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Practical solutions for diving schools:

For you to remain dry on shore.

Sure – you and your students enjoy the refreshing water. But certainly not inside the wetsuit or your school premises?

The use of dehumidifiers prevents the following consequential costs:

When your students pull off their wetsuits, they leave more than just puddles on the floor. Moisture accumulates in the entire room.

Moisture which can result in mould growth, unpleasant smells or even plaster crumbling off the walls of your diving school. Plus, in a humid environment wetsuits take much longer to dry. As a result, you might even have to buy more wetsuits.

The solution: Dehumidifiers for changing and drying rooms, which help to dry your wetsuits and save your facilities from problematic humidity.

Especially for diving schools:

We present dehumidifiers which are specifically designed for use in diving schools. Further benefit from our special prices for diving schools!

We focus not only on service technicians and engineers, but also on the proposal and order processing, so that work is carried out hand in hand and an effective project management can be ensured.

TROTEC products for diving schools