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Universal battery chargers (12 Volt) – the right charge for every vehicle

Intelligent battery chargers from Trotec supply discharged batteries of various vehicle types (cars, caravans, motorcycles, tractors, small boats, garden vehicles) with fresh energy, extend the battery life and ensure a trouble-free start

PBCS battery charger

Battery chargers of the PBCS series – for a reliable start with full charge

Apart from the engine, the battery is the most important vehicle component. Whether we’re talking about car batteries, utility vehicle batteries, batteries of motor scooters, quads, motorcycles, tractors or camper vans – to make sure that they start reliably and to ensure perfect use, the batteries must be charged sufficiently. 

What is the purpose of a battery charger?

There are many good reasons for having a battery charger of the PBCS series in your garage:

  • quick charging of discharged 12 Volt batteries from 2 Ah to 200 Ah
  • Uncomplicated battery care to extend the battery life 
  • Repair of defective (deeply discharged) batteries
  • Useful tool for maintenance tasks on the vehicle

A typical classic known by everyone: You park your car and forget to switch off the light. On the next day the battery is empty and the vehicle can no longer be started. Low temperatures also have a negative impact on the battery. If a vehicle stands outdoors in the cold for a longer time, it may happen that the battery refuses to work. Battery issues also occur if a vehicle has been out of use for a longer period of time. After just a few days of inactivity, the battery can then be discharged so deeply that it won’t be possible for you anymore to start the vehicle. 

Indispensable for seasonal drivers (convertible, vintage car, summer vehicle)

The more rarely a vehicle is used, the greater is the risk that the battery discharges and will be harmed in the long run. Drivers with a seasonal license plate can tell you a thing or two about this. Furthermore, there are the ageing processes within the battery. The more frequently a battery is charged and discharged, the quicker the energy accumulator ages. The charging capacity decreases, the performance diminishes. 

With the microprocessor-controlled battery chargers of the PBSC series you can prevent starting problems, supply discharged batteries with new energy in no time and extend the battery’s life through reasonable battery maintenance. Moreover, the battery chargers of the PBCS series can be ideally used to repair broken batteries, which in many cases makes it unnecessary to buy a new battery.

PBCS series – battery types
PBCS series – equipment features
PBCS series – operating modes

Which batteries are supported by the battery chargers of the PBCS series?

The battery chargers of the PBCS series are suitable for the charging, maintenance and care of maintenance-free as well as non-maintenance-free 12 V batteries, including wet batteries like for instance lead acid, Ca/Ca and EFB batteries as well as gel and AGM batteries. Adapted to technically advanced and powerful batteries of modern vehicles, the chargers of the PBCS series offer you a comprehensive range of technical protective and maintenance mechanisms, thus ensuring quick, gentle charging to attain a long battery lifetime at full performance.

The portable battery chargers with a charging current of up to 10 amperes and LED/LC display are all-round chargers with up to ten charging cycles. 

The scope of equipment features and functions of the PBCS chargers comprises:

  • Standard charging mode: PBCS 2A / 4 A / 6 A / 10 A
  • Trickle charging mode: PBCS 2A / 4A / 6A / 10A
  • Winter charging mode: PBCS 2A / 4A / 6A / 10A
  • AGM mode: PBCS 4A / 6A / 10A 
  • Reconditioning mode: PBCS 4A / 6A / 10A 
  • Supply mode: PBCS 4A / 6A / 10A 
  • Multi-stage charging progress indication
  • Optical warning function indicating incorrect polarity of the battery terminals (incl. reverse polarity protection functionality)
  • Practical suspension eye for wall mounting
  • Fully insulated battery terminals

Find the right battery charger for your vehicle

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