Thermography in veterinary medicine: efficient and diverse

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Thermography in veterinary medicine: efficient and diverse

Stress-free diagnostics, economical application

Just like with humans, the body temperature of an animal can indicate a variety of health problems or provide information on changing vital conditions. Even the smallest temperature deviations can be a decisive indication. With the help of thermography, this can be diagnosed at an early stage and several times more favourably than with conventional examination methods in the animal clinic.

Inflammations or injuries activate the natural defence mechanism of the animal's body, which results in an increased blood flow and is reflected in the surface temperature. These small temperature differences are made visible by suitable thermography cameras, such as the devices of the IC series from Trotec and allow to treat the animals at an early stage. This pays off, for instance, for horse and dog breeders as this method is very cost-efficient.

Common diseases that can be diagnosed with a thermal imaging camera:

  • Multiple inflammations in animals
  • Udder diseases in cows, an ongoing topic in dairy cattle farming
  • Lameness of horses as well as relieving postures and gait disorders
  • Hoof and claw diseases in horses and cattle
  • Painful pressure points caused by a horse’s saddle
  • Muscle and joint inflammations

Moreover the intended purpose of thermography is not only limited to diagnostics in case of acute problems. A thermal imaging camera also shows its strengths in prevention, for example when monitoring pregnancies in livestock breeding, in zoo or wild animals, or for regular health checks performed by veterinarians. An animal-friendly examination method with high profitability.

If the animal feels good, the human will be happy.

The uncomplicated thermographic examination is utterly stress-free for the animal. Since the examination with a thermal imaging camera is a non-contact measuring method, the animal does not get unnecessarily excited – a problem frequently occurring with conventional diagnostics.

Dog owners can tell you a thing or two about it: The thermal imaging camera IC085LV allows you, for example, to record diagnostically conclusive real-time videos even if the animal to be examined is of a very agile and lively breed.

Thus, thermography enables a variety of different examinations – and all this without the radiation hazards of other imaging methods such as X-rays. And also here, thermography scores with comparatively low investment costs.

Unlimited mobility, varied fields of application

Modern thermography can be applied at any time and anywhere. Due to their compact design, Trotec thermal imaging cameras are predestined for mobile application. Whether in a stable, zoo or veterinary practice, at a tournament or in livestock breedingappreciate as well.

Possible applications of thermography in veterinary medicine:

  • Diagnostics in varied areas
  • Prophylaxis
  • Pregnancy control
  • Additional pre-purchase examination
  • Doping tests of applied substances

Temporary demand?

You only need a thermal imaging camera temporarily and not for permanent use? Visit our TKL rental portal to find the suitable device for your application purpose – in all price ranges and performance classes.

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