Air conditioning for poultry farming

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Welcoming warmth in the winter: Air conditioning for poultry farming

During cold spells Trotec oil heating systems provide a constant temperature in chicken coops – to ensure optimum production.

From a temperature of 10 degrees Celsius the laying performance of hens decreases substantially. On a meat chicken farm the temperatures also mustn’t drop too much in the cold season. For not all breeds are robust enough to survive a sudden drop in temperature in the coop. Therefore, farmers must be well-equipped with an appropriate heating system to offer their animals ideal climate conditions also in the winter. The oil heating systems from Trotec supply the poultry with a welcoming warmth in the winter.

Poultry may be regarded as animals resistant to cold. Yet at sub-zero temperatures there is still the risk of colds and frostbite. Besides, when it’s cold, the poultry needs more food – which can be a considerable expense factor. Who then doesn’t heat the poultry house, risks the freezing of the drinking water. Therefore, on egg production or fattening farms one must always make sure that the poultry lives in optimum climate conditions. Decisive factors are a low humidity level and agreeable, non-varying temperatures during the cold seasons. The oil heating systems from Trotec precisely regulate the indoor climate in coops and battery farms. And they are always ready for use, so the farmer can react to changing weather conditions and extreme climatic fluctuations.

Highly efficient and flexible heating

Trotec oil heaters are an ideal solution for the highest demands in the fields of poultry keeping. Here you will find suitable models for an efficient heating of breeding establishments and egg farms – according to the coops’ size and on-site conditions. Set up, switch on and heat up. That is the basic principle according to which the oil heater fans of the IDS and the IDE series are used. These heating devices are ruggedly built and have all it takes to make heating effective, quick and uncomplicated. The advantage: External oil tanks are rendered redundant by the integrated fuel tanks. As they come equipped with big transport wheels the oil heaters can be moved swiftly from one place to another – without the slightest effort by one person only.

Heating even in rough conditions

Permanent heat sources for the winter and also flexibly usable are the ID oil heating units from Trotec. Especially when environmental conditions are particularly rough, these models do a competent job in chicken coops. Warm air is generated immediately after the start-up of the device. Which means that: The animals get the climate they need – without delay.

Heat for large halls

The central oil heating units of the ID series are undeniably pros when it comes to heating large halls and other farm buildings. They impress with an extremely high efficiency level and top-quality, robust workmanship.

Advantages of oil heating systems

  • immediate heat generation without lead time even in rough conditions
  • delivery of warm air for coops of almost any size
  • cold-resistant to ambient temperatures of as low as -20 °C
  • robust and low-maintenance construction
  • versatile

Our rental partner TKL has a large number of powerful oil heating systems at the ready. Rent the suitable model for temporary application and be optimally prepared for temperature fluctuations and cold spells – for the sake of your poultry and the productivity of your business!