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Measuring devices - Innovation is our passion

We continually provide new and innovative product solutions. See for yourself!

Future product innovations

  • Thermal imaging camera IC200-TrotecInnovations Don't miss this!


    Economy-priced professional thermal imaging camera

    The fully radiometric infrared camera IC200 measures precise surface temperatures from -20 °C to 550 °C – e.g. in the automotive sector, in control cabinets, pipelines in industrial plants or exterior facades. 25-Hz real-time measurement and real-time image display ensure clear thermal images of high quality with a detector resolution of 256 x 192 pixels. The robust and shock-protected housing of the IC200 devices is classified according to protection type IP54 and is impact-proof up to a drop height of 2 m. The professional thermal imaging camera comes with a Wi-Fi and a DuoVision Plus function for combined display of infrared and real image as a contour-enhanced, detailed thermogram. Furthermore, it is equipped with numerous other useful analysis functions. The battery can be easily replaced.

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  • Thermal imaging camera IC300-TrotecInnovations Don't miss this!


    Professional real-time thermal imaging camera with full equipment

    The 1.89 mrad geometric resolution of the fully radiometric thermal imaging camera IC300 with exchangeable battery guarantees precise real-time thermograms in every measuring situation. It can be operated in temperature ranges between -20 °C and +650 °C and thus be used e.g. in industrial plants, for electrical thermography or for building diagnostics. The optimised ergonomics and a high refresh rate of 50 Hz enable working without tiring and steady, blur-free capturing of moving objects to be measured. The design with IP54 protection is not only robust, but also resistant to shocks and drops up to 2 m. In addition to a variety of practical measurement and analysis functions, the highly professional IR camera offers a Wi-Fi function as well as a DuoVision Plus function for combined display of infrared and real image as a detail-enhanced thermogram.

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  • UV-Torchlight 6F-TrotecInnovations Don't miss this!

    UV-Torchlight 6F

    Versatile UV LED torch

    The lightweight UV-Torchlight 6F with 12 high-performance LEDs and a robust housing made of a high-strength aluminium alloy is a versatile UV LED torch for leisure or professional use. Its UV spectrum of 365 nanometres is perfectly suited for many common fields of application. Ideal for leak detection in combination with tracer colours, e.g. in fluid-bearing indoor installations, for geocaching operations at night, for checking security features on identity documents and banknotes as well as for hygiene checks in the kitchen, bathroom or hotel room. Due to a length of less than 10 cm, the UV-Torchlight 6F fits into even the smallest pocket and is therefore always at hand. Moreover, it can be switched on and off easily via the convenient end cap switch.

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  • BD1L-TrotecInnovations Don't miss this!


    Laser spirit level with point laser, line laser and laser distance module

    The handy spirit level BD1L not only has a point laser and a laser marking line, e.g. to create drill holes on a straight projection line, but also a real laser distance module that measures and digitally displays the exact distance, for example to an opposite wall, with a range of up to 20 metres. In addition to a vertical vial, the laser spirit level in striking Trotec yellow also houses a horizontal vial with additional integrated lighting allowing for exact positioning in all areas of application. Thanks to magnets embedded on one side of the measuring device, the laser spirit level can be attached to metallic surfaces for static fixation. The BD1L is the perfect companion on construction sites as well as in the do-it-yourself sector. Why purchase several devices for exact measurements if they can be done with just one? One spirit level – numerous functions for perfect alignment.

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  • TD120-TrotecInnovations Don't miss this!

    Distance meter TD120

    A successful start to professional distance measurements with laser precision

    With the TD120 users can now confidently cross the dividing line between semi-professional and professional. The attractively calculated price may not make you expect this at first glance – but this Trotec distance meter meets all demands of users with professional ambitions.

    Equipped with an inclination sensor, digital spirit level plus a horizontal and vertical level, the distance meter TD120 manufactured in IP54 design can easily perform measurements from corners, across obstacles or of angles and heights – up to a range of 120 metres, this distance measuring device determines all required values quickly and precisely, which are always clearly visible on the multi-line monochrome LCD.

    Aside from measuring distances, the TD120 also calculates areas or volumes and comes equipped with integrated functions for 2-point and 3-point Pythagoras measurements, e.g. for indirect height measurements or calculations of sections.

    The successful composition of budget-friendly calculation and robust design suitable for the use on construction sites, accompanied by a comprehensible functional range, make the TD120 an indispensable companion for architects, experts, craftsmen and everyone requiring reliable measurements of distances, areas and volumes in their professions....

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  • BD8A-TrotecInnovations Don't miss this!


    Robust 4 x 360° laser with a comprehensive range of accessories

    The BD8A's green laser lines are many times more visible on indoor surfaces than red lines. The self-levelling 360° laser projects its laser lines – up to two horizontal, parallel lines and a right-angled laser cross – onto ceilings, walls and floors throughout the room. The projection of the respective laser lines can be selected individually or together, and all horizontal and vertical lines can be combined with each other as desired. For all conceivable measuring work that requires optimum alignment, e.g. for drill holes, railings or stuccoes, the right laser setting can be found here. Furthermore, the BD6A comes equipped with a comprehensive range of accessories, such as a multi-adjustable magnetic holder incl. spirit level, a mini tripod with integrated spirit level that can be adjusted in all positions and finely adjusted radially, a special platform for elevated positioning of the measuring device as well as a plastic plate for central tripod mounting.

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  • BD6A-TrotecInnovations Don't miss this!


    Latest laser technology ultra-easy to handle

    The cross line laser BD6A is a state-of-the-art spirit level. Whether you want to precisely align pictures in parallel at right angles, drill holes on a straight projected line or attach tiles in a strict grid – using the cross line laser, all this and much more is easily possible. Immediately after being switched on, the BD6A – which is battery-operated and can thus be used conveniently in any place – projects a right-angled laser cross or, if required, only a horizontal or vertical laser line onto the opposite wall. Since the device is self-levelling, the projected lines are always 100 % straight. The levelling mode automatically compensates for an unevenness of the ground up to an inclination of 4°. If self-levelling is impossible due to larger unevenness, the laser will give a warning via a red LED on the device and a pulsing laser cross on the projection surface. For transport protection and work outside the levelling range, the laser can also be locked in place. Moreover, the housing of the BD6A has a ¼ inch thread integrated at the bottom, which serves to mount the device on commercially available tripods....

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  • TTSL platform with MultiMeasure Cloud-TrotecInnovations Don't miss this!

    Trotec’s TTSL® platform

    Mobile, modular, multifunctional – a platform for all data and application scenarios

    TTSL® is a universally usable system for the telemonitoring, telecontrol, analysis and documentation of your machines and processes – to be operated easily from a distance via smartphone, or via the office PC. The new TTSL® system from Trotec allows for easiest condition-monitoring. Record and monitor a large variety of different measurement data of all your construction sites or machine processes.

    From climate data management to the manufacturing process, including the machine status – with the TTSL® system you can virtually connect any measurement transducer and configure the system so that it meets your requirements. In future also control devices connected to TTSL® directly via cloud.

    Whether water damage restoration, building technology or industrial production – the system can be quickly installed and all devices such as sensors can be interconnected automatically in only a few steps, making all measured values and machine information available to you in a blink via multiMeasure cloud on a PC or smartphone for monitoring, analysis, evaluation and documentation....

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  • VSC106-TrotecInnovations Don't miss this!


    Professional industrial videoscope

    The cordless VSC106 is a mobile and user-friendly compact system. The robustly designed videoscope with 1 metre IP67 push probe (Ø 6 mm) provides razor-sharp and high-contrast digital videos and images even in poorly accessible locations. Using the joystick control unit, the high-quality camera head can easily be bent to all sides; its 6 dimmable white-light LEDs ensure brilliantly illuminated image results on the large VGA display. The VSC106 features a strong ABS housing providing protection both against impact damage and the infiltration of dust or splashing water. Ideal prerequisites for the rough conditions of industrial applications. And in the event of a defect, the entire probe, including the articulation system, can be easily replaced by the user.

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  • BE60-TrotecInnovations Don't miss this!


    Digital true RMS multimeter with thermal imaging camera

    The multifunctional multimeter BE60 comes equipped with a thermal imaging camera and measures a variety of parameters (direct current/alternating current, DC/AC voltage, resistance, capacitance, frequency, duty cycle, temperature). Furthermore, the true RMS digital multimeter can be used for diode testing and continuity testing. The integrated IR camera features a detector resolution of 80 x 80 pixels and absorbs heat in the temperature range of -20 °C to +260 °C. Thanks to the Bluetooth function, you can edit and analyse all measured data easily on your smartphone or tablet via MultiMeasure Mobile app. The robust digital multimeter complies with measuring circuit category CAT III 600 V / CAT IV 300 V.

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  • BV15WP-TrotecInnovations Don't miss this!


    Differential pressure anemometer

    Owing to the AppSensor functionality, the handy and intelligent differential pressure measuring device BV15WP can be controlled conveniently and easily via the MultiMeasure Mobile app. Firstly, a pressure drop on filter and ventilation systems can be determined quickly and easily by using the compact sensor to carry out a differential pressure measurement, and secondly, the flow speed and volumetric flow of air or non-aggressive gases can be determined by means of an optional Pitot tube. The clever combination of the appSensor and the appertaining, free MultiMeasure Mobile app allows you to benefit from numerous practical advantages in terms of flexibility, analysis functions, data control and documentation.

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Current product innovations

  • BZ29OS-TrotecInnovations The very latest!


    Wireless weather station with outdoor sensor

    The wireless weather station BZ29OS is equipped with an outdoor sensor that can transmit the temperature and humidity values to the central unit. Due to its high radio range, the sensor can be set up at a distance of up to 100 m from the main station if the area is unobstructed. The weather station clearly displays all important climate data, such as the temperature and humidity level measured at the external sensor and at the indoor unit. The air pressure and its changes over the past 12 hours as well as the time, date and day of the week are also part of the parameters displayed. The BZ29OS comes with a wake-up function, weather forecast indication, moon phase display and a feel-good indication, which uses symbols to show whether the climate values are in a good or poor range. In addition to a freely configurable alarm that provides an early warning of critical outdoor temperatures, there is also an "ice alarm" if there is a risk of frost. The weather station can be used ideally in work, living and school rooms, kindergartens as well as production facilities....

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  • BQ31-TrotecInnovations The very latest!


    Particle measuring device "MultiMeasure Mobile ready"

    The 100% Rotec particle sizer with Bluetooth functionality is compatible with the innovative MultiMeasure mobile app, so that measured data can be conveniently processed and analyzed. The long-term air quality monitor can be used to reliably and precisely detect and measure both critical fine dust concentrations of the size factors PM2.5 and PM10 and CO2 pollution in the air. The all-round talent also records other environmental and climate parameters, such as relative humidity and air temperature. You can always keep an eye on the individual climate parameters on the clear 3 ‘‘ colour LCD display, whether at home, in the office or at school. And so that you always play it safe, you will also be warned by an optical and acoustic alarm function if limit values are exceeded.

  • BE42-TrotecInnovations The very latest!


    Professional true RMS clamp meter including a torch

    Measuring the current in running systems without the need to switch them off – this is no problem for the clamp-on ammeter BE42. Because the professional true RMS clamp meter ensures contact-free and easy measurement of alternating current, DC and AC voltage, resistance as well as reliable continuity testing of circuits, fuses and contacts. Moreover, the robust housing allows for ergonomic one-hand operation. The compact design with drop-shaped clamping jaws and illuminated display and the integrated torch simplify the application in industrial surroundings, confined control cabinets or inaccessible locations. The BE42 complies with measuring category CAT III 600 V.

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  • TD200-TrotecInnovations The very latest!

    Distance meter TD200

    The new champion among Trotec distance meters

    Mud, rain and dust put no stop to the TD200's measuring. That's because the extremely robust IP65 construction of our new distance meter flagship is water-jet- and dust-proof, making cleaning possible even under running water.

    Its inner values are equally impressive: In addition to direct or indirect distance and height measurements, the TD200 quickly and reliably calculates circular, rectangular or triangular areas, partial distances and circular areas or cylinder volumes.

    The ingenious interaction of the digital camera with 3x zoom, target finder and 360° tilt sensor does not only enables precise long-distance measurements up to a range of 200 metres but also many measurement applications that cannot easily be carried out with conventional devices.

    The combination of a robust design suitable for construction sites, a high measuring range and numerous practical functions and features – all combined in a compact device with an excellent value-for-money ratio. This makes the distance meter TD200 our best recommendation for professional use by building experts, architects and tradesmen....

  • BZ26-TrotecInnovations The very latest!


    CO2 air quality monitor for monitoring the room climate

    The climate measuring device BZ26 allows for reliable monitoring of the air quality in interior spaces. It shows you at a glance the CO2 value in a range of different colours from green (optimum) to red (poor), the critical maximum value with alarm function as well as the minimum value, indoor temperature, relative humidity level, current time, date and weekday. Moreover, the integrated alarm clock with its unmistakable alarm signal makes sure that you get up in time. With its easily comprehensible smiley symbol, the feel-good indication tells you whether the room climate is ideal, acceptable or in a critical state. The BZ26 is the ideal air quality monitor to be used in work rooms, living rooms or children's rooms, class rooms, kindergartens or office and production environments.

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  • Uranine-TrotecInnovations The very latest!

    Trotec Uranin

    Now doubly good for leak detection or flow path detection

    The classic uranine powder has been a recognized marking substance for many years and is one of the strongest fluorescent tracer dyes. For us, reason enough to provide this classic fluorescent dye with a luminous alternative in the form of Uranin Blue.

    The combination of an emulsion that is completely free of suspended matter and formaldehyde with particularly luminous UV excitability makes Uranin Blue the best recommendation for leak detection applications involving the penetration of mineral building materials, because Uranin Blue is characterized not only by particularly good capillary mobility due to its extremely small particle size, but also by very intense blue-colored fluorescence under UV excitation, which enables time-saving UV examination of large areas. Uranin Blue is not supplied in powder form, but already as a ready-to-use emulsion that can be diluted in water.

    Unlike Uranin Green, however, Uranin Blue is not visible to the naked eye. For this reason, Uranin Blue in diluted form remains practically invisible on almost all substrates in the visible spectrum....

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  • Luminate-TrotecInnovations The very latest!

    Luminate UV Tracer

    Now in even more colors for even more possibilities

    Trotec Luminat is an established luminous dye for UV fluorescence excitation in the detection of leaks. Trotec Luminat does not metabolize and leaves practically no detectable traces in the visible wavelength range.

    Only when exposed to UV radiation in the optimal wavelength range are the formaldehyde-free fluorescent pigments of this tracer excited to maximum fluorescence and intensely luminous.

    Luminate is particularly suitable for leak tests on water-bearing planes of flat roofs or for checking gullies and downpipes. At its exit points, the fluorescent substance can be detected and made visible under UV light.

    To ensure that users have the optimum UV fluorescent dye with the best suitable luminosity for every task, Trotec Luminat is now available in four luminous colors, in addition to the established Luminat Green version also as Luminat Red, Luminat Blue and Luminat Purple - all 100 % formaldehyde-free fluorescent dyes made in Germany ...

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  • BF06WP-TrotecInnovations The very latest!


    Luxmeter controlled via smartphone

    Development, design, production: 100 % Trotec! The compact appSensor BF06WP can be conveniently controlled via the MultiMeasure Mobile App. It only takes seconds for the Bluetooth 4.0-compatible luxmeter with its high-quality sensor system to measure the light intensity in the measuring range from 0 to 40,000 lx (0 to 3,716 fc) in interior spaces and outdoor areas. Since the intensity of the lighting influences our performance and ability to concentrate in our everyday life and our well-being in our own home. But also, for instance, for photography or for illuminating exhibits in museums, the level of illumination has to be perfectly tuned. Furthermore, the BF06WP comes equipped with a magnetic holder to allow for hands-free working. Owing to the clever combination of the appSensor and the appertaining, free MultiMeasure Mobile app, you’ll additionally benefit from numerous practical advantages in terms of flexibility, data control, documentation and analysis functions.

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  • BT22WP-TrotecInnovations The very latest!



    The appSensor BT22WP is a thermometer permitting the measurement of the air temperature when used in combination with the MultiMeasure Mobile app. For this purpose, the highly sensitive measuring device is provided with an extremely thin stainless steel probe by means of which measurements can be easily carried out even in cavities that are difficult to access, or through lighter insulation materials. Owing to the clever combination of the appSensor and the appertaining, free MultiMeasure Mobile app users benefit from numerous practical advantages in terms of flexibility, analysis functions, data control and documentation. High-quality sensor technology and numerous measuring functions make the BT22WP the ideal climate measuring device for workshop, hobby and household applications.

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  • BE52-TrotecInnovations The very latest!


    Digital true RMS multimeter

    The particularly durable and powerful multimeter BE52 features a Bluetooth function and is therefore compatible with our innovative MultiMeasure Mobile app by means of which all measured data can be evaluated via smartphone for further processing easily and conveniently. With its broad selection of measuring functions, including the measurement of temperature, direct current and alternating current, DC and AC voltage, resistance, capacitance, duty cycle and frequency, this measuring device can be used for a variety of applications in the commercial or semi-professional sector. Moreover it is provided with the function for diode testing and continuity test. The impact-proof, dust-proof and water-proof digital multimeter BE52 complies with measuring circuit category CAT III 600 V / CAT II 1000 V.

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  • BE49-TrotecInnovations The very latest!


    Robust digital multimeter

    With its seven measuring functions and its ergonomic design, the multifunction measuring meter BE49 offers manifold possibilities of use and is thus perfectly suited for the most diverse fields of application in the hobby and do-it-yourself sector. The robust digital multimeter is used for the measurement of direct current and alternating current, DC and AC voltage as well as resistance values. Moreover, the digital multimeter BE49 complies with measuring circuit category CAT III 600 V and offers functions for diode, battery and acoustic continuity testing as well as a battery status indicator.

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  • BD22-TrotecInnovations The very latest!


    Precise laser distance measuring device with spirit level and measuring wheel

    In order to be able to deliver a perfect job as a DIY enthusiast, you must have the right measuring devices at hand, such as the hand-held laser meter BD22 for the exact measurement of distances, areas and volumes. The simple and fast measurement as well as the correct and thus efficient calculation of floor/wall surfaces and room volumes is thus child's play for the distance meter thanks to its professional laser technology. The laser can measure distances from 0.01 to 50 m without any problems. In order to provide for a precise alignment, the measuring device is also equipped with an integrated spirit level. Thanks to the measuring wheel that is used to carry out mechanical length measurements, not only straight lines but also curves from 0 to 10 metres can be precisely determined.

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  • BD8M-TrotecInnovations The very latest!


    3-in-1 laser distance meter with integrated cross line laser and tape measure

    The ambitious handyman that wants to achieve great things in his work at home or for his hobby, needs accordingly precise measuring instruments. Laser measurement allows the all-rounder BD8M to accurately measure distances, surfaces and volumes without the slightest effort and at the speed of light. Hence, measuring as well as the correct and cost-effective calculation of floor space or wall surfaces and also room volume are mere child's play for the laser distance measuring device. The laser can measure distances from 0.05 to 40 m without any problems. Moreover, the multifunctional measuring device shows off with its Pythagoras function, a cross line laser (range of 10 m) for perfectly aligning drill holes, pictures, tiles, strips of wallpaper, wall cupboards or shelves and an integrated tape measure (0 to 5 metres). In this way, you are perfectly equipped for all possible DIY measurement projects.

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  • Digital alarm clock with weather station BZ01-TrotecInnovations The very latest!


    Compact digital alarm clock with room climate control feature

    The digital alarm clock BZ01 with its comprehensive room climate control function not only helps you get up in time every morning, but also shows you the relative humidity (20 % to 99 %), the current room temperature (0 ⁰C to + 50 ⁰C), the time, date, and the day of the week. With its weather forecast symbols, this handy all-rounder for your home or office informs you on the weather to be expected in the next days, and the integrated MIN/MAX display indicates the lowest and highest value measured. The BZ01 always keeps you up to date with the key climate parameters – inside or outside.

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  • BQ21-TrotecInnovations The very latest!


    Particle measurement made easy

    Another measuring device in TROTEC design and also equipped with bluetooth – this makes the BQ21 not only a visual highlight, but also compatible with our innovative MultiMeasure Mobile app! With this handy particle measuring device, measuring the particle load in the surrounding air for the particle sizes 2.5 and 10µm can be performed at any time. As the measuring device can be mobile-controlled, your measurement data can be easily and conveniently transferred directly to your smartphone or tablet via bluetooth using the mobile app for processing and evaluation. The BQ21 is thus an excellent tool for monitoring the airborne particle load with regard to inhalable (PM10) and alveolar (PM2.5) dust in accordance with customary international requirements by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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  • BZ22M thermohygrometer-TrotecInnovations The very latest!


    Thermohygrometer with special cross-needle design

    The mechanical precision measuring device BZ22M, which is enclosed in a high-quality stainless steel housing, is used to measure the relative humidity and temperature as well as the dew point and saturation humidity. The large and easy-to-read measuring scale as well as the special cross-needle design allow for a clear indication of the four climate parameters on just one dial. The thermohygrometer BZ22M "made in Germany" is the ideal solution for checking a healthy indoor climate in offices, training and storage rooms, garages as well as in living rooms and bedrooms. In addition, the design measuring device comes with an option of mechanical adjustment, which can be done by means of an adjusting screw.

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  • BZ21M thermohygrometer-TrotecInnovations The very latest!


    Thermohygrometer made of high-quality stainless steel

    Easy to read and understand, the BZ21M displays the optimum indoor climate values in a special cross-needle design. The four different climate parameters are clearly displayed on just one dial thanks to the clever arrangement of the measuring scale. The precision measuring device, manufactured in Germany and enclosed in a high-quality stainless steel housing, is the first choice for checking a healthy indoor climate in offices, training and storage rooms, garages as well as in living rooms and bedrooms. The thermohygrometer BZ21M continuously measures the relative humidity and temperature as well as the absolute humidity and saturation humidity. In addition, the design measuring device comes with an option of mechanical adjustment, which can be done by means of an adjusting screw.

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  • BX50 MID-TrotecInnovations The very latest!

    BX50 MID

    Energy cost measuring device

    In this day and age, precise and accurate billing of energy costs incurred, e.g. in the framework of restoration work or ongoing site work, is mandatory, since insurance companies and customers do not want to pay more than is necessary. By means of the energy measuring device BX50 that is calibrated and MID-certified in accordance with DIN EN50470-1/3 the energy demand of electrical devices can be determined quickly and easily. Since it measures the consumption directly via the socket. The tamper-proof device features a measuring range from 0.25 to 16 A. With the indication of watts, volts, amperes, active power, power factor (cos φ), kWh and the mains frequency, all important parameters for efficient energy monitoring can be retrieved at all times.

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  • Thermal imaging camera AC060V-TrotecInnovations The very latest!


    Extremely smart: infrared camera in tablet design

    The new infrared camera AC060V unites advanced functions with many additional application possibilities in an ultra compact tablet design.

  • BO22 videoscope-TrotecInnovations The very latest!


    Handy mini videoscope

    The video endoscope BO22 makes it easy to have an in-depth look in narrow spaces that are difficult to access, e.g. gaps, cable ducts or motor systems. The robust BO22 provides for an intuitive operation and razor-sharp videos and photos (1280 x 720). The semi-rigid gooseneck probe of one metre length (Ø 5.5 mm) always offers perfect visibility via 6 powerful LEDs. The 180° image rotation is convenient for any working situation. Despite its compact dimensions, the BO22 ensures a high user comfort thanks to 3" LCD colour display, freeze-frame function, 3x digital zoom, display brightness control, mirror attachment for inspection from all sides, hook and magnet attachment, card slot for microSD card and storage bag.

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  • appSensors-TrotecInnovations The very latest!

    WP-measuring instruments

    Professional measuring instruments with appSensors

    A compact design, without complicated operating elements and yet at any time the current measured values quickly and conveniently are at hand - this and more distinguishes our latest generation of modern WP precision measuring instruments. The measuring devices with appSensors (moisture indicator, sound level meter, material moisture meter, hot wire anemometer, thermohygrometer, impeller anemometer, pyrometer) transfer their measurement data via Bluetooth directly into the intuitive MultiMeasure Mobile app on a smartphone or tablet. As a multifunctional measuring station app, MultiMeasure Mobile offers all the necessary professional tools for controlling the measuring devices as well as for displaying and evaluating the measured data, in parallel operation with several measuring devices.

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  • Thermal imaging camera XC600-TrotecInnovations The very latest!


    Thermal camera

    The innovative combination of comfort and efficiency: The system with the innovative PanoFold touch display (Detector resolution 640x480 pixels) and the integrated laser distance measurement is a first in the lower price segment of professional real-time thermal imaging cameras. A special, high-capacity Li-Ion battery allows long-term use of up to 8 hours. Versatile analysis functions and DuoVision-Plus image overlay make the XC600 a reliable companion. Whether infinitely variable 10x zoom, fast autofocus with laser precision, interval shooting, IR videos and numerous measurement functions - the XC600 leaves nothing to be desired.

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  • BN35 socket thermostat-TrotecInnovations The very latest!


    Wireless socket thermostat with timer

    With our new Wireless Thermostat BN35, you can enjoy fully automatically controlled well-being temperatures in every season. Simply insert the thermostat between the socket and the device (electric, cooling or heating). The BN35 regulates time-controlled (with up to 6 timers per day), temperature-controlled (adjustable temperature range from 0° C - 70° C), temperature- / time-controlled or by manual operation the switching on and off of the heating or air conditioning unit to reach and maintain the preset desired temperature. The easily programmable socket thermostat BN35 has a radio range of 20 meters and controls up to 100 receivers.

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  • Pyrometer BP17-TrotecInnovations The very latest!


    Pyrometer in new design

    Now also in the striking Trotec design: The digital infrared thermometer BP17 for the non-contact measurement of surface temperatures. With an optical resolution of 10: 1, temperature ranges from -50°C to +380°C are recorded. Sensitivity levels of 1°C, 3°C and 5°C can be set. By switching on the optical target laser, the centre of the measuring point can be determined very precisely. The changing background colour of the LED display in green, blue or red clearly signals whether the preset target temperature is currently reached or undercut or exceeded. In addition, an acoustic warning signal sounds.

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  • Pyrometer dew point scanner BP25-TrotecInnovations The very latest!


    Dew point scanner

    The digital universal pyrometer BP25 now comes in the new Trotec design. With measuring optics of 20: 1, surface and dew point temperatures can be measured without contact (-50 ° C to 260 ° C), relative air humidity (0% to 100%) and air temperature (0 ° C to 50 ° C). The switchable dual laser enables you to precisely measure your measuring range on material surfaces, e.g. to check the insulation or identify possible danger spots for mold formation. Following the tried and tested traffic light principle, the backlit display shows whether the surface temperature at the measuring point is “in the green”.

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Former Trotec innovations

  • Weather station and indoor climate monitoring unit BZ07-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!


    All-weather station

    The BZ07 weather station is a real all-rounder for at home or in the office. It shows you the current time, the date, the interior temperature (0 ⁰C to + 50 ⁰C) and the relative humidity (20% to 99%) at a glance. An alarm clock with snooze function is also integrated. Thanks to the symbolic weather trend display, the question "How will the weather be today?" Does not even arise for you. The special feature of this climate station are the feel-good and bar graph indicators. While the feel-good indicator gives you a quick and easy overview of your indoor climate values (optimal, acceptable or critical area), the bar graph indicator shows you the temperature change over the past 12 hours.

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  • Designer weather station BZ06-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!


    Design weather station

    Whether at home or in the office, the indoor climate station BZ06 not only looks stylish with its transparent display, but also offers you convenient measurement of the current relative humidity (20% to 95%) and room temperature (-9.9 ⁰C to +50 ⁰C). With the symbolic weather trend display, you can prepare yourself for all weather conditions. In addition, you always have the exact time, date and day of the week in view. And the integrated alarm clock with snooze function helps you start the day every day.

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  • BP5F food IR thermometer-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!


    Food infrared thermometer

    The 2-in-1 thermometer in the optimised Trotec design determines the internal temperature of food in a measuring range of -40 ° C to + 200 ° C and surface temperatures without contact by infrared to +280 ° C. These compact, robust and washable (protection class IP65) helpers are suitable for transporters, trade or gastronomy - with the BP5F, the temperature can be controlled - Eg for monitoring the cold chain or cooking temperatures - can be carried out quickly and reliably according to HACCP.

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  • UV-Trackmaster WF/NF-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!


    Exclusive hand-held UV-A lamps with a high fluorescence excitation

    The UV-Trackmaster models are equipped with a special band-pass filter for maximum residual light suppression yet simultaneously maximum UV translucency. This special filter, coated 90 times, permits a maximum transmittance in the range of 365 nm – consequently, tracers can be identified with substantially more contrast. Whilst the lens of UV-Trackmaster NF focuses the UV light in a beam, that of the UV-Trackmaster WF is designed for the illumination of vast areas. So, with a UV-Trackmaster you always have an optimal solution for the quick and effective tracer detection during material testing, leak detection or quality inspections – naturally the product is ""made in Germany"" and exclusively available only at Trotec!

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  • VSP inspection system-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!


    Inspection system

    Until now, maintenance technicians needed a variety of optical aids for visual inspections. Trotec has now developed the modular and mobile universal solution: The VSP inspection system is the sophisticated, flexible, combinable and expandable innovation for technical video endoscopy. The robust control unit with colour display and extremely powerful lithium-polymer battery can be used with all VSP system components. Special camera heads are available for different inspection requirements. The 30m VSP push cable drum and optional video endoscopes and bore scopes complete the professional system solution from Trotec quality manufacturing.

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  • TP10 infrared thermometer-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!


    Pyrometer with multipoint laser aiming aid

    The professional solution for precise and non-contact surface temperature measurements: The integrated multipoint laser of the TP10 marks the circular measuring range clearly visible on the respective surface, even over long distances. By infrared, the pyrometer measures the temperature of wall and floor surfaces, solids or even liquids with an accuracy of ±1% and a response time of 0.15 seconds. The intuitive colour display in green, red or blue makes it clear at first glance whether the measured temperature is within the preset target value range. With its wide measuring range of -50 °C to +1.850 °C, its high geometric resolution of 75:1 and its adjustable emissivity of 0.10 to 1.00, the TP10 infrared thermometer is recommended for the most demanding measuring tasks.

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  • BE44 clamp meter-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!


    Clamp for measuring DC and AC current

    The multifunctional current clamp with non-contact AC voltage detection is the ideal test device for all electrical conductors - also for DC measurement in the automotive and workshop area. With the clamp head, currents of up to 1,000 A can be measured in the DC and AC ranges. Likewise AC voltages up to 1,000 V and DC voltages up to 750 V. The results of this and other electrical measurements of resistance, frequency, duty cycle, capacitance, diodes and continuity tests shows the BE44 on its more than 3-inch LCD display.

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  • BD7A-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!


    Perfectly precise 360° rotating laser

    With its 360° all-round projection of a horizontal laser line, the battery-powered, self-levelling cross line laser BD7A facilitates exact alignment for decoration and assembly work. Thanks to this auxiliary line, putting up wallpaper borders or drilling exact drill holes will be a cinch. For aligning pictures, shelves or other objects with each other, the BD7A projects a right-angled laser cross on the opposite wall. Even inclined marking lines (helpful when working on staircases) can be projected with the line laser in the freely adjustable inclination angle.

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  • BE16 voltage detector-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!


    Voltage detector

    The practical voltage detector BE16 detects contactless voltage sources from only 5 volts up to 1,000 volts or 50 Hz up to 400 Hz. Its sensitivity can be infinitely adjusted with a rotary control. As soon as a voltage is detected, the BE16 is warned by a red flashing LED in the detector tip. In addition, an acoustic warning signal sounds. Thanks to the integrated LED lamp, safe and accurate work is possible even in dark places.

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  • BQ30 particle measuring device-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!


    Particle meter incl. CO2 measurement

    The reliable long-term air quality monitor for measuring the particle mass concentration in the room air. Ideal for example, to measure dust, soot or pollen in your home, work, school or on busy roads. The meter detects particle sizes from 2.5 to 10 μm. In addition, you can simultaneously measure other environmental and climate parameters, such as the CO2 content of the air, the relative humidity and the room temperature. On the well-arranged 3"" colour LCD display, you keep an eye on the individual climate parameters, and to ensure that you are always on the safe side, you are additionally warned by a visual and audible alarm function when limit values are exceeded.

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  • TP7 infrared thermometer-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!


    Pyrometer with multipoint laser

    Simply aim, trigger and quickly and non-contactly read the surface temperature of walls, floors, solid materials or liquids. The TP7 infrared thermometer offers you a practical multi-point laser aiming aid, so that you can always clearly identify the measuring area on the surface. In addition to the precise value, the backlit display in green, red and blue indicates whether the preselected temperature has already been reached, exceeded or fallen short of. The TP7 measures temperatures from -50 °C to +1000 °C with an accuracy of ±1%, a response time of 0.15 seconds, a measurement optics of 40:1 and an adjustable emissivity of 0.10 to 1.00.

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  • BM40 Moisture measuring device-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!


    Non-destructive moisture measurement of wood humidity and building moisture

    If you want to measure in quick and non-destructive way the humidity in materials such as wood, gypsum plaster, cement screed or if you want to control drying process, you can find the reliable partner in the BM40.

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  • BI20 Wall Scanner-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!


    Indispensable detection device for drilling aid and guidance

    The wall scanner BI20 reliably locates the ferrous metals, nonferrous metals, live vires and also wooden substructure, which are located under plasters, gypsum, and concrete.

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  • BD11-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!


    Mini Laser Distance Meter

    Small, but oh! This laser measuring device, measuring only 75 mm in size and weighing 35 g, is the ideal companion for the fast and uncomplicated measurement of distances as well as for the calculation of area and room measurements indoors. With its range of 0.05 to 30 m and in this device class rather unusual helpful additional features such. Continuous measurement or indirect distance, height or partial height calculation (3-point Pythagoras functions), the device is suitable for almost all standard applications. The integrated rechargeable battery lasts for up to 2,000 measurements and can be easily recharged via USB connection.

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  • TC100-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!


    WBGT/HI Thermohygrometer

    For those of you who like climate data, the professional handheld thermohygrometer allows you to easily and accurately measure factors such as relative humidity, air temperature, wet bulb temperature, dew point and air pressure. On hot summer days in addition e.g for athletes or people with cardiovascular complaints, the WBGT value, the heat index (HI) and the globe temperature is interesting. To ensure maximum measurement comfort, the TC100 is equipped with practical features such as temperature/humidity offset, data hold, alarm, max/min and auto-off functions as well as display lighting and tripod recording.

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  • BB30 layer thickness measuring device-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!


    Coating Thickness Gauge

    Ideal for professional coating thickness control of car paints and other coatings on magnetic and non-ferromagnetic metals. The BB30 operates according to the magnetic induction or eddy current principle. It has a spring-mounted dual-sensor measuring head with V-groove for measurements on curves and offers a large measuring range from 0 μm to 2,000 μm. With the additional external measuring head and the 90 cm long probe extension, even difficult to access measuring points can be reached.

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  • OZ‑ONE-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!


    Ozone meter

    Detect harmful ozone levels on busy roads, in smog weather, in homes and offices or on production facilities. With the handy OZ-ONE even low ozone concentrations can be measured quickly and accurately. The measuring range is 0.00-1.00 ppm (0-1.996 μg/m3). In addition, other climate parameters such as air temperature, humidity, dew point and wet bulb temperature can be recorded. For convenient measurements, the OZ-ONE has convenient features such as ozone zero calibration, temperature/humidity offset, data hold, alarm, max/min and auto-off, display lighting and tripod recording.

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  • BE15 voltage detector-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!


    Rapid, non-contact voltage detection

    The compact BE15 pen-type voltage detector with pocket clip is a non-contact phase tester that not only enables the rapid localization of open circuit cable breakages, but also detects all live conductors such as sockets, switches or cable connections. With the LED indicator integrated in the measuring tip, it is immediately possible to check whether a cable carries voltage (red) or not (green). In addition, a warning tone sounds. Two sensitivity levels are adjustable: 200 V and 24 V. To save energy when not in use, the BE15 has an on / off switch. In unfavorable lighting conditions, the built-in LED flashlight also proves to be extremely convenient.

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  • VSC206 industrial videoscope-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!


    Professional industrial videoscope

    Mobile, Compact and Easy to Use - The VSC206 Wireless Industrial Video Scope delivers razor-sharp, high-contrast video and digital footage even in hard-to-reach places. At the top of the 2 m long and 6 mm thin, multi-walled probe is the titanium-coated camera head, which can be steplessly angled in all directions. It can be precisely controlled by joystick and, in conjunction with the brightness-adjustable, 6-fold LED lighting, enables perfect all-round visibility in the inspection area. The VSC206 is protected by its ABS housing with protector elements against impact damage, dust or splash water. This is how optical inspection goes in Trotec quality.

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  • VSC3008 industrial videoscope-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!


    Professional industrial video scope

    The VSC3008 allows you to have indirect visual inspection as it should be: handy, robust and visually stunning. It's 3m long and 8mm thin probe cable consists of a complex, multi-walled construction with an extremely wear-resistant outer tungsten wire mesh. The camera head, which can be steplessly tilted in all directions, provides targeted photo or video recordings in otherwise inaccessible cavities or channels. With the bright LED illumination, the 4.3-inch TFT LCD display (800x480 px), a field of view of 130°, more than 4 hours of operation and the 3x digital zoom, you get the best optical quality available for your inspection. You notice: development, design, manufacturing: 100% Trotec.

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  • BZ15M thermohygrometer-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!


    Indoor Climate Thermohygrometer

    Easily readable and understandable, the BZ15M displays the optimum climate values indoors - depending on room temperature and season. The special scale design with its colour gradient from light yellow to dark yellow illustrates in a stylish and concise way the current room temperature as well as the relative air humidity. In addition, the Thermohygrometer has a practical seasonal ventilation indicator, which, consistently implemented indoors, avoids the emergence of a harmful mold growth. Rely on precise measurement mechanics 'Made in Germany'.

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  • BZ15C thermohygrometer-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!


    Car Climate Control Thermohygrometer

    Use the BZ15C thermohygrometer to protect your vintage or classic automobiles from climatic damage. The specially optimised scale design with climate-related colour indication and the high-quality measuring mechanism made in Germany allow you to precisely determine the humidity and room temperature in your Classic Car Garage. So you can tell directly whether everything is always in the green zone with regard to your automotive treasures.

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  • BZ20M thermohygrometer-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!


    Thermohygrometer with cross-pointer design

    Measure with your eyes! Better and easier with the BZ20M mechanical thermohygrometer, the indoor climate needs very little checking. Made in Germany and enclosed in a high-quality stainless steel housing, the precision measuring device is the first choice for controlling the healthy living environment in offices, training and assembly rooms as well as in living rooms and bedrooms. With a diameter of 130 mm and the special scale design, it is very easy to read even over long distances.

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  • BW05-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!


    Brake Fluid tester

    The handy brake fluid tester BW05 is the perfect measuring device to quickly and precisely check the water content in the brake fluid of the car, motorcycle or truck, both in the car garage and at home in the garage. The three most important brake fluid types DOT3, DOT4 and DOT5.1 can be controlled in seconds using the self-explanatory indicator LEDs according to the traffic light principle.

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  • BG40 Gas detector-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!


    Gas warning device and gas detector in one

    The BG40 is ideal for leak testing of gas cartridges, LPG tanks, gas pipes and fittings. With high sensitivity, the compact handheld meter records even the smallest gas leaks and warns visually, acoustically and by vibration before the escape of e.g. Combustible or toxic gases.

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  • SL3000-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!


    Ultrasonic level meter

    The compact SL3000 is a professional ultrasonic detector kit for quick and easy leak detection, wear diagnostics or leak testing. By means of ultrasound, compressed air leakages can be spot-found and wear signs can be detected at an early stage. The powerful sound transducer technology makes the ultrasonic signals audible and also displayed on the display. The extremely sound-insulated headphones enable a safe location even in severe ambient noise.

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  • LD20HC-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!


    2-in-1 Correlator for Leakage Detection

    By means of correlation or electroacoustics - the LD20HC combines two methods for leak detection in pipelines and drinking water networks. For water suppliers and metrological service providers, it offers advanced measuring technology with the ultra-fast 6-core processor and a patent-pending, innovative smart function for even faster acoustic point leak detection.

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  • Socket hygrostat BH30-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!


    Plug in. Select the room air humidity. Finished!

    The BH30 is ideally suited to automatically regulate air humidifiers, air coolers or dehumidifiers without an integrated hygrostat. A constant humidity control to a set value between 20% and 90% r.H. Is easy to program. The practical connector automatically turns on or off devices to avoid unnecessary running times or over-moistening.

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  • LD6-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!


    Ultra Compact listening device for leak detection

    With the accu-rated LD6, cables or fittings can be easily checked for leakage noises with one-button operation. Due to the filtering of high or low frequencies, the handy listening device makes precise measurements on metallic and non-metallic lines. The transmission of the noise to the headphones is wireless by Bluetooth.

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  • SL400 sound level measuring device-TrotecInnovations Mission fulfilled!


    Professional sound level meter

    The SL400 is the indispensable companion for recording and documenting workplace, industrial or environmental noise. For measurements over an extended period, the device has an integrated memory for up to 32,700 measured values, a corresponding evaluation software and a mini tripod included in the scope of delivery.

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