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Making the traffic run: defrosting and drying trains

Heating devices and central oil heating units free bogies and drive motors from snow and ice in a short time

In the area of logistics, there is one thing, above all, that is essential: the transport has to work. This applies to all sectors. But especially in rail traffic, sub-zero temperatures often cause a standstill. This is why many companies rely on mobile defrosting units. The high-performance heating devices from Trotec allow to defrost bogies and drive motors in a short time, thus making them ready for maintenance. Trotec offers a wide choice of different heating units. There is the right device for every demand.

As the winter sets in, chaos is imminent in the rail traffic. Especially at the bottom of the trains, ice and snow lumps tend to form quickly. Because the bogies, which are often equipped with drive motors, are particularly exposed to ice and snow. The axles, braking systems and couplings have to be defrosted as quickly as possible to prevent an unnecessary standstill of trains and wagons. This also applies during the thaw period. For at this time, the icy airstream makes the slush running down the trains freeze, thus forming persistent blocks. In order to reliably defrost and dry the trains, the logistics sector must be provided with effectively working heating devices. This allows you to defrost and dry your railway fleet and put it back on track at any time, almost at the push of a button.

High-performance heating devices for every demand

When snow and ice are bringing the entire rail traffic to a halt for a longer period, this does not only constitute a danger for the employees who are exposed to the risks of frozen technical devices. Owing to the stillstand during maintenance and transport, the whole company may suffer immense economic damages. With the help of a sophisticated and high-performance defrosting system consisting of mobile heating devices, every railway fleet will quickly be back on track again. The Trotec Group offers such a system comprising high-quality heating devices and central heating units "made in Germany". The ideal solution for defrosting and drying trains and wagons are the electric heating units of the TEH series and the central oil heating units of the ID series from Trotec.

Electric heating units with top performance

The high-performance electric heating units of the TEH series are true all-rounders. Having performances of up to 120 kW, they free bogies, braking systems and couplings from ice and snow blocks within a short time. Thanks to their radial fan, they produce up to 9,000 m³ of hot air per hour. Their high efficiency allows to connect air transport hoses to the heating units of the TEH series. This way, hot air can be led towards a frozen bogie over a distance of one hundred metres in a targeted manner. The robust devices of the TEH series are characterized by an extremely high heating capacity – even in continuous use.

Central oil heating units – for increased requirements

The ardently sought-after professional solution for mobile large-scale heating applications has a name: the central oil heating unit ID 2000! In any case: if larger capacities are required, we recommend the use of central oil heating units of the ID series from Trotec. They make a good job, even at temperatures down to minus 20 degrees Celsius! The central oil heating unit ID 2000, for example, comes with a high heating capacity of 345 kW and an efficiency of 92 per cent. The ID central heating units are made of stainless steel – an extremely robust solution! The warm air distribution can even be achieved over widely branched air hose paths. This does not only allow to defrost individual train sections but also to warm up whole industrial buildings evenly and set the right temperature.

Which model for which purpose? Ask the industrial services team

Which model is best suited for your logistics? If you want to know which device to choose for your defrosting and drying operations, our consultants of the Trotec industrial service will answer your question. Our consultants will be pleased to assist you in the capacity calculation and selection of models.

Temporary demand? Rental appliances for every requirement

You need mobile heating devices and central oil heating units for temporary defrosting operations? Just rent them, then. In our TKL rental portal you can find devices of all performance classes at a favourable price!

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