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Assembly work tents

The right tent for every application

[Translate to English:] Für welchen Zweck Sie ein Zelt oder eine Sichtschutzwand auch benötigen – bei den Trotec-Produkten profitieren Sie von folgenden Vorteilen:

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  • mobil und jederzeit in Sekundenschnelle einsetzbar
  • aus robustem Kunststoffmaterial gefertigt und bestens verarbeitet
  • ohne loses Gestänge
  • handlich, leicht und dabei widerstandsfähig
  • in verschiedenen Größen und Ausführungen erhältlich
  • Protected welding in track construction

    If welding work is due on the tracks of a railway line, the workers need a quick-to-pitch tent, which has to enable safe and, even more importantly, one-man fastening. They have to be able to rely on the welding tent to withstand high temperatures and to provide shelter against wind and rain. This is exactly what the track construction work tent 250x180 KE-R has to offer.

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  • Assembly work tents for groundwork operations of cable network operators

    In order to perform electrical work weatherproof workspaces are required for the installation of copper-cored or fibre optic cables. For this the fitter first and foremost needs adequate lighting, so he can differentiate the cable colours and connect them correctly. Due to their lightfast material, all assembly work tents of the Trotec Group are suited for use by cable network operators.

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