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Humidity regulation when storing wooden boats

The ideal humidity level for storing wooden boats ranges between 60 and 65 %.

Wood warps easily – and that's not necessarily an advantage when you think about boats!

Too dry room air carries the risk that the boat's sensitive timber planks season. The results include cracks in the joints, deformations and embrittling of the hull.

Timber is an organic material that warps in changing humidity conditions and temperature fluctuations. A preferably constant humidity level is therefore advisable for the winter drydock period. Trotec supplies the devices required for an efficient humidification and dehumidification of these winter quarters, storage facilities and halls.

Classic wooden boats are often highly treasured possessions. So the perfect storage conditions are of great importance throughout the storage period starting in the late fall and lasting till spring. An especially relevant factor is the room climate in which the boat will spend the winter. The humidity level most certainly plays a significant role.

Depending on the climatic conditions at the storage location it can certainly make sense to use a humidifier or dehumidifier for humidity regulation. Trotec has a comprehensive product portfolio including mobile humidifiers and stationary condensation dehumidifiers for the dry keeping of rooms in almost every size.

Good to know: Stored outside, in a dockyard or your own garage at home – a constant humidity range between 60 and 65 % is ideal to preserve the value of your precious boat.

Humidifiers: Achieving the ultimate climate for wooden boats

If the room air in your winter storage is too dry, the mobile humidifiers from Trotec can make a valuable contribution. The high-performance and easy-to-use devices reliably achieve the desired humidity level. This prevents the detrimental effects of too dry air on the stored wooden boat in an effective and convenient manner. Trotec's product range offers suitable evaporation humidifiers for all room sizes and climatic requirements. One example is the high-performance humidifier B 500 which – with its humidification performance of 60 litres per day – ensures an invariably optimal humidity level in a boat storage facility used for commercial purposes. The innovative radio sensor measurement ensures perfectly safe humidity measurement and control operations. For smaller halls and likewise for private storage we recommend using the hygrostat-controlled humidifier B 400 with its humidification performance of up to 60 litres per day.

Dehumidifiers: When it's too humid inside

Depending on the storage location there might also be a too high humidity level. And too much moisture can again be harmful for the entire boat. There is the risk of mould growth which would affect the sometimes rather valuable interior. With the stationary condensation dehumidifiers of the DH series for large storage depots and the mobile TTK-S series for smaller winter storage places Trotec also has a broad range of dehumidifiers in store to ensure the reliable dehumidification of warehouses and storage rooms of any size.

If the wooden boat winters in an unheated storage depot, the robust condenser dryer DH 60 makes for an excellent choice in terms of moisture protection. With a dehumidification performance of 90 litres per day this power pack reliably achieves impressive results even at temperatures of as low as 0 °C. In smaller winter quarters sized up to 90 m² the mobile condensation dehumidifier TTK 105 S guarantees hygrostat-controlled dehumidification in continuous operation.

Hygrometer: Humidity measurements effected in the blink of an eye

Trotec offers a comprehensive range of hygrometers and data loggers. These humidity measuring devices determine the humidity level permanently and above all precisely. Starting with a simple measurement of temperature and humidity accomplished by thermohygrometer BZ05 ranging to the long-term measurement and storage of climate data with considerable analysis and evaluation options.

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Humidity regulation when storing wooden boats

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