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Trotec air cleaners for fresh air

Pure air is indispensable for our health and well-being. Trotec's mobile air cleaners offer prime conditions for every application.

Everybody needs fresh air to feel well and healthy. But fresh, clean air is also vital for rooms requiring the best possible hygienic conditions as well as for a healthy workplace to ensure that employees are at their best so they can concentrate, work under pressure and be as productive as possible. The coast is clear! Using Trotec air cleaners you can take a deep breath and make yourself comfortable, you will be as fit as a fiddle – at home, at the workplace or on the building site. In next to no time, the mobile and highly effective air cleaners from Trotec see to hygienic air conditions in all interior spaces. Owing to an effective and efficient air purification these mobile all-rounders close the door on stale air, tobacco smoke, exhaust gases and fine particulates. Trotec air cleaners can easily suck off chemical substances, high dust concentrations, mould spores, micro fibres and allergens, thus providing you and your employees with clean air. With regard to private use, the application in hospitals, on construction sites and in the industry many people in the world rely on Trotec by this time. We also have the perfect solution for your air extraction and purification requirements!

Using the commercial professional-grade air cleaners from Trotec you are always one step ahead. They are variably applicable for building site and cleanroom renovations. In addition, the stackable commercial air cleaners are approvable for asbestos abatement, hence optimally prepared for future directives of the (German) employer's liability insurance association regarding the use of portable air cleaners – and a safe investment.

Trotec air cleaners are easily controlled and offer a true cleanroom filter efficiency for domestic use. Wtih their high degree of mobility the effective comfort air cleaners from Trotec fit into every living room or office space supplying clean air to promote your well-being. Inexpensive and appealing!