs to be observed as well for choosing the right pump – or more specifically the contained percentage of suspended matter or the maximum grain size of the particles. Trotec's deep well pumps are suited for pumping clear water – slight contaminations are filtered out by the integrated stainless steel filter.

Note: Deep well pumps can only achieve their optimum suction capacity if they are fully immersed in water. As soon as air finds a way in, operability and performance are compromised.

Delivery heads and flow rates

The delivery head defines the maximum height difference the deep well pump can overcome in pumping water. The greatest possible difference in altitude to be encountered by a deep well pump is inside a well shaft. The deep well pumps TDP 5500 E and TDP 7500 E can be applied for a submersion depth of up to 20 metres. The deep well pump TDP 5500 E transports up to 6,000 litres of water per hour.   This water supply is sufficient for the simultaneous operation of several lawn sprinklers. The pump's maximum delivery head amounts to 58 metres. On the one hand, the more powerful TDP 7500 E accomplishes a flow rate of only 4,800 litres per hour, but then the high-performance 750 W motor permits a maximum delivery head of 93 metres.  

Robust and watertight pump housing

The motor and further electronic pump components must be enclosed in a watertight housing. Regardless of the material – be it metal or plastic – the housing must feature the sufficient robustness and durability to withstand mechanical influences such as compression or impact. The housing must not be damaged during the insertion into a deep and narrow bore hole. All of the deep well pumps offered by Trotec are fitted with a high-class stainless steel housing for optimum protection and durability.

With this equipment you are in safe hands

Since the operation of electrical appliances in water requires special safety precautions, the pump must be equipped with the following safety components:

Resistant to waste water

Deep well pumps can convey ground water of varying contamination levels. For this purpose the pump should be equipped with a suitable filter to ensure the longest possible service life. The Trotec deep well pumps TDP 5500 E and TDP 7500 E are fitted with high-quality stainless steel dirt strainers.    

Integrated thermal protection

To prevent overheating of the motor or the device the Trotec deep well pumps are as standard equipped with an integrated thermal protection circuit. It switches the pump off automatically in case of imminent overheating.

Tipps ensuring a long lifetime of the deep well pump

Even the best deep well pump can only achieve an optimum capacity when it is used properly. Therefore, you should observe the following points so as to prevent damage to the device:

Checking the water level

An insufficient water level can compromise the functionality of the deep well pump and lead to damages. This being the case, you should check the water level at regular intervals.

Tip: As time passes dirt and deposits accumulate at the bottom of a well. For this reason, you should observe a minimum distance of 50 cm to the ground when lowering the pump into the well in order to prevent dirt from being whirled up and sucked in.

Checking the water quality

If you use a clear water pump, sludge particles and severe contaminations in the pumped service water can cause damage or even lead to a total pump failure.

Tip: Should it be extremely difficult or next to impossible to check water level and quality at poorly accessible locations, you might want to consider using a submerged waste water pump.

Only use when fully submerged in water

If you want to use the deep well pump in continuous operation and for an extended period of time, it must be ensured that the pump is fully submerged in water at all times. Regular checks are therefore imperative, especially during dry spells. If the water level drops to the point that the upper section of the pump is visibly exposed and dry, the pump ought to be switched off immediately.

Note: The robust stainless steel housing and the high-quality copper motor render the deep well pumps TDP 5500 E and TDP 7500 E from Trotec extremely durable and the motor requires no maintenance at all!

Submerged pumps of the TWP series

Pumps for clear water and waste water

Trotec's deep well pumps TDP 5500 E and TDP 7500 E can pump large amounts of water from either wide or narrow water sources, but chiefly from those situated at great depth.     And you should have an accurate knowledge of the water quality ... If there are too many dirt particles in the water, it is definitely advisable to use a pump equipped with a special filter.

If the water to be extracted mainly originates from waste water areas such as building pits, garden ponds or soakaways, we recommend purchasing a waste water pump from our range of submerged pumps.

The ideal supplement: Pressure switch for automatic pump control

With an electronic pressure switch you can control your water pump automatically without having to switch the pump on or off manually. The pressure switch monitors both the water pressure and the flow rate in the pipe and switches the pump connected on and off automatically when the tap or garden hose is used. In addition, the pressure switch protects the pump against running dry and in this way extends its service life. For our garden pumps of the TGP series we recommend using the electronic pressure switch TDP DSP as a convenient Plug & play solution. With their integrated mains power socket the Trotec garden pumps can be easily connected to the pressure switch using a mains plug. For Trotec's deep well pumps of the TDP series we offer the pressure switch TDP DS. Its open cable end is connected directly to the control box of the deep well pump and the pressure switch can control the water delivery automatically. Also choose reliable Trotec brand quality when you need a pressure switch!

Pressure switch TDP DSP
Pressure switch TDP DS