Dehumidification after restoration work

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Rush into your own home: Dehumidification after restoration work

Following the construction work estate agents and home builders rely on Trotec dehumidifiers to be used in the new rooms. That way, the private residential building is quickly ready for occupation – in a clean and timely manner.

With an extensive reconstruction flats and houses are being polished up so as to quickly attract potential buyers. Estate agents rely on this service for a better marketability. But home builders also very much appreciate it when their own four walls are in immaculate condition before they move in. The future inhabitants’ thrill of anticipation increases along with the progress in construction work and renovation, making them yet more impatient to move into their new home. Here the high-quality and effective dehumidifiers from Trotec provide a special service. They permit a rapid drying of the building structure and speed up the renovation work. Which is why estate agents rely more and more on the application of these powerful devices – for best service and high customer satisfaction.

Estate agents have a responsible job: They have to find a suitable flat or house that lives up to their customers’ expectations. And the property must be immaculate to meet the requirements. This often means that the rooms require elaborate renovation and restoration work, before the prospective buyer pounces. Special requests such as moving walls, renewing some of the masonry and plaster or other modifications go without saying. After all, the buyer usually spends quite a bit of money on this full service package. To make the customer well and truly happy, the service must be absolute perfection: starting with the first viewing of the property, to the purchase procedure, right up to the actual move-in. Especially when it comes to the moving-in date, promises have to be kept and the provided customer service better be superb. For the future residents are in a state of agitation and very eager to finally move into their new home. At this point every estate agent should play it safe and take appropriate measures to step up the process of his customer’s moving in after the restoration and renovation of the rooms.

Drying the building structure with lightning speed

With the various mobile condensation dehumidifiers from Trotec estate agents are optimally prepared to support their customers professionally at any time. Be it an extensive reconstruction, smaller renovations or the total renewal of the building structure: The portable power packs are set up in next to no time and run at full speed to ensure the rapid completion of the new living or workspaces. Trotec offers a wide range of models, consequently there should be a suitable device for every requirement.

If the project at hand comprises a new construction or more extensive modifications of a building, we recommend the application of the high-performance construction dryers of the TTK pro series from Trotec. The robust dryers operate reliably and effectively even at low temperatures and in rough conditions. In doing so, they impress with a high dehumidification performance and low maintenance effort. It is not without reason that the TTK pro series ranks amongst Europe’s most successful series of construction dryers.

For the elimination of humidity following comprehensive restoration work, estate agents and customers can count on Trotec dehumidifiers of the TTK-S series. The modern and powerful technology makes sure that the construction material desiccates in a short period of time. Adhesives, paints and varnishes also dry with lightning speed.

Additional comfort for the new inhabitants is provided by the devices of the TTK-E-S series from Trotec. Upon completion of the renovation work in a house or flat the practical condenser dryers of the compact class add the finishing touches in the matter of dehumidification. The mobile drying units can be put to use at different locations in the new home during the remaining tasks still to be done or already during the process of moving in and so protect the interior reliably from humidity and corrosion. A particular advantage: On top of the considerable dehumidification performance the integrated air filter also allows for air purification. This way, residual dust particles, vapours and odours left behind by the construction site equipment are reliably eliminated in next to no time.

The professional construction dryers of the TTK series

  • are extremely durable and robust.
  • operate reliably and efficiently.
  • are very powerful even in rough conditions.
  • quickly desiccate the building structure.

The commercial dehumidifiers of the TTK-S series 

  • high dehumidification performance even at low temperatures
  • extremely maintenance-friendly design
  • versatile
  • enormous dehumidification performance
  • space-saving and stackable

The advantages of TTK-E-S dehumidifiers

  • can be applied flexibly with different room dimensions
  • powerful and appealing models fitting into a stylish atmosphere
  • space-saving construction
  • electronic regulation
  • integrated air filters for additional air purification
  • best value-for-money ratio

Be it building conversions, the comprehensive restoration or renovation of flats and houses: Trotec always has a suitable model available to quickly dry building materials and consequently for ensuring the occupants a prompt move-in.

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