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Trotec insulation dryers for every application

Ideal insulation drying follows an in-depth approach. For this purpose Trotec offers high-performance compressors and state-of-the-art accessories.

A pipe burst, penetrating rain or extinguishing water do not just mean a temporary problem for you and your company. Even if the damage was repaired immediately, the long-term effects caused by moisture can be devastating. For water and moisture accumulate in the insulation layer, in walls and beneath the screed. A lack of or inadequate insulation drying results in the formation of mould or leads right up to a permanently damaged building structure. With a high-performance insulation dryer from Trotec you put an end to harmful humidity quickly and thoroughly.

With their insulation drying units equipped with high-performance motors Trotec offers a quick and effective method for optimal and lasting insulation drying. These all-rounders are mobile, efficient, adaptable, ultralight and of first-class quality.

Combine the robust Trotec insulation drying units with further intelligent technology to ensure optimum utilisation. Trotec provides state-of-the-art accessories as answer to these insulation dryers, naturally also of prime Trotec quality. An improved, flow-oriented filter technology is offered by the water separator WA 4i MultiQube. Free up additional capacity reserves and use the efficient HEPA filter elements when deploying an insulation dryer from Trotec. With the robust NR silencers your insulation drying process will leave a lasting good impression of professionalism and low-noise operation. And: Capitalize on the drying control unit DA 4 Qube whenever you use a compressor – for maximum efficiency during low-pressure insulation drying.