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Air handling units for the sports & leisure industry

Your particular advantage: Additional turnover from rentals and resale

As businessman in the sports & leisure industry you can rely on Trotec air conditioning technology. Our dehumidifiers and air handling units increase the comfort of your guests – and protect your rooms against humidity. Furthermore, additional profitable revenue opportunities arise from reselling or hiring out air handling units.

Fitness studio operators, practising physiotherapists and physiotherapy practitioners are all too familiar with the problem: Depending on the time of year and temperature, the air in the training and treatment room is practically stagnating – and despite the existing ventilation system. The air we breathe is also polluted by suspended particles such as dust, nitrogen oxides and formaldehydes, but also by invisible pathogens such as viruses and bacteria, which mainly populate the respiratory tract or the throat, multiply there, and are then released into the ambient air via tiny droplets of saliva whenever we speak, cough or sneeze. These kinds of training conditions not only pose a challenge just for the therapist, the fitness studio operator and the co-workers – but also for the immune system of the customers and patients actually doing the training.

Healthy air to breathe and work out in thanks to the TAC air purifier with H14 HEPA filter

The fitness industry is booming. Millions of people regularly work out in one of many fitness clubs, many of them daily. Even in the 70+ age group, a comparatively high number of active seniors are enthusiastically active in health clubs in order to stay fit despite the age-related risks. Because the more fit you are, the better your immune system works. But wherever a large number of people are perspiring in a confined space together and many different hands are using the same dumbbells and equipment, physical contact with viruses and bacteria cannot be ruled out. Therapy rooms, such as for physiotherapy applications, physiotherapy or massages, experience this same problem. Starting with the massage bench, therapy band, wall bars up to the medicine ball: Germs are lurking all around us! Which is why public health departments have been conducting increased checks to ensure that the important hygiene measures are being implemented, and not just since the last epidemic.

Reliable disinfection of all equipment and treatment stations with Trotec ozone generators

In times of infectious disease epidemics, the early detection of infected persons becomes all the more important. Highly infectious viruses, such as norovirus, SARS-CoV-2 (corona) or even H5N1 (bird flu) don’t respect closed doors, international borders or access restrictions. The pathogens spread across the world during a pandemic and the most important measure to help contain them is the early interruption of the chain of infection by detecting and isolating infected people. Airports, sports stadiums and shopping centres, in particular, as well as schools and universities, are required and encouraged, due to their high numbers of visitors and high rate of pedestrian traffic, to make a reasonable effort to contain the further spread of an acute infectious disease.

Fever detection with contact and infrared thermometers from Trotec

Heating holiday homes

If holiday homes or cabins are not occupied on a permanent basis, we recommend heating by means of Trotec electric heater fans – quick and effective.

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Heating gymnasiums

Mobile Trotec heating devices ensure the short-term or partial use of a gym. Rapid heat supply – for sports to go swimmingly.

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Observing wild animals

Trotec's thermal imaging camera are perfectly suited for tracking game – even in total darkness.

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Campsite operators

Dehumidifiers, heaters, measuring devices: Different things are needed on campsites – but often the demand varies with the season. A good option for you to reap additional profits by hiring out high-quality Trotec products...

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Caravan & RV dealers

As Trotec reseller you can offer useful practical solutions for everyday travelling in one breath with selling caravans or RVs. From dehumidifier to measuring device: Here are attractive proposals to broaden your range of products...

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Dehumidification in indoor ice-skating rinks

Condensation in the indoor ice-skating rink: Accident prevention and building protection with regard to ice-skating, hockey and curling. Trotec Group provides dehumidifiers for ice-skating rinks.

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Dehumidification in hotels

In order to meet the expectations of hotel guests, especially the room climate must be up to scratch. Trotec dehumidifiers create an unmatched feel-good climate.

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Humidification in the instrument warehouse

In storage facilities humidifiers are used to protect the more demanding wood instruments.

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Diving schools

Damp drying rooms and changing cubicles can cost you way more than just your customers' sympathy vote. How to really keep drying rooms dry and which consequences can be avoided that way...

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