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Multi-function tools

Powerful multi-talents for all applications related to renovation, reconstruction and expansion

Multi-function tool PMTS 01-230V
Multi-function tool PMTS 10-230V
Multi-function tool PMTS 10-20V

One single versatile mobile device for countless DIY tasks

Trotec’s multi-function tools make this wish of every do-it-yourselfer come true in a professional way. Whether for milling, sawing, cutting, rasping or grinding, multi-function tools are virtually the electrified Swiss army knife for renovation pros, and therefore both highly sought-after and available in a wide variety. But what looks alike at first sight reveals crucial differences in terms of performance, quality and equipment on closer inspection.

Trotec’s multi-function tools: Brand quality plus cost-efficiency

So far, you basically only had two options when choosing a multi-function tool: either good but expensive, or mainly cheap. Trotec’s PowerTools now offer a smart choice: good price, good product and good design – all in one. HighPerformance in every respect, for we do not only stand for measuring devices and air conditioners, but also for power tools of brand quality: professional Trotec solutions with an excellent value-for-money ratio!

What does the term “multi-function tool” mean?

Such multi-function tools, also referred to as multitools, combine the functionalities of several individual tools in one single device. Multi-function tools can be used for sawing, polishing and grinding of different materials. However, there are also multi-function tools suited for the most varied repair and renovation tasks, and which you can use both as a wood or metal saw and as a delta sander, scraping knife or plunge saw.

Owing to the multiple convenient functional features of the multi-function tools you no longer have to purchase several, usually very expensive tools, but you will be able to complete many different activities with one single multitool instead. Moreover, multi-function tools are particularly well suited for processing tapered corners, i.e. for precision work that large orbital sanders usually cannot cope with. 

Therefore, when purchasing a multi-function tool, you can be sure to obtain a both practical and handy all-rounder combining the functions of many different special tools in one single useful device. For this reason it is hardly surprising that multi-function tools are greatly appreciated both by professionals and do-it-yourselfers. 

Multi-function tools: Cut-out in laminate or parquet
Multi-function tools: Scraper for removing carpets and adhesive
Multi-function tools: Cutting disc for metal and wood
Multi-function tools: Fine and flush cuts in many types of wood and plastic
Multi-function tools: Plunge sawing in wooden constructions
Multi-function tools: Plunge cuts in metal and hard wood

What functions do multi-function tools have?

No matter whether you want to mill out tile joints, remove mortar residues, saw laminate to size, grind off various surfaces, or use the tool as a wood and metal saw, angle and delta grinder and scraping knife: every multitool is just as versatile as the projects you want to implement.

Multi-function tools are equipped with various attachments for carrying out the different, individual operations. The matching attachments are of course included in the scope of delivery of the respective device.

What types of multi-function tools are there? 

Experts draw a distinction between multi-function tools equipped with a cable, and battery-powered models. Multi-function tools with a battery are extremely practical since they enable simple, cordless operation.

If you prefer to have a multi-function tool for powerful continuous operation, we recommend that you choose a device running on full AC power that scores with a tool exchange in a matter of seconds for your varied repair and renovation tasks. 

Multi-function tools: Delta sanding plate and dust extraction system
Cordless multi-function tool PMTS 10‑20V
Cordless multi-function tool PMTS 10‑20V

The extensive equipment of our multi-function tools

Each of Trotec’s multi-function tools is equipped with a large variety of attachments. The PMTS 10‑20V, for instance, features a quick-release system enabling accessories exchange without tools in next to no time. The large oscillation angle of 3.2 degrees guarantees precise working even at corners and edges. All commercially available multi-function tools use so-called “oscillation technology”.

“To oscillate” means “to swing”. It refers to the swinging motion with which the multi-function tools operate at a speed of mostly between 10,000 and 20,000 rotations per minute. Trotec provides multi-function tools with the following performances per minute: PMTS 10‑20V 5,000 - 19,000 rpm and PMTS 10‑230V 15,000 - 21,000 rpm.

The extensive range of accessories of the PMTS 10-12V and all other multi-function tools supplied by our company should also be mentioned in this context. It includes a delta sanding plate incl. 18 sandpapers for metal and wood, a segment saw blade and a scraping knife. Beyond that, you will be provided special plunge cut saw blades for metal, plasterboard and wood. This equipment, plus a quick charger, is already included in the standard scope of delivery and supplied as a complete set in a carry case.

The accessories of the PMTS 10-230V multi-function tool are perfectly sophisticated, too. The practical carry case accommodates, amongst other things, a delta sanding plate with 18 sandpapers for metal and wood, special plunge cut saw blades for plasterboard, metal and wood as well as a scraping knife and a segment saw blade – all supplied as standard. 

The anti-vibration handle can be screwed on to function as an additional handle on either side of the tool and does an excellent job in reducing vibrations. It thus enables safe and accurate operation even during demanding work. Moreover, you will be supplied a useful dust extraction system without any surcharge that can be connected to your vacuum cleaner to avoid unnecessary dirt generation during sanding work. All in all, the PMTS 10-230V turns out to be a true multi-function tool: a tool you can use for virtually any kind of work, not least due to its extensive range of accessories! 

Multi-function tool PMTS 10‑230V
Multi-function tool PMTS 10-230V
Multi-function tool accessory PMTS set 1 Universal
Multi-function tool accessory PMTS set 2 Bathroom restoration
Multi-function tool accessory PMTS set 3 Triangle sandpaper

What attachments do you need for a multi-function tool?

In this respect, your choice primarily depends on the application purpose of your multi-function tool. The versatile standard scope of delivery of our multi-function tools can of course be supplemented with other accessories available in our shop. Depending on your desired activities, however, purchasing a multitool would almost always be a good idea. Our multi-function tools come equipped with many different additional parts so that you always have the appropriate accessory at hand for every operation.

Which multi-function tool is the suitable model?

Whether you decide for a cordless multi-function tool or a multi-function device running on high-power AC current depends on the tasks you mainly want to complete with the multitool.

If you primarily want to use the device in the garden, a cordless model could be a good choice. If you rather focus on time-consuming, complex renovation and rebuilding work, we would recommend that you purchase a corded multi-function tool scoring with consistently high performance even under extreme load.

Multi-function tool: Plunge cuts in plasterboard
Multi-function tools

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