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Ships and persons ahoy: Location in waters

Thermal images reveal where in the water foreign vessels or persons are located – for a clear view even in the dark.

At sea good visibility is extremely important, especially at night. A fact well known by every sailor who has been out on the open sea after dark before. Amateur mariners and search and rescue teams who want to navigate their fleet unerringly and then need to locate other boats and persons in the water make use of the infrared technology. For Trotec thermal imaging cameras produce detailed and revealing thermal images indicating the location of an obstacle or person in the water.

When travelling by ship or boat – especially in the dark season – one has to stay on top of things. Fog, heavy rain and the early nightfall often reduce the visibility, which can lead to major complications. In the harbour or river canal buoys show the way; hence they have to be spotted in time – the same goes for unlit objects such as kayakers, water scooters or small boats, but also for obstacles like rocks, flotsam and logs in the water. Particularly necessary and lifesaving is an optimum visibility when a person or animal has gone overboard. When the daylight fades away or fog obstructs the view, experienced sailors turn to the infrared technology. With a thermal imaging camera temperature differences are displayed in detail, so persons, flotsam and other obstacles can be sighted in a minimum of time.

Clear vision in the dark and in fog

When a clear and unobstructed view is required, the Trotec Group with its thermal imaging cameras is ready for battle. For they provide detailed thermal images, making it significantly easier to detect persons and obstacles in the water. Real pros for a clear view across land and sea are the infrared cameras of the IC series from Trotec. They offer a particularly precise technology for thermographic real-time measurements and simultaneously a long range. This helps to spot rocks, buoys, flotsam, other vessels and people in the water at an early stage over longer distances, be it night or day, in the heavy rain or fog. An advantage for seafaring: Even light sources from other ships or in the harbour do not affect the quality of the thermal images! The robust cameras are not only powerful and provide optimum orientation – they also lie comfortably in the hand and can be reached for at any time to give the sailor an additional sharp eye.

Prime equipment

Precise technology and perfectly equipped: Introducing e.g. the thermal imaging camera IC085LV. With an extremely high geometric resolution of 1.1 mrad and a large 384 x 288 infrared sensor with more than 110,000 independent temperature measuring spots it provides razor-sharp thermal images – even under adverse conditions. You'll find these on a movable 3.5'' LCD colour display. Owing to the high refresh rate of 50/60 Hz the IC085LV does not miss a single detail. For the safe navigation and a quick and precise search for persons the available standard equipment includes i.a. an integrated digital camera for real images, a photo lamp and a DuoVision function for real-time display of superimposed infrared and real images. Thanks to the optional Bluetooth connection, wireless voice annotations via headset are possible as well. This way, the search for persons as well as patrols at sea can be recorded and documented in detail.

Powerful models

In addition to the IC085LV, the IC series of Trotec's thermal imaging cameras offers even more powerful models: the IC125LV. Trotec offers modern thermal imaging technology, the choice is yours.

What all IC models have in common:

  • fully radiometric thermal images.
  • a high refresh rate.
  • a high thermal sensitivity.
  • a moveable 3.5'' LCD display.
  • automatic temperature tracking.
  • a temperature alarm.
  • an integrated laser pointer.
  • infrared videos in real time.
  • top quality since manufactured in the EU.

Convincing: Renting rather than buying

Do you have a project-based use of a thermal imaging camera on the agenda? Or would you like to test a Trotec thermal imaging camera during a temporary application? No problem. Renting rather than buying is the motto of the TKL rental portal. Here the Trotec thermal imaging cameras are available at reasonable rental charges!

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