Corrosion protection when storing car body shells

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Corrosion protection when storing car body shells

Dehumidification: dry air protects metal parts

In 2012, the average humidity in Europe amounted to 73 % – depending on the weather. The storage of metal car parts in the automotive industry, however, requires drier air with a maximum humidity level of 40-50 %, in order to avoid corrosion. This can reliably be achieved by use of our industrial devices for dehumidification and additional heaters. 

Checking the humidity values with respect to corrosion protection is one of the chief climate conditioning tasks in the automotive industry. In addition to process air conditioning during all stages of the production chain, dehumidification plays a key role in all storage facilities. Particularly well suited for the dehumidification in body shell or component storehouses are the high-performance devices of the TTR series. These desiccant dehumidifiers are available in several mobile and stationary designs – our climate experts from the industrial services team will gladly assist you in finding out which version is ideal for your body shell storehouse.

Dehumidification and additional heating in storage spaces

If body shell storehouses are additionally to be heated during the cold period, we recommend mobile heating devices from the Trotec range of products. Since warm air absorbs more humidity, though, we only recommend the use of additional heaters, if humidity has been reduced beforehand. Room temperature and humidity constitute a sensitive combination and have to be precisely measured and controlled in order to provide reliable corrosion protection for storage facilities. For this purpose we have numerous measuring devices on offer, e.g. the thermogygrometers T210 and T260. The latter can also be used as laser pyrometer and dew point alarm signal generator. Furthermore, the data loggers of the MultiMeasure Professional series, DL200H or DL200X, manufactured in Germany, provide manifold possibilities for tamper-proof long-term measurements.

Drafting and test run: make use of our industrial services

For industrial customers the Trotec Group not only offers devices, but solutions. We draft the climate conditioning for your storage spaces and test it beforehand in trial operation using mobile devices. No matter whether temporary or stationary: Only after measurements have proved that humidity and storage temperature can be controlled as desired will your final solution for corrosion protection in storage facilities be launched.

Further solutions for the automotive industry

Upon request, we also produce customized desiccant dehumidifiers as special models

Upon request, we will readily produce tailor-made desiccant dehumidifiers as special models “made in Germany” perfectly geared to your needs, e.g.:

  • TTR industrial desiccant dehumidifiers with hygienic design
  • TTR industrial desiccant dehumidifiers for PWIS-free dry air
  • TTR industrial desiccant dehumidifiers with extremely low dew point

Makes use of the possibility of having special models with tailored components for your individual needs planned, designed and manufactured in close consultation with our specialists.
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