Air conditioning in the agricultural sector

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Air conditioning in the agricultural sector

Ventilation technology, heating and cooling for a better livestock management

The more efficient the air conditioning in farm halls and stables, the more productive are the animals kept there. Hence, Trotec offers industry-specific solutions also for this sector. Deployed are specific cooling systems, heating and ventilation technology, all geared to their individual surroundings. The appropriate measuring equipment for monitoring the climate values is given into the bargain – for optimum climate conditions in the agriculture.

The outdoor climate is at times capricious and unsettled. Therefore, constant air conditioning is particularly important for agricultural holdings. Only thus can a reliable and efficient production in the agriculture be ensured. For farmers to be able to work and keep livestock regardless of the season and sudden weather changes Trotec developed different climate solutions: ranging from cooling systems to heating technology and mobile ventilation.

Protection during cold spells

Cold periods can be bridged by means of powerful heating systems – that way poultry, pigs, cattle and other breeding stock and fat stock are comfortable in the winter as well. Trotec oil heaters are an ideal solution for the highest demands in the agricultural sector. Depending on the dimensions of the application site and the on-site conditions farmers here can find the appropriate devices: ranging from the attractively priced oil heater fans of the IDS and the IDE series to the especially powerful and robust oil heating units of the ID series right up to the high-quality central oil heating units of the ID series. All of these can be used most flexibly and provide a cosy warmth for the livestock.

When temperatures are too high

Trotec cooling technology guarantees a precise indoor climate in stables and halls of agricultural businesses, especially for the summer. Both an excellent and well-directed air conditioning and an effective production in large halls is ensured by the commercial air conditioners of the PT series.

Ventilation to prevent heat build-up

Furthermore, at high outside temperatures there is the risk of heat build-up in the stables, which is giving your animals a hard time. Due to excretions and the humid climate the germ load is also extremely high in hot conditions. A systematic and consistent ventilation is indispensable. A reliable circulation of the air in the stable and thus permanently fresh air for the livestock is ensured by the axial fans of the TTV series from Trotec. They are of a handy size, powerful and work at full speed to keep your animals healthy – whenever additional ventilation is required. Humid, dusty and often contaminated air is replaced by air containing oxygen in next to no time.

Dehumidification – the Alpha and Omega of livestock farming

Another important aspect in the agricultural business is the high humidity level in stables, originating from the animals’ perspiration and excretions, from cleaning and watering. Humid air is discharged using the desiccant dehumidifiers from Trotec – be they stationary or mobiles devices. Quickly and reliably.

With a close eye on climate values

Farmers can be on the safe side when checking the climate values on their farm on a regular basis. The moisture measuring devices and especially the climate data loggers from Trotec make strong and accurate partners, which never fail to capture climatic details.

Seasonal demand? Renting rather than buying

He who needs heating devices, ventilation and air conditioning technology as well as dehumidifiers on a short-term basis for use in the agricultural sector will quickly make a find in our TKL rental portal. For there you will find models of all performance classes at a reasonable rental charge.

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