Optimum garage climate for your classic cars – A small guide to garage climate
Optimum garage climate for your classic cars – A small guide to garage climate
Optimum garage climate for your classic cars – A small guide to garage climate
Optimum garage climate for your classic cars – A small guide to garage climate
Optimum garage climate for your classic cars – A small guide to garage climate
Optimum garage climate for your classic cars – A small guide to garage climate
Optimum garage climate for your classic cars – A small guide to garage climate

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Perfect garage climate for optimum value retention

Using active climate management, you can reliably protect your chrome jewels against all hazards lurking in a garage

Perfect garage climate for optimum value retention

The permanent value conservation of motorized dreams is probably one of the biggest challenges for every car lover. For chrome jewels ought to shine, not rust away. Therefore, except during car trips or rallies, they spend most of their time inside a suitable garage where they are well-protected.

Or perhaps not? What if rust and corrosion have already started their destructive work, or mould is invisibly flourishing behind the dashboard, in the seats or under the carpet? Not all of that is patina! Our garage guide informs you about what dangers lurk in your garage.

Hand on heart! You may check the oil level and coolant of your classic car regularly. But do you also check the humidity level in your garage? As a precautionary measure? Moisture is the worst enemy of every classic motor car. The garage provides protection against harmful weather effects, but not against the consequences of too humid (more than 50 % RH) or too dry (less than 40 % RH) garage air. The ThinC! technology ensures an ideal garage climate throughout the year.

Reliable. Low-maintenance. With loving attention to your car.

Old love does not rust? It does!

Unfavourable garage climate is a frequent cause of vehicle damage

In the summertime the humidity level is extremely high. Average humidity values of 95 % are not uncommon in Europe. We perceive this kind of weather as dank or muggy, our cars have to face worse: Already from a relative humidity of approx. 55 % metal begins to corrode extremely and places where moisture accumulates can no longer dry out. After only a few hours at a humidity of 70 % there is an ideal breeding ground for mould.

In the winter, too, humidity constitutes the vehicle's number one enemy: Cold air absorbs less humidity than warm air. Therefore, moisture collects on surfaces – particularly on cold metal surfaces. There it finds its way into the smallest nooks and openings, which can lead to corrosion. The vehicle's interior also suffers from sharp frost: Synthetics and leather can become porous.


A classic car should age in dignity. Diligently patinized classic cars are witnesses with a visible history which needs to be preserved. Leather requires a certain humidity level to be able to breathe, or else it will become brittle. Below a humidity level of 40 %, seals lose their elasticity and cable connections may break.

Preserve the value and authenticity of your classic car using ThinC! climate management.


Chrome jewels only retain their shine with the right garage climate. An optimally controlled humidity level provides protection against corrosion, mould formation and unpleasant odours. Moreover, the ThinC! technology of the VPR+ climate managers effectively reduces the smell of petrol as well as soot, dust and bacteria.

Preserve the unique original condition of your classic car using the value-maintaining VPR+ climate manager.

VPR+ climate managers turn your garage into a climate vault

As customized as your vehicles: the appropriate device for every garage size

DH 15 VPR+. Climate manager.
For rooms sized up to 160 m³
DH 15 VPR+
DH 30 VPR+. Climate manager.
For rooms sized up to 320 m³
DH 30 VPR+
DH 60 VPR+. Climate manager.
For rooms sized up to 650 m³
DH 60 VPR+

VPR+ is a globally unique device series of intelligent climate managers specially designed for use in garages, and offers active climate management with a 4-in-1 function providing protection against humidity, odour, soot and dust.

With the DH 15 VPR+, DH 30 VPR+ and DH 60 VPR+ the exclusive climate manager series contains three device sizes and performance classes offering you the ideal climate manager for every garage space. All three climate managers unite constant protection against moisture, effective odour neutralisation and air pollution control – all in one appealing device on a high performance level. What takes action within is not only a high-class industrial dehumidifier defrosted by use of hot gas for operating environments from 5 °C, but also a powerful NTP air purification unit.

Thanks to this perfectly adapted combination of effects, the relative humidity in your garage is reliably kept at an ideal level between 45 and 50 % to provide protection against corrosion, mould, porosity and decomposition. At the same time, the high-quality industrial ionizer creates an agreeably non-irritating environment, free from airborne odours, pollutants and microorganisms that are corrosive to the material. The processes of air cleaning and dehumidifying may be performed independently. In combination with a special two-component filter for dust and soot every DH-VPR+ becomes a perfect climate manager and an active protector of values and valuables in a garage.

The VPR+ all-round protection for your classic cars

DH 30 VPR+ with faceplate in Ferrari Red

Don't give dangers lurking in your garage a chance.

  • Rust: VPR+ keeps the humidity at a constantly ideal level
    and reliably prevents corrosion damage.
  • Odours: VPR+ neutralizes unwelcome odours by means of high-quality industrial ionizers.
  • Soot: VPR+ is equipped with special filters reducing
    deposits and residues difficult to remove.
  • Dust: VPR+ safely and effectively reduces dust formation in the garage.
  • Mould: VPR+ uses intelligent climate conditioning to ensure
    that mould cannot even start to grow.
  • Bacteria: VPR+ provides a room climate unconducive to decomposition
    thanks to oxidative air purification.

This way, the VPR+ climate manager puts a stop to all dangers in the garage – while leaving an extremely good external impression. For these climate managers are available upon request with faceplates in every variation of material and colour – perfectly tailored to your ambience. Stylish integration and perfect room air conditioning in one.

Recommended by Classic Data for classic car maintenance

Classic Data, the market leader in the valuation of classic cars, recommends using the VPR+ climate manager for preserving classic cars. Hundreds of thousands of valuation reports during the last 30 years speak for themselves. Corrosion and mould continue to be a threat for the condition of classic vehicles, even if they are diligently restored and seem to be safely parked in the garage.

Trotec is a network partner of Classic Data and at the same time the world's leader in dehumidifiers. The ThinC! technology of the VPR+ climate manager combines Trotec's development expertise with the enthusiastic passion for classic cars.

Trotec products for an ideal climate in your garage

Intelligent solutions for your garage and your classic car

Rust, odours, mould and dust:

Wherever humid air can do its work without obstruction, rust, mould, soot and unpleasant odours are not far away. ThinC! guarantees all-round protection against moisture for your classic car in the garage. The globally unique 4-in-1 protective function prevents moisture damage and reduces unwelcome odours and dust formation in the garage.

Trotec's solution: 
DH-VPR+ climate manager
Combined dehumidifier / odour neutraliser / air cleaner

Corrosion at the underbody and in the engine compartment:

After driving in the rain, residual moisture remains in the car body, at the underbody and inside the engine compartment. These stubborn moisture accumulations often persist over weeks in ribbings and hollows and are the ideal breeding ground for corrosion that progresses unnoticeably.

Trotec's solution:
TFV 10
Underbody dryer

Brittle leather, porous seals, fluid loss, cable breaks:

If the humidity level is too low, the sensitive leather and plastic interior will suffer damage, seals will lose their required elasticity and cable sheathing will break.

Trotec's solution:
B 500

Unpleasant odours, dust, soot:

The GC MultiGas HighPerformance air cleaner filters almost all gaseous pollutants, small dust particles and chemical substances from the air. This allows to eliminate particularly intense odours, e.g. petrol fumes or musty smells. Even for extremely high demands to dust-free rooms, it is the ideal supplement to the ThinC! series.

Trotec's solution:
GC MultiGas
HighPerformance air cleaner / odour neutraliser

Dust, soot:

Each time the car is started, the air in the garage is contaminated with a harmful mixture of soot and other pollutants. Every trip opens the door for fine particulates. In the worst case, these suspended particles penetrate all the way into the living area and even pollute the room climate there. Don't let you cars get dusty – let them shine!

Trotec's solution:
AirgoClean 105 S / 205 S
Air cleaners

Fluctuating room climate data:

The humidity level in the garage varies depending on the type of construction, temperature, usage behaviour and season. You won't notice immediately, but your classic car will. Using real-time climate monitoring, you will detect imminent dangers – before expensive damage occurs.

Trotec's solution:
Climate data logger