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Event cooling solutions

Mobile cooling for marquees, halls, trade fairs or event spaces

Whether your event is an elegant summer celebration with VIP guests, a concert in the cosy atmosphere of a club or the large-scale company anniversary: If the atmosphere at your event is just about to come to the boil, the reason for this should not be the oppressive heat in the tent or in the hall. Failing air conditioning systems not only put a damper on the guests’ mood, they can also imply high and painful follow-up costs. In such cases you’re well-advised to revert to mobile emergency cooling units. Therefore TROTEC offers the right cooling units for every requirement, which can be used to cool even the largest rooms down to pleasant temperatures – up to 10 degrees Celsius, even with summery temperatures! Delivered by express service and with matching dimensions for almost any room size.

Event cooling ensures constant and pleasant temperatures

Successful event

To ensure that only the excitement will rise – and not the temperature 

The conference, congress and event business is booming. Nearly 2.9 million events were registered in the past years, the number of participants during this period of time was approx. 412 million. In the past 12 years, a total increase of slightly more than 40 % can be recorded! If you want to successfully generate further growth in this expanding market, you may not accept any compromises where air conditioning of tents and halls are concerned. Because only if the temperature's right the guests feel really comfortable and reward your event by giving positive evaluations on the Internet and social media. Negative evaluations, on the other hand, are hard to put right again later on.

Full service for your event air conditioning

Therefore, professional cooling units like those offered by Trotec are a key success factor in the event sector. Whether we’re talking about classy corporate parties, promotional marketing events, sports tournaments, trade fairs or town festivals – with mobile air conditioners from TROTEC you can respond to heat waves flexibly. With our large and directly available stock level we can offer you the suitable air conditioning solution for every room size in every performance class. Even if other providers have to pass due to the strong demand in summer.

The backstage area also needs cooling 

Hardly any of the guests visiting a large festival marquee or a event hall guess what's actually going on behind the scenes. Including the 'minor' dramas, for example when the catering team of a VIP event is struggling backstage to keep the buffet with its culinary delicacies cool and fresh in spite of the heat that keeps rising by the minute – and this while the guest of honour has not even entered the marquee. Or if the engineering team, tucked away in its separate room and at summerlike high temperatures, reports the first failures of heat-sensitive devices. Whether we're talking about the technical equipment, goods or staff members – all of them suffer from extreme temperatures in equal measure and sauna heat can have a substantial negative impact on the quality of your event.

Agreeable temperatures for a smooth event

Unforeseen complications by insufficient cooling or even a complete failure of the air conditioning can easily result in losses of revenue, additional costs or even compensation claims. This may annoyingly upset your overall calculation , and this is something that you can easily avoid. Because TROTEC also offers professional air conditioning systems and cooling solutions for the backstage area, that guarantee your event to proceed without any disturbances and enable the staff members to focus on their job for the good of the guests. This also applies for the areas that are often overlooked when implementing the climate planning, e.g. the tent entrance, cash zones, cloakroom and office rooms. 

Motivated team
Cooling guaranteed

There for you in the case of emergency: mobile air conditioning, directly available

The question of additional mobile cooling capacity is a question raised again and again. The reasons for this are manifold – just think of the past hot summers: Temperatures are increasingly going haywire and are rising steeply. If additionally a considerably greater number of visitors than announced are now crowding into the marquee or the event hall, even serious planning with regard to the current cooling demand may become obsolete very quickly. Or, shortly before the start of the event, a service employee reports the defect of a mobile cooling unit and at the same time a waiting period for a replacement device of several days. Also in emergency cases like these, calling Trotec may be your solution!

Quick availability of air conditioners on all performance levels

Because then the mobile cooling units of Trotec are available to you as a supplement to your existing cooling solution – in order to cope with additional peaks is in the cooling demand, as a replacement for unscheduled service tasks that become necessary, and of course also in the event of an emergency. With TROTEC’s directly available cooling units, the air conditioning of your event is always a sure thing. Throughout Europe with express delivery, on schedule, with reliable, certified forwarders and with all required technical support on site for you.

Mobile air conditioning systems of the PT series for easy and quick deployment

The robust TROTEC cooling units of the PT series from European high-quality manufacturing have been specifically designed for the cooling of large rooms, halls and marquees. The high-performance and reliable cooling professionals convince by their easy and quick start-up in almost every location. Be it PT 4500 S, PT 6500 SPT 15000 S or PT 23000 S – depending on the model, the professional air conditioners with their cooling capacity of 5.5 kW to 27 kW can put through an air volume of 550 m³ to a huge volume of 5,400 m³ per hour. In this way, even large rooms are cooled down to 10 degrees Celsius in a short time.

Connecting as quick as lightning thanks to water cooling circuit with quick release fastener

The air conditioning systems of the PT series come with two separate cooling circuits. The refrigerant circuit of the basic device is hermetically sealed. By contrast, another circuit is installed between cooling unit and external heat exchanger for cooling the condenser as well as for heat removal using a connection set. In this additional circuit only water with a low glycol concentration circulates as cooling medium, thus ruling out a loss of refrigerant when connecting or disconnecting the devices in a professional fashion.

For a quick installation of the water and power lines between air conditioner and heat exchanger the connection sets of these air conditioning systems come equipped with high-class quick-lock couplings. As a result, even longer connections over a distance of up to 30 metres can be realized without difficulty in a quick, clean and easy manner – ideal, for example, for control centres, storage, server and utility rooms, where there is hardly ever any room to accommodate such heat dissipation measures.

With their compact dimensions and the practical transport wheels the mobile air conditioners of the PT series fit through normal doors and lifts. Trotec offers the right model for every specific application, as a variety of versions and performance classes of the PT series is provided to you.

PT air conditioners
Higher versatility by Duplex Cooling option

Higher versatility by Duplex Cooling option:

For all PT air conditioners, furthermore the possibility of using Duplex Cooling is provided. Instead of one heat exchanger, two heat exchangers are installed in series for each DualHex coupling on one connecting line in each case, i.e. the number of heat exchangers used is doubled.

Duplex Cooling allows for a Δt- increase of the upper working range limit value around 7 °C, which makes it possible to utilize the devices even at higher ambient temperatures, or ensures that they do not run under full load at lower temperatures.

Models for high-temperature environments up to +55 °C available

For warmer environments the standard models can not only be enhanced optionally by a HEX upgrade or Duplex Cooling with ΔT +7 °C, with the models PT 6500 HT and PT 15000 HT, furthermore two special air conditioners are provided, which are specially designed for high-temperature environments up to +55 °C. In this way, PT air conditioners can even still be reliably used for cooling applications in environments so hot that other models wouldn't make it.

More information regarding the mobile air conditioners of the PT series can be found here.

PlanoPT – the world's unique connection feedthrough underneath doors

TROTEC’S exclusive PlanoPT which is only exclusive available at TROTEC and TKL makes it possible to implement a quick and easy installation of the connection sets underneath doors between the inside unit and the outside unit of all PT air conditioning systems.

Then you can shut the door behind you – since, thanks to PlanoPT and owing to their especially flat centre part the connecting lines between the cooling unit and external heat exchanger of split air conditioning units can be practically installed underneath all common inside and outside doors. For this purpose, quick-lock couplings, plugs for the power line and condensate hose connection as well as earth connections on both sides of the PlanoPT are provided. The flow design of the watertight multi-chamber system has been optimized specifically for the flow rates of PT air conditioners and – despite the centre section's height of only 6 millimetres – it guarantees a smooth and uninterrupted pass-through without counter-pressure.

Closed doors are not an obstacle during the installation

Rely on engineering skill "made in Germany" patented by TROTEC – your company will benefit from this installation underneath doors in both energetic and safety-related respects. Since because PlanoPT does not affect the closing characteristics of doors, the outside doors of event rooms, for example, can remain closed. Contacting Trotec may therefore also be your solution where this subject is concerned. 

Find more information about the PlanoPT connection feedthrough underneath doors here.

PlanoPT connection feedthrough underneath doors
HighPerformance fans from Trotec

Theatrical and ventilation from one single source

As an ideal supplement of the mobile air conditioners and for the extensive distribution of the cooled air, TROTEC also offers powerful fans and wind machines. Whether for direct ventilation or for the transport of air across long distances via hose – for the effective air exchange in stuffy rooms, halls or tents we can offer you efficient product solutions. 

Theatrical ventilation? No problem!

Our product range also comprises powerful wind machines and fans for the theatrical ventilation on stages, at fun sport events or for film and TV productions. Contact us, we’ll provide you with the suitable solution for your idea!

Find more information in our article "Solutions for the theatrical ventilation of open-air events".

Quick overview: Your benefits with regard to event air conditioning

Benefits of mobile PT air conditioners from Trotec:

  • Air- or water-cooled for versatile event applications in festival marquees, halls, trade fairs and exhibitions
  • Quick air conditioning even of very large rooms – depending on the operating conditions, room temperatures can be cooled down to 10 °C
  • Refrigerant-free heat removal from the internal unit to the heat exchanger
  • Hot gas-controlled defrost unit for uninterrupted cooling operation
  • Robust construction, specifically designed for mobile applications
  • Connection lines extendable to up to 30 m by use of quick-lock couplings for cooling remote and windowless rooms – also underneath closed doors

Enjoy these benefits directly at you event:

  • Simple installation without the need to consult specialists – ready for use in a matter of minutes
  • No disturbance and interruptions by failures of the air conditioner – compliance with the strict schedule that must be kept when events are closely timed
  • No damage or impairments by the interrupted cooling on stored goods or systems that are sensitive to heat
  • No poor online evaluations due to unbearable temperatures
  • Fast response times and direct availability in the case of emergencies

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For which possible applications does Trotec offer air conditioning solutions?

Event organizers

Event organizers

Whether your event is to take place in a disused industrial warehouse, on a ship or in a party marquee – we make sure that the temperature is always comfortable for your guests while they are enjoying gourmet food, celebrating or dancing. For unique moments of sensation and enjoyment!

Rental companies for tents

Rental companies for marquees

You're a professional rental company for marquees and you're perhaps already offering a range of air conditioners? For your order peaks we are pleased to be at your service with supplements and emergency solutions for your equipment fleet.

Trade fair

Trade fairs, pop-up stores

Product presentations, marketing campaigns and customer events often take place in temporarily set-up tents, pavilions or lightweight building constructions. We offer the right air conditioning solutions for your perfect product presentation and new customer contacts.

Festival marquee

Marquee, summer party, Marksmen's Fairs

Even in spring and summer celebrations do not always take place in the open: From the Marksmen's Fair to concert tents and for the traditional pop music party – when marquees get baking hot we provide for high spirits at pleasant temperatures!

Sportive event

Sports events, promotional events

For sports events, fun sport events or promotional events we offer the suitable cold air supply in provisionally roofed over lounge areas for athletes, VIP guests or exhibitors.


Circus, theatre, musical, concert

For showmen, transitional venues, culture festivals or city festivals mobile air conditioning solutions in tents or lightweight building construction are ideal. With the right cool air concept the audience can be barely kept on their chairs in excitement even when it's hot outside.

Company party

Company celebration, congress, lecture

You wish to celebrate your company's anniversary in style? You're organizing an expert conference or a series of lectures? Especially when everyone has to sit still for a long time it is important that your audience can concentrate on the contents and not on the temperature.

Family party

Family celebrations, weddings

Whether it's the "wedding of the year", a significant birthday or the class meeting after 50 years that is to take place – to make the reunion a complete success for everyone who's taking part, we provide real feel-good temperatures.

What cooling capacity do your rooms require?

For rooms, offices or warehouses, you can use the following values to carry out a quick and approximate determination of your demand for the cooling capacity required:

  • 30 watts per cubic metre
    for ideal-typical rooms along the lines of passive house standard, normal sized window area and little frequented
  • Additional 10 watts per cubic metre
    in the case of poor insulation
  • Additional 10 watts per cubic metre
    if there are more than 3 individuals in the room
  • Additional 10 watts per cubic metre
    if the size of the window area exceeds the average
  • Additional 10 watts per cubic metre
    if the windows and/or outer walls are facing south
  • 50 watts per cubic metre
    for attic rooms.
    Especially for attic rooms in old buildings determining the required cooling capacity remains a difficult task due to the lack of knowledge regarding the roof's thermal insulation. Just to be on the safe side, 60 watts per cubic metre as a basis, in the case of poorly insulated roofs and many skylights, still more.
  • 55 watts per cubic metre
    when using air conditioners in construction site trailers
  • From 60 watts per cubic metre 
    for large rooms and halls
  • 100 watts per cubic metre 
    for marquees

Online capacity calculation

An individual cooling load calculation in addition to spatial specifications also requires taking into consideration the usage behaviour and further heat loads. Therefore, just make use of our online calculator for a more detailed calculation, which we're providing to you in the following.

How to calculate the cooling capacity required:

Performance calculation for air conditioners

Calculate approximately the required performance for your air conditioning – in our handy online calculator

Instructions for use:

You can use the following method to quickly and easily determine the cooling load required for your rooms. This cooling load calculation should be seen as a rough guide – it is not a substitute for an exact calculation in accordance with existing norms. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

The following items must be included in order to be able to determine the required air conditioning performance:

  1. What is the total volume of the room to be climatised?
  2. What is the approximate insulation value of the room to be climatised?
  3. What additional heat load does the room to be climatised have?

Choose type of calculation

Room volume calculating

Selecting the insulation value

Additional heat load

After entering the values click on

1. Windows heat transition and insulation:
2. Outer walls heat transition:
3. Roof heat transition:
4. Inner walls heat transition:
5. Persons
6. Other demands (are attributed with a factor of 0.8):

Results of the calculation

Result of the volume calculation [m³]:


Results of the performance calculations [kW]:


Legal notice:
This form may only be used for the purpose for which it was intended. It is not permitted for third parties to use the source code or duplicate it in any form.

Please contact our expert advisers to evaluate the required cooling load. The results derived from these calculations serve solely as a means for providing a rough estimate and Trotec GmbH does not resume liability for any damages resulting hereof. All use is at your own risk and all responsibility is assumed by the user. All our services are subject to our general terms of Business.

Performance calculation for air conditioners

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Overview: Air conditioners of the PT series and PlanoPT connection feedthrough underneath doors

Further application examples with regard to air conditioning

  • Archives & museums

    Whether exhibition or safekeeping – the following is true for private and public museums, collections, libraries or archives: Room climate and air quality are the most important factors to preserve your valuable exhibits or archived documents.

    Additional information
  • Air conditioning for poultry farming

    From a temperature of 10 degrees Celsius the laying performance of hens decreases substantially. On a meat chicken farm the temperatures also mustn’t drop too much in the cold season. For not all breeds are robust enough to survive a sudden drop in temperature in the coop. Therefore, farmers must be well-equipped with an appropriate heating system to offer their animals ideal climate conditions...

    Additional information
  • Climate conditioning for freezing

    No quick-freezing without water. Therefore, dehumidification plays a key role in the climate conditioning when freezing foods. For the transport and logistics sector the Trotec Group provides powerful industrial dehumidifiers to perform this task. Moreover, you can rely on the calculations of our climate specialists doing the drafting for you.

    Additional information
  • Conditioning of cold chain logistics

    In the climate conditioning of the cold chain logistics the dew point is reduced by use of dehumidifiers so no condensate can form. The Trotec Group provides the appropriate devices for all requirements. Available are mobile or stationary solutions with condensation or adsorption technology.

    Additional information
  • Air conditioning electronics industry

    Many manufacturing processes in the production of electronic parts and semiconductors demand extremely dry air – in some cases with dew points of way below 0 °C. These low dew points can be easily achieved using efficient adsorption dryers, also selectively within a machine.

    Additional information
  • Air conditioning industrial processes

    Concepts with stationary or mobile dehumidification are frequently used for the process air conditioning in the industry. Often drier air is required locally in machines, plants or individual operating processes – a constant supply regardless of the surrounding conditions. For this purpose, the Trotec Group provides powerful adsorption dryers for industrial customers.

    Additional information
  • Emergency cooling solutions

    If the stationary air conditioning system that is used for cooling commercial and industrial spaces fails due to malfunction or an unforeseen longer maintenance period, costly production interruptions may be the consequence. With the mobile air conditioners of the PT series from TKL you can provide for uninterruptible cooling supply as quickly as possible in case of an emergency.

    Additional information