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Humidity measuring devices
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Practical aid for moisture measurements

Eliminating moisture: When determining the wood and building moisture, hand-held Trotec measuring devices provide reliable data and locate the affected spots.

Moisture meters - Practical helpers for moisture measurement
Moisture meters - Practical helpers for moisture measurement
Moisture meters - Practical helpers for moisture measurement

No matter what your needs are - Trotec has the right moisture meter for your purposes

Moisture in wood and other building materials can have disastrous consequences. It leads to damage at the building structure and poses a risk to the people who regularly spend time in such an environment. Moist brickwork is prone to mould and mildew. The building structure becomes porous, plaster comes off in flakes. With the moisture measuring devices from Trotec you can quickly and reliably determine the humidity level in almost every material. Using the compact, precise devices even the degree of moisture in different types of wood can be measured. For your own requirements this can be very practical, for instance to ensure that your firewood is dry enough. Or else in woodworking companies, where the timber has to have a certain degree of dryness before it can be processed.

No matter what the application – Trotec has the appropriate moisture measuring device for your requirements. Best suited for simple moisture measurements are the robust, handy resistance meters, where two electrodes are introduced to the building material to be measured or the wood to be processed. The better the current is conducted, the damper is the material. That's just how simple the measuring principle of a resistance meter is. Particularly with building materials such as gypsum, plaster, screed or wood, moisture measurement is rendered mere child's play. If what you want is a more in-depth moisture measurement, perhaps even without pricking the material, moisture measuring devices making use of the dielectric measurement method represent the professional alternative. Here a spherometer performs a non-destructive measurement over some centimetres. That way soaked points can easily be determined and localized straight to the point.

Whether for the moisture measurement of firewood, the identification of causes for mould growth or large-scale drying following a water damage: With Trotec moisture measuring devices you quickly and precisely get to the bottom of things.

Technical data in comparison

A direct comparison of all moisture meters:

In order to find exactly the right moisture meter for you, you have the possibility here to clearly compare all moisture meters from Trotec.

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Technical data in comparison