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Fans and wind machines
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Fans and wind machines

Fans from Trotec – in every performance class and price range

Mobile fans of the TFV series
Axial fans of the TTV series
Wind machine TTW 100000
Turbo fans of the TFV series

Effective ventilation and reliable air transport: the high-performance fans, wind machines and turbo fans from Trotec make a good job of it. Fans and wind machines of different performance classes are available for use on construction sites, in the industrial sector and in craft enterprises, but also in the event sector or private sector. Among the different device series you will always find the appropriate machine fulfilling your requirements.

Performance at all levels

With our conveying fans, wind machines and also turbo fans, everything revolves around one thing: fresh air. Whether used for speeding up construction drying, ventilating construction sites, storage spaces, workshops and large industrial halls, for drying and ventilation operations in the agricultural sector, or after cleaning silos and tanks. Even when used to create a stormy scenery for a photo or film shooting these devices leave a good impression.

Smart ventilation solutions

Durable, robust and reliable: thanks to these and many other characteristics, the TTV axial fan series from Trotec is Europe’s best-selling axial fan series. Due to their flexibly usable system accessories, these industrial fans are suited for the most varied applications. Being compact and stackable, the axial fans of the TTV-S series are particularly convenient.

The powerful TTV conveying fans cope with ventilation tasks in a quick way and with high performance. The combination of fan and air hose is easy to install so these units are universal air conveyors that can be extended individually depending on the requirements. Professional wind machines can be found in Trotec's TTW series and TTW-S series. Whether for outdoor or indoor use, in the industrial, commercial or entertainment sector – these mobile high-performance fans can be used flexibly and offer a high capacity for air circulation and ventilation. And on top of that, they are also economical!

When it comes to transporting air over particularly long distances, the radial fans of the TFV series come into play. They are among the most powerful mobile high-pressure radial fans on the market. Particularly in the industrial and agricultural sector and for tank cleaning, they serve as hard-wearing power packs which, besides ventilating rooms, also reliably discharge harmful substances such as varnish gases, carbon monoxide and water vapour. Additionally, these mobile fans are also available for fields of application involving a risk of explosion. Such high-pressure radial fans of different performance classes can be found in the TFV-Ex series. Trotec also offers the appropriate devices for commercial and private ventilation operations, for instance after wet cleaning of carpets or after a water damage: the turbo fans of the TFV-S series and the extremely powerful high-performance blower, the radial fan TFV Pro 1.