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Our range of multifunction measuring meters
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Our range of multifunction measuring meters

Due to the innovative concept of a universal basic device which works in combination with flexibly exchangeable sensors, users no longer need to have a complete collection of measuring devices with them.

Our range of multifunction measuring meters
Our range of multifunction measuring meters
Our range of multifunction measuring meters

Multifunctionality at its best

Simply change the sensor and your T3000 becomes exactly the special measuring device you currently need. No further settings are required on the device. The intelligent technology of the T3000 automatically recognises the connected sensor.

More than twenty different measured value sensors are available for the T3000 to measure the most different parameters – apart from the innovative SDI sensors there are also many round, flat and layer depth electrodes to measure material, wood and building moisture.

Whether you need to conduct analyses of supply and exhaust air flows, condensation, poor machine cooling, porous seals, climate fluctuations, heat build-up, excessively dry or damp materials or carry out leak detection on pressure tanks or line systems – both for preventive maintenance and building diagnostics and damage analysis – you can handle the most diverse tasks with a single measuring device!

Ideal possibilities of use also for carpenter's workshops, wood processing, forest enterprises and the timber trade

The T3000 features a special menu option for moisture measurement in wood materials with a selection of hundreds of different types of wood. Their validated material characteristics are directly stored in the T3000 and can be selected from there.

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